52-year-old bridegroom and 19-year-old bride

Amuse big crocodile founds a nation because he is that”unusual” wedding that is full of to stir-fry to mean and again become the focus of public concern, the many people queries he holds that wedding to exactly still keep stir-frying to make for the sake of the matrimony, at accept this report reporter special visiting, founds a nation to mean for the sake of own”innocent”, after the October bride, Huang Zi Qi, year is full 20 years old they get a certificate, he will again hold a wedding.

“Is that she chose me”

Have”the showbiz big crocodile” of call of found a nation and immerse Yin for several years in the show biz, once drive many scandals.But founded a nation but told a reporter yesterday, in fact he had never considered developing feelings with the female entertainer in the show biz, because he felt they all too fickleness and purpose were too strong.”In fact, I have the quite a few the adopted daughter, the Zi Qi is also an among those, but starts I have never thought as well to really get married with her, because my age is older than her to be getting tooer many, I feel on our feelings problem, I haven’t chosen her right, so is that she chooses me.”

Huang Zi Qi been born in 1991, outlooking sweet shape Gao Tiao , the shape condition completely doesn’t lose to the female entertainer of show biz.When the reporter asks to found a nation whether wanted to to let a wife military advance showbiz turn, founds a nation of the answer seem to be very self-contradict:”In fact I ain’t to do want to make her enter a show biz, before I some girl friends were actresses, I see them with actor and play warm and affectionate dramas will feel to can not stand very much each time.But the shape condition of Zi Qi is really suitable to enter show business of turn, get married ceremony at us up, had director to have a liking for her, also privately chat the business that wants to make her connect a drama with me.But I think just a conjugal head for several years I can’t make her work, none of any works wants to do, and I hoped that she becomes a happy housewife.”

“Want to hold a wedding again in October”

Founded a nation a grand wedding to come up in numerous guests, but my noodles cans not find the figure of bride, Huang Zi Qi, family.Founds a nation to tell a reporter, not only bride, Huang Zi Qi,’s family didn’t come and even connected her friend 1 also all didn’t.”Up to now, her family still finish to know nothing a way, she has already got married of matter, because I am bigger than her to be getting tooer many, so we hasn’t been daring to tell her parents, to not walk to expose information, we even her friend all doesn’t dare to please as well.So, in fact my wife is deceiving person in the home to elope with me.”

Because the bride only has 19 years old, this also caused the public to found a nation the worry in uncertainty of holding the wedding to.”In fact she is full in October, this year 20 years old, we can get a certificate when the time comes.But because she now is pregnant for three months, she is afraid if drag along till October again will be not beautiful while getting married to wear a wedding dress, so we rush through to do a rites first in now.Many people doubts that I get married now for stir-frying to make, I also explain not to be getting more pure, I decided October now I formally get with her I will do one more of weddings after the certificate.”

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