Getting married

Getting married the maid of honor should wear what
Was a maid of honor last year, ha ha, discussed my experience
See New appointee first is what type of wedding, if is western, so had better choose small gift skirt, the color had better be a powder color of is good, if the bride is also the gift skirt of powder color, had better is short and small on the style with her some differenceses on the color of that kind of is better(for example supporter type)Nacre platelets

If is Chinese to get married, also need to see the bride wear what, for example I am a maid of honor to accompany at the time that bridegroom’s bride toasted what bride wore was a red suit, I also wore the clothes that a set of color compared a bride a little bit more shallow of suit(approach work suit of that kind of)The great majority

The hair style casually dish is a more youthful all right, of course not ability too PP, otherwise the bride will be joyless, ha ha

The still having a point must notice, be if you are taller than bride, never wear high-heeled shoes and hear is have taboo of, this is to listen to the adults say, accidentally also not is very clear, anyway don’t rob the bride’s situation toUV light

Above is accidentally some suggestion, hope to do good to you

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