value of shadow

How to know an excellent wedding and take the value of shadow
Little more than wedding with clap, the little more than figures photographs, why take price from 23100, 56100 arrive several 1000 dollarses, margin is such of big?Excellent wedding with clap the photographer’s value exactly embodiment where?Treat me 11 come toward you……led lighting design

A, wedding with take the importance of shadow
At discuss a wedding with before taking the value of shadow, can not not and first introduce a wedding toward the New appointee with the importance for clapping.Although there has been New appointee to wedding with take a shadow more and more value, still haven’t a few New appointees at to wedding with take a shadow of understanding the top still has deviation-BE not take two photograph Yaos and seek to about clap to go.

Wedding with clap the direct record of photographer-wedding’s process
Success, perfect and moving wedding from wedding heel makeup, flower arrangement, manage, photograph, shoot to be like etc. a series of excellent professional create together.Which on the other hand have imperfection will let the wedding of New appointee greatly in order to disgrace, but this is in the middle to be used as the photographing of record of whole day wedding process and shoot to be like and then seem to be more important.Their tasks want to chase these all labor results of professionals, the emotion of New appointee shows unintentionally to record down.Be like “have no voice, again the good drama also come out” that the advertisement language says, the newly married has no a good wedding record on that day, effort and performance of other professionals are in the recollection of New appointee also hard leave image.led grow lights

I once was New appointee as well, in the wedding on that day of in the process, because busy, because strain, because excited oneself has already been like a puppet of activity on that day, should do to have some everything to frighten into inaction next move, don’t even lift the facial expression of decoration, environment and friend on the scene to have to keep in mind to the wedding, a day of wedding comes down, the brain is all empty, want the detail of the wedding in that very day, is already an one blank.How is my wedding?Successful?Were the guests satisfied with but returned?I cost the flower arrangement that the big idea orders beautiful?Everythings of all these all want to depend to later on see the photograph taking to search back.

Wedding with clap a photographer-knock the key of the door of opening the recollection
Similarly is that very day the record of the wedding process, wedding with clap photographer and photographer because of rise the performance means of device different bring New appointee of is also totally different feeling.Speak to shoot with my feeling that being like is expressional is a coherent realistic shadow elephant record, see take the time of seeing the dish, what New appointee feel keeps a view more and more have the spot the experience of feeling.led home lighting

For wedding with clap a photographer to come to speak, his wanting what to do is more precise and more skillful reflection and catch to flit moment and facial expression at any time in the wedding process and make a show of the everyone of wedding completely and pass to take a beautiful facial appearance performance of New appointee wedding heel makeup teacher the makeup with meticulous care creating permit;Pass the detail of taking the wedding decoration, express flower arrangement teacher to with meticulous care set out the art of back to pursue;Pass for taking the New appointee parents’ friend, record they at this worth Be in remembrance of of the most happy smiling face in the day, the most unforgettable facial expression.Wedding the detail moment on that day be in this piece coagulate moment essence of in the photograph, again knock the door of the memory of opening the New appointee.Decade behind and after 20 years, be each other of the facial appearance is no longer young, be youth of rashness move and recklessly draw off gradually, while turning over to see the photograph that that piece can’t fade in color a small scene moment will start to hook the New appointees infinite fancy and recollection, everything all at at present, the whole thus clear, memory inside of the thing can’t fade in color, memory inside of the story Be getting more fine, be not?12 volt led lighting

Two, choose a good wedding with clap a photographer of importance
Want to answer to choose a good wedding with clap teacher of importance, want to understand first what kind of wedding with clap teacher is a good photographer.See mainly want to see this a few aspects with my several years of experience and personal evaluation standard:

1, don’t take a device to say a matter.What truth is this ?You whether how the device that usually meets a so-and-so photographer to frequently introduce him toward you is how advanced, the pixel is much Gao, lens how expensive?Want to see the person of lens behind to know and photograph to is the art of one disciple, the talented person is the decision factor that can take good photograph, perfectly right good device will to better in order to take service, but never take machine and say a matter, that machine says the matter explains that it exposed Qie first to own level.A good wedding with clap teacher, need not boast oneself’s device more and talk with the photograph be examination wedding with clap horizontal of the only standard.The New appointee chooses a wedding with clap a photographer, should not ask what photographer used is what device, but should realistically see this photographer’s work, photograph style and principle with his communication.Don’t take a device to say matter not is say a wedding with clap not to need to well photograph a device, let the New appointee eradicate completely a device good can clap a good wedding with clap of mistake area.led lighting automotive

2, the overall shadow elephant record.Wedding with clap is very to the photographer’s requesting of Gao, requesting a photographer to have 1 to photographing of various topic to control just completely very much can.The photographer not only wants the still life essay that can take various wedding the spot, more important want to catch those dynamic states of moment of person facial expression, be full of an expectant facial expression while masquerading from the bride early in the morning, arrive a bridegroom anxious be full of before going out;Arrive to┬░from the smiling face of the full face of bridegroom parents the unwilling to part facial expression of bride parents, making people the center should be a wedding and clap the photographer’s initial topic.

Celebrate companies to hear a customer on the scene at a marriage before remembering at and the photographer take the problem of contents and find back to request to explain and refund, this a wedding of photographer come down took more than 400 photographs for New appointee, it are that the small still lifes Be small to decorates to have more than 200 pieces among them, the photograph of New appointee is on the contrary little of again little.This is very dissatisfied to New appointee, this is to have never put is making people the center of take topic.

3, put own positive position.You usually meets that kind of to point hand painting feet on the New appointee wedding and continuously calls to stop and do it again a time of that kind of photographer?They with so-called for the New appointee “be responsible for” of carriage, carry on director to the wedding of New appointee, hardly realizing the wedding is the wedding of New appointee, not a photographer, the photographer’s wedding, pursuing the moment of true nature is a wedding with clap a photographer wants to do of affair.Want to know New appointee since not is a professional actor, the photographer is also a not professional director, demanding that kind of the so-called is “perfect” is unmeaningful also is funny.The list is from this top can see whether the photographer’s consciousness can adjust a wedding and clap of development current.That kind of of wedding with clap teacher still the marriage celebrate a set ofly in 80′s old, the New appointee in nowadays more and more has his/her own comprehension and request to own wedding.Good wedding with clapping teacher will make the wedding process flowing freely nature of carry on.

Saying is so many, don’t know whether your how choose to suit own wedding with clap a photographer to attain to know farely well.Or that sentence, the happy time needs not much speech, let a photograph piece talk……

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