Wedding planning scheme

One, everyone fantasy, fantasy on your wedding day into a radiant princess, but confused, lost their own how to hold their wedding? The limited funds how to face the huge wedding? Under normal circumstances, who hope that their wedding is the out of the ordinary, a complete has its own unique wedding. Therefore, whether in the wedding arrangements in advance, after the event, but also whether it is about the wedding event, trivial, wedding consultants will provide you give advice and suggestions. The following article is for a couple in 2004 June part of the wedding planning scheme, for reference only.
Two, a new background information:ST Furi
Groom: a * *, a senior business manager
Nationality: Han height: weight: 1.84M 82kg blood group: 0: cheerful, easy-going personality.
Hobbies: worms, sports, making friends.
Education: Bachelor’s degree major: computer marriage status: the first marriage
Bride: Wu *, a company financial supervisor
Nationality: Han height: weight: 1.68 51kg blood type: B: extroverted personality
Hobbies: worms, music, swimming.
Education: Bachelor’s degree majoring in Finance: marriage status: the first marriage
Three, wedding requirements:
The 1 sacred feeling, after all, this is a major event in life.
2 prominent romantic atmosphere.
3 there are some new ideas, but also should accord with our actual situation.
4 wedding will be a lot of elders and leaders, so we have the best opportunity to show respect for them.
5 popular and cheap. The ceremony of 6 time should not be too long, 30 minutes.American general lighting
In four, 3-4 Wan Yuan wedding budget: RMB rmb.
Table 1580 x 15 printing 7.2 x 3.6M flower column 1.2M x 61.4M x 2 flower arch x 1 red carpet 50M x 1 flowers series: ( cars flowers, bouquet, corsage, flower petals ) makeup artist x 1
The cameraman x 1 x 1 x 1 photographer photography assistant costume ( white dress, Qipao, 2 1 )
Spotlight bubble machine x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 smoke machine host
Total cost: $39930 budget
Five, expected visitors: 200
The guests:
The relatives and friends – about 50 people ( including the relatives of 10 people, 10 people of friend ‘s parents, groom returned students 10 people, the company colleagues 20 people )
The woman’s relatives and friends – about 130 people ( including 30 people ‘s relatives, wife’s side parents schoolmate at college 30, wife’s side parents unit staff 30 people, 10 people of bride bride schoolmate at college, unit staff 30 people )
In six, guests: elder age structure will be more some, probably accounted for 60%, 30 young people under the age of 30%.
Guest hierarchy: new parents are corporate executives, so guests to higher level, industry level up.
Seven, planning programs — Examples
The ceremony in the form of:
According to the new requirements of the wedding guests, as well as the number of age segmentation and hierarchical structure.
Recommendations: to the combination of Chinese and Western to do the whole wedding.
Wedding locations:
Suggestion: according to the new choice with a garden five star hotel, at the same time also have accommodate nearly 300 people banquet hall.
Hotels: Lihua, Hilton, Shangri-La Grand Ballroom and garden.
Planning for ceremony specific arrangements:
Wedding of the whole process can be divided into four parts:
The first part: ( Garden ceremony part )
The 1 Scene Description: in the garden, open meadows full of flowers petals, all the guest ‘s face is filled with happiness. With lily and champagne rose flower arch, erected in the lawn ‘s most prominent place, red carpet along the arch to the pillar trim by 8 groups of Flower Road ( flower column with light pink yarn Road ), everyone knows, this is new to the sacred temple of the road to happiness; both sides of the road is a row of decorated with golden ribbon chair, most front row two golden chairs, it is for the couple’s parents and family ready, they will witness the couple will be delivered with each other, be deeply attached to each other forever.
Props: flower arch *? , flower column *? , the red carpet, chair, host platform, audio equipment.
The ceremony of 2 Contents and time schedule:
11: 00 newcomers arrive at the ceremony, all the guests at the door of the hotel to warm applause, and fireworks, dancing and waving petals Caipen, meet a new arrival.
11: 18 in the new guests by entering the hotel, guests to the ceremony area at the entrance of the registration.
11: 35 in the host’s prologue Wedding March sounded slowly, a ceremony to begin formally.
11: 38 new admission ( new wedding song accompaniment, the guests warm applause on the grass on a red carpet to lawn ‘s most prominent under the arch, the couple were around rose and Lily gate, on the stand that moment the fireworks sounded again ) cute children ( children ) with a blessing wish, to the bride and groom flowers.
The second part: ( Hall part )Chinese LED industry
The 1 scene description:
Main stage: large finished printing made Taiwan festive ceremony, eye-catching.
The ceremony of front left: Nine layer cake ( hotels have decorative cake )
Main stage: the middle red floating candles adorned the champagne tower
Stage at front right: pale pink wedding large candles, right is prefigured in the married life everything is going smoothly. The water floating candle ( candelabra base amount can be decorated with flowers ( flowers ) intermediate red carpet entrance arches, columns on both sides of flower decoration )
( 10 people, front advocate desk flower with golden candles adorned the rear 14 table with three layers of crystal candlestick flower decoration ).
Note: the whole wedding in a coherent and orderly, elegant and romantic holy festive atmosphere. Wedding in every detail is not to be ignored, let all the guests in a relaxed atmosphere together in the new wedding, and in countless times to the couple with the most sincere best wishes!
Wedding planner special tips:
* be sure to select a professional wedding consultants, to ensure the implementation of the quality of the wedding;
In before the ceremony, must with the wedding consultant to conduct a comprehensive communication;
The people you need to determine the subject hotel, meal and the hotel signed a formal contract;
In the wedding preparations, as far as possible to express their own ideas wedding consultant.

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