Wedding DIY: happy adventure

Everyone is married to a lifetime of the event, but during the preparations for the wedding has a lot of red tape to allow the new things people could attend. Some of zero for the land’s wedding to find help, there may be some people, “dismembered” on the network to a “wedding DIY”.

I do not know when, “Wedding personal services” have mushroomed on the network, from the early stage of preparing, planning a wedding, to host live, as long as they are and wedding-related projects can be found. Although only a photographic camera, Xitang, make-up, the master of ceremonies or marriage small car rental service, posted on a forum focused on a detailed quote, contact information, including the present work, evaluation of the customers are clear, detailed service, many projects, Prices vary, these projects virtually formed a wedding store, customers can choose from a term of office, a combination of TEAM, for the common customer service. These wedding services in the section on demand in the lively up slowly. Of course, they are only free platform release, it does not own for information security and the legitimacy of legal liability.

The new DIY Wedding: The wedding DIY, both advantages and disadvantages, choose carefully.

Advantage One: the selection of arbitrary, arbitrary. .

Wedding companies to make money, often do not need to sell new services. For instance, some people do not want wedding companies designated by the master of ceremonies, some of the wedding companies have a lot of restrictions so that new trouble annoying. In contrast, online personal wedding service at random on a much needed service which will be selected, will not be forced to sell.

Advantage Two: the relatively cheap price

According to the wedding in-house staff revealed that some of the company’s wedding photographer, makeup artist or have married non-car companies have also requested the wedding came from outside the company to earn an intermediary fee, which is part of the cost to be passed on to customers Body. Personal wedding dance to open the wedding service companies, looking for direct customers, the price of natural decline. This, coupled with the price of services can negotiate cheaper prices.

Advantage Three: personalized service

Today’s wedding of a serious mode, so that the personalized attention not satisfied with the new. Personal wedding service providers are not bound by the company, new ideas and styles, naturally popular. Together with their preparations for the wedding, DIY fun for new and profound memory, compared with the previous marriage, to select their own preparations for the planning of a wedding more memorable.

Disadvantage: low coefficient of insurance, no security

After all, personal services, usually in the form of lip service, there is no written agreement to protect the interests of customers. Therefore, the problem will be derived, in particular, on-site wedding day, the emergency situation caused by the loss of customers because of a written commitment not to receive compensation, which is considering a number of new people again and again took the wedding to choose one of the reasons for the company. In a random survey of 10 couples, 6 ask. In the face of problems, personal wedding service providers to answer some vague: “Since the service provided, we will do our best. Of course, if there are problems, the only thing we can do is try to make up.”

Personal wedding service providers: part-time people from all walks of life, the reasons for part-time varies.

Reason One: to realize the value of their interests

Joy is the accounting firm of auditors, a very high salary. When she graduated from university to go public relations firm, for small to large size of the school activities are the host, is also involved in planning a number of public relations activities. But in between the bread and interest, she chose the former.

Master of ceremonies started to provide services purely fortuitous, it was only to help friends busy to do the master of ceremonies of marriage, the marriage did not expect to be very successful. A friend suggested that she master of ceremonies at the site to provide services, interest income and double. Joy to the real-name authentication Web site, became a member of the wedding service, although the auspices of fees as high as 1,000 yuan / times, but has reservations booked through the spring of next year.

Reason Two: the use of idle resources, income-generating

Wedding photographer was a stone’s staff a year ago to switch jobs. He is now heard in the popular on-line services provided by private wedding, think of all of a sudden at home idle for a long time professional cameras.

Have 5 years experience in professional wedding photography, he posted his work online, once there is a lot of his advice to the new price. The same professional service than his wedding to reduce at least one-third of the company, particularly newcomers to be welcomed. He also found a former colleague, the wedding is responsible for the production of MTV and VCD. Because travel agents and more friends, it also served as a honeymoon of professional consultants, really convenient for those new people. In particular, encountered the peak of marriage, such as the National Day, stone almost daily appointments. A few months he did not earn enough on the travel, the long eye-opener to Europe.

Reason Three: spend their leisure time

Chen mother has just retired at home, not free to adapt to life at home, usually in addition to domestic duties will only be able to retire at the same time, and a few friends to chat or play computer games alone. This kind of living so that her daughter Chen-ching and the Netherlands *** some worry.

Dutch-money chance to see on-line services section of the wedding, she suddenly: Will it be their mother and her friends organize themselves into a “packaging plant Xitang”? Advisory section of the person in charge, she finally realized the idea. Dutch-ching their own like some of the unique design of the small things, together with their mother Chen gifted in the hand, not to make money, as long as they can make other people like and can kill their mother Chen spare time, why not For.

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