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Who are you people who can speak
Remember the” art of life” an interview, asked Zhu Jun to have a single actor Wang Zhiwen: 40 how to not get married? Wang Zhiwen said: I met the right, Zhu Jun asked” what do you want to find a kind of girl?” Wang Zhiwen thought, very seriously said:” just want to find a can whenever and wherever possible.”
” It is not easy?” Zhu Jun laugh.Expo’s European
” Not easy.” Wang Zhiwen said,” in the middle of the night for you know what, you called her, she will say: a few? A sleepy, tomorrow. Once you lose interest. Some words, sometimes, for some people, you think, you do not want to say. Find a person you want to talk to her, with her man, not easy.”
Yes, I often feel this sentence that deep unspeakable taste, one can find whenever and wherever possible and you chat with the person really hard.
You may go well, and you know a lot of people, and you are good relations of many people, but even you be together morning and night family, or even intimate lover, you may not necessarily want when to say can and he said, what to say, when you do not have to worry about it, don’t self-reproach, fear not to be cold and condemned.
The vast sea of humanity, the red dust, mail list the names of dozens of familiar face, even hundreds of thousands, sometimes, open a mobile phone, a name of one of the over, but how many people can make you feel at ease and calm, can disturb, can go whenever and wherever possible to speak one’s mind freely?
Sometimes, we’d rather be in my heart one thousand times ten thousand times to tell, unwilling to side with the person said a word, some with anguish, some feelings and circumstances, no one else can be personally on the scene, natural empathy, understanding may say something to comfort words, perfunctory people just say a few cliche, will allow you to instantly regretted how.
The day we will own heavily encased in armor under, will himself deeply hidden, close to have scruples, to know who would have guessed. We like the group covered with spines porcupine, in order to keep out the cold, crowded together, in order to protect, maintain distance. I want to find a can be when talking to people, is difficult. I want to find a when people who tell the truth, even more difficult.
Occasionally we feel the bubbling spring outflow, and we have no artificial exude sincerity and passion, in the eye and the eye in the heart and heart communication, warm, but soon will even we also laugh at his childish, heart and mind, always so far a distance, even forever. Go to the same track.
We have more and more not true, more and more to find true, more and more can not express the true. Our hearts, our, it was clear as glass, the most real heart, but now, where to find?University manages
The other is a television series” Kangxi Dynasty” in Kangxi. After her three thousand, the person he loves the most is the fragrant concubine. He went to the fragrant concubine there, love to say:” I want to talk to you.” Then, put some talk of a state. Later, he had to scrap the fragrant concubine, often depressed, always walk in front of the palace to the fragrant concubine. However, people go to the house empty, your eternal emperor, even a man without.
The two” success”, the lover’s request the same simple — to talk to it. Fine fine presumably, also so: you do then great, then with vigour and vitality, you as a person, one of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures are ordinary people, also hope to have a sweet paste lung, thorough, deep understanding of your thoughts and emotions of the people around, to communicate with you, communication. So, you are not lonely, lonely.
I have seen such a few words:” you find a person who likes talking to marry, as you age, you will find that chatting to be a great advantage.” At that time, I thought it was a small woman feelings. Now, not only is a woman, the man also has such a request.
Then find you love her ( him ) to chat with people to get married. The world is too big, too complex, change too fast, hold a moment, whenever and wherever possible to talk with one hand, you have even Kangxi have no happiness.
Read this article when, suddenly find themselves in love with a clear definition. Like Wang Zhiwen, I seem to have been looking for a place to people who can speak, there will also be above that, through mobile phone mail list will not find a will be able to talk to people.
Love is not words, is each other; in lonely is not lonely, is knowing the long way, snowy, but still grateful to be with you Brilliant Mind… …
Also don’t know is it right? I grew up, began to follow” a low-key life, high-profile work” principle of doing things, everything should be silent.
Life before us like a giant funnel, when young, meet people, want to say too many, go all lengths, may today with this friend talked about everything, tomorrow and another person to talk to forget the time, even your own story, two people can talk eat with appetite. However, with increasing age, we will find slowly, can listen to you, and you speak less and less people, sometimes these all became himself a desire for luxury. This time, we may have a fixed close friends, can do you in your lonely time listens to you, may also be a No.
Such difficulties in fact from ancient to modern times has been the existence of, even Lu Xun in meet Qu Qiubai when said” life is a bosom friend is sufficient, the world when with with regard”.
Maybe, someday, when we find friends become heterosexual, love is coming!

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