crystal satge is all right

The wedding satge arranges
1, satge background lightpossible bipartisan compromise
More and more marriages celebrate companies to fall overboard for to add under the background a ground of light is in order to illuminated background, the fresh bright background is really good-looking, but when the second rites up make track for a light light close, or simply make background bright very easily when the power making track for only a light isn’t enough, foreground(the face department of New appointee) dark effect.
Solution, the second closes background ground light while adding two pedestals to return to light light to repair light, or hading better be the second.(most insurance)
Once met a the ErHu marriage celebrates(please allow I keep so white) to put a ground of light to repair for us before satge light of, from under upwards beat, clap out and clap a ghost slice.
2, make track for a light light
Make track for a light light-each wedding has of light, let the person love and hate a light
Make track for a light light in the wedding is have to, but beat not make track for light, making the person malicious can not let it from beginning to end don’t be shuttle
The photographer is each one to necessarily take a news light more separately and directly request to marry to celebrate to make track for light need not, the news light used him then, this kind of pursues to shoot to be like effect, don’t pursue the spot audience feeling of be partial to arouse although the way of doing isn’t commendable,also be good enough to explain this lovely of light again make the person hateful to arrive what extent.
Make track for only a light of hateful lie in, under the circumstance of dark field, if being apart from isn’t enough, light too strong, beat in the face of New appointee, will result in tremendous clear dark contrast, the photographer claps out the face of New appointee usually up a piece of big the white order, or there is detail on the New appointee face, the body all below can’t sees, appearance in see a float forward and be like what I not much said.
Solution, the first is the position problem that makes track for a light light, this please celebrate company elucidation with marriage, the light puts where, how beat, arrangement must listen to photograph to shoot to be like, , the second is the person’s level problem that beats a light, this can’t, only scale bigger from the industry the time’s longer marriage celebrate companies to beat to make track for only relatively have a guarantee.
Moreover, whether the hall hall is small or not, want ~only probably of words, send greeting to line up 2 to make track for a light light, we generally don’t need 2 make track for a light light always to work in the meantime, but usually need to be arranged according to the distance of the light and others which light bright, which light close.
3, shake headlamp
Dark field 1 shakes in disorder and puts very much!
If the New appointee stands the time in on the stage put again, that can see suddenly blue suddenly green effect of New appointee face, is still a words, ask New appointee with marriage and celebrate to hand over to treat well, how does this trifle use the arrangement that must listen to photograph to shoot to be like.
4, return to light lightThe island of peace
I am personal a light that like most , is also severely recommend in spite of hall hall is small, celebrate companies to order two sets with marriage at least.
The computer becomes only of not necessarily wanted, the noodles light that start, has been using white to only repair New appointee to us of the second bright field was then.
If the attention returns to light light once we the white light that needs him, other Yan lights dark field or interaction change to play a line, if New appointee return to light when the on the stage does a rites the light is still changing countenance, the light returns, don’t talk…
5, chrysanthemum decorative lantern
Very cheapness also very practical thing, beat on the satge figure, can make beautiful effect, although the dance that didn’t shake head beautiful effect is strong,the light ray can’t show the background of lead bright.
Or occasionally run into the ErHu marriage celebrates and incredibly have put thus lovely chrysanthemum pedestal a front at the satge of, looking at a New appointee face up bloomy of fresh flowers, I all generally and directly take one menu to hold up the light finished.
6, crystal satgeCameron questioned
Is this trifle also regarded as a light?
The crystal satge is all right, the good idea of the mat high aisle.
But there is all light under the general crystal satge, although the crystal satge in nowadays can become light of already several come, this light basically still uses a blue of according to many.
Can imagine once, the New appointee walks on the crystal satge, a burst of dry ice dozen comes over, blue light(or other what strange light) from under deeply beat on the New appointee face and photograph to shoot to be like majority or squat down body to take some Yang to clap….I estimate to clap the spot of chatting the Zhai to is a decoration so.
Good news BE, more and more marriages celebrate companies to use crystal stage just for the sake of the mat high aisle, will not only close light, also a bit more intelligent of directly spreads on the crystal satge mat(changing into a T set is better) redly, H’m, I like!

Other arrange
1, main table of fresh flowers
The towering main table of fresh flowers makes to give vent to anger the effect for sending very easily.
But if you of main table of in the stage middle, and leave satge nearer, photographing to shoot to be like can not not across main table of words for taking and go on stage a beginning from the first master of ceremony of wedding so, please withdraw a main table flower under, otherwise, your whole nights don’t want to have a positive photograph.
Still once ran into once, main table of a lot too big, beginning, the marriage celebrates the attendant of company and uses to climb to withdraw main table flower down, the posture is too difficult to see, hasn’t been withdrawing, so the flower type that still ask each MM to settle main table of fresh flowers cautiously consider each aspect.
2, flower way
Gao Gao’s flower way flower pillar is to construct atmosphere effect of a kind of familiar decoration.
But if Gao Dao Dang lives to make track for a light light not have fun, similar of circumstance I once met once, very regrets, incredibly have than my tall flower pillar, isn’t Zhang Qing Tong a little bit Be getting shorter too much…Japanese Shinkansen
After loved put bird hair in spending pillar, mimicry of the marriage celebrate more and more(I don’t know is not is love found of, however I with clap see for the first time a bird hair on the flower pillar really is do while loving), but ask the MMs to carefully choose this kind of decoration, after all isn’t each levels that the marriage celebrates to beat light ability with love ratio of.(I not afraid give offense to an other marriage to celebrate a company, that is the fact)
Lift to come to, attend the too many words for kid of wedding banquet, spend pillar, top not be adding a LED light, use an electricity more little more safe.
3, 4 Cape stations|little Lu Fu Gong
Four Cape stations|little Lu Fu Gong-entirely call “birdcage” as follows.
A, don’t bind a flower on the post, block light, the flower can move top, the whole fieldses can see arrive just good-looking
B, don’t choose the post bulky style of type, block light
C, don’t do any rites in the birdcage, really need to do, please stand on the birdcage doorway, block light to add otherwise could not clap
The D and birdcage doesn’t want to add a lot of debt sons, don’t even add bead curtains, this thing blocks simply adding hindrance to focus to really want to add and please from start entirely book simultaneously go
4, champagne tower|candlestick
If the rites pedestal divides is two sides at the satge, Gao Dian is good-looking, Be free, if pleasing as far as possible set out is betwixt a little bit low and blocked a matter too much this trifle
5, champagne tower|the candlestick small arched door
Almost forget to write this trifle
Got mixed up to when start to spread to add a small arched door before the champagne tower and the candlestick, I, Zhang Qing Tong-mightiness, most strong, strongly request most most to don’t set out this small arched door.
The on the side completely can not take, if front side the New appointee isn’t that the Yao is clear and leaf Li, so champagne and point fire stick’s blocking faces is all affirmative and used this decoration, these two riteses clap out, that is basic to all “be disgraced” to appear in public.

1, dry ice have no color tasteless, recommend an usage, but need not too many, particularly put cold Yan fire in the meantime again beat dry ice, that is basic is could not clap a person, beating person’s level of dry ice must be high, this trifle’s doing not well beat will float too high, can not clap the person is either
2, the smoke machine contain flavor, don’t recommend
3, the snowflake opportunity glue a head up, don’t recommend an usage
4, the effect of the bubbles machine is quite good, but the bubbles will float in disorder, if main table of leave satge nearer, don’t recommend, will float vegetables inside
5, the words of the arrangement someone Sa flower petal, send greeting a row is two sides at the carpet, fore noodles Sa, don’t New appointee head up throw
6, pull a flower|spray a flower, together Sa flower petal, don’t in the New appointee top of head just above the position beat and make New appointee a head of one face all before tee off in the New appointee yes, clapped foreground to have and then went, also have, please watch for the crystal light of averting from the hotel

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