You of wedding he worries

Many bride and groom-to-be all hope to hold a solemn and impressive and warm wedding, but suffer from having no time, or have no experience.Now, the marriage celebrated a market to appear various occupation person, they ready to everything for the bride and groom-to-be.The New appointees as long as enjoying an unforgettable wedding by that time is all right.

The marriage celebrates a host

“Kiss my bride in person, you are my most true most beautiful bride, I ain’t the silly mandarin duck that your this present life bastinado does spread.Although the waiting of thousand years ten thousand years is endless, as long as can hold hands with you to go together forever ……”accompany with rite the satisfied background music with feelings of host read aloud, the bridegroom and bride is full of silently conveyed tendernessly drinking off to hand over cup wine towards seeing winning, .The spot is colourful to take to float to fly, gift the flower together put, the applause is repeatedly.

On the wedding, invite a marriage to celebrate a host to come to add to the fun, have become at present a marriage to celebrate a necessary of situation item.Recently, the nation formally announces to celebrate a marriage a host to be included in a new occupation.”Soul” that the marriage celebrates is undoubtedly a host.A wedding can succeed and to a great extent that be decided by the host’s comprehensive character and develop ability on the scene.Marriage’s celebrating a host should have a good independent plan and uphold ability;The stronger language and writing expression, human relations communicates, the information obtain ability and analysis and problem-solving basic ability;To know the basic rules of Chinese and Foreign rite have high cultural character.While managing a wedding, since have to be wit and vivid, and then want to avoid the low class vulgar and ill-mannered language, also want to absorb the essence of traditional culture in the meantime, avoid because of don’t understand people’s custom but the loose hair Charlotte Olympia

After signing contract with guest, the wedding host needs according to customer’s request and draws up the item of wedding progress and sets out the arrangement of place etc. work.Then is a wedding the spot, the host wants to moderate the relation of good everyone’s noodles and tries hard for to make the whole wedding been getting more substantial, noisy and warm and fragrant.”The matrimony is an important event within whole life of person, the host wants the rhythm, atmosphere and progress that holds a wedding of the just right ground and makes the owners of taking part in the wedding all felt pleased to celebrate and comfortable heart.”A marriage celebrates a host to say.

The wedding plans teacher

Now, pursue special, personality, even alternative wedding, become city pursuing of bride and groom-to-be.But the wedding plan teacher can help they carry out wishes.The wedding plans teacher, is the best staff officer in New appointee.Because they know how orderly arrange a wedding, and plan a wedding that the mental strategy only have, moves public.

Plan a pedestal wedding to compare to direct a movie, need has been composed several steps, such as script, plan and performance…etc., again go together with a director, play to work, the in the interval has to also continuously communicate with New appointee, it is colourful to try hard for to dig out most a little bit bright.Ms. Xu who will soon follow marriage hall celebrates process to completely have no concept to the marriage, so has to the carte blanche marriage celebrate a company”fully responsible for”.”But I still keep wanting to make I’s wedding different and hope to marry to celebrate a company ability to is many good ideas.”

Mr. Zhang who exclusively is engaged in a marriage to celebrate a plan remembers to a few weddings still lately.”The one meter high bamboo basket threw on huge of’the double is pleased’the word red cloth, on the spot round the expectation of more than 100 friends of view in, the hot air ball carries bridegroom and bride to slowly go up the sky, many friends looking at New appointee through the telescope Gao Kong Si’s eyes outside 30 meters connect, the compotation hands over cup wine.”Mr. Zhang says that” had a rightness of the New appointee that is engaged in a literature work to present to public a music play.At background music, suddenly clear suddenly dark light and master of ceremony of’sound outside the painting’medium, the New appointee is lightly moving to dance, exaggerated body language, explain 2 people from acquaint with, mutually love, keep best friend to change a ring and drink all processes of handing over the cup wine.”

In addition to the usage forerunner and luxurious chemical element, the good wedding plan is more important to want to do an article on the detail, make the guest felt the special idea of New appointee.Only a wedding that permeated cultural principle is a moving real dozen wedding.Otherwise the form makes it again good, also can be once walk field.feet slender

The industry insider means that only cooperate a specialized creativity talented person, the study celebrates with appreciate cultural chemical elements, such as rite, tradition and custom…etc. in the marriage in raise the character of whole professionses to the pass important function, then can cater to the need of market, the prison prison holds the infinite business opportunities that the creativity marriage celebrates a market.

The occupation sends a person

Many an experienced hands still remember still lately, parties’ sending matrimony formal invitation is a very troublesome affair, and almost all New appointees once complained for this.Want a per, a per ground to send, 12 table certainly, but if is ten several 20, even several 10 up to 100, its workload is imaginable.

Can luckily of BE, appeared an occupation to send a person now, bridegroom bride needs to pay one to run travel expenses, have specially assigned generation you send the formal invitation to each guest hand.

Some New appointees want to send out into 100 up to thousand formal invitations and need to cost a great deal of energy and time, the young man work is more and more busy now, besides during the period of preparing to host a wedding, if all from the New appointee close dint in person is, get to come to send to formal invitation affirmation to can not stand.This be the occupation sends a person exists of reason.

Sending is at will a sex is big and take charge of difficult business of”little logistics religion”, will be accepted by the market, the key is the trustworthiness degree that builds up an occupation to send a person.When the guest still has a worry currently, send a person to charge all generally is an after the event to accept or accept a half first, and each formal invitation sends to all want the label time to keep a list after the other parties.choose light taboo

Bride secretary

The so-called bride secretary is the private assistant that points newly married couple and help newly married couple completion to hold wedding process in the whole business that need to be solved.Wang Jun’s husband and wife who just held to do to marry a gift recently say that from settled wedding day from that day, they started planning and preparing for tedious wedding process, but still felt to lack the ability to do.Afterwards, they appointed a “bride secretary” and prepared and planned to°from the beginning a thing purchase then celebrates banquet to the marriage, from send out invitation card to entertain to wish wine Xie Li then to face to send guest companion, “bride secretary” acts as to conclude marriage assistant, image design, rite instruction, mental state consult etc. multiple roles.

The request of generally all pregnant Gao, cultural degree and outlooking of bride secretary and speech expression also needs to accept the professional training in certain time.Being bride’s secretary’s key has to have affinity, there being affinity just can be as in each other’s confidence as New appointee, then can appreciate intention of New appointee.Affinity how develop, it is a square one to smile.”Have to like very much to associate and tell a bride with other people, you are sincere, the secretary like this is qualified.”Bride, secretary, Wang Qian, , says that since the guest signed contract, have specially assigned to plan everything for you.And on wedding the other day and that very day, let you become “star person” that owns assistant, a personal secretary contributes efforts to the bride and is responsible for dealing with the whole wedding affairs for you.The whole process bride need to be made contact with with a person of secretary all right, tell bride’s secretary’s wedding day, get married a location and specially demand of thing, connect down to all hand over to a bride and secretary OK.”Take part in a wedding each time, looking at a nervous pressing bride, bridegroom under my help plan, happily walk to arrive together, I will feel my own work since happy and meaningful.”

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