Thank Nuo

Thank Nuo is shouted the noodles of a wife to expose happy expression to probably return all do a wedding
“Wife piece, wife piece, wife piece ……” although Xie Nuo2 Yi slips away small run to leave the spot, but hear powder silk of shouting of orderliness voice, her mouth Cape involuntarily shows unintentionally a smile.Yesterday afternoon, thanked Nuo to appear the large supermarket with some Nan is at the double, is it generation product website for talking.Just proclaimed with Zhang Jie’s wedding on the tiny Bo, so appeared many fans on the scene.But because of the spot order very confusion, thank Nuo could not be unveiled to in a hurry leave for 10 minutes, don’t also reveal the detail of wedding to the medium.Become all a company to report a reporter to understand, this Rong, Zhang Jie didn’t accompany.As for the wedding still is becoming to all hold in Peking and thank Nuo to reveal positive under consideration, doing not expel will successively hold in the two sides.worth mentioning

Yesterday thanked Nuo to see passionate powder silk on the spot, she said:”I hope hereafter can have more time back meet with everyone all, like everyone most .”Because Xie Nuo2 who disorder, originally prepares and accepts a home town medium interview on the scene is also forced and quickly leaves.However Xie Nuo2 of a reporter is still a contact, thank Nuo to mean this Sichuan, return the fish fragrant eggplant, young soybean son, and green pepper corn…etc. that called on a grandpa, ate a grandpa to personally do for her in the old house, very contented.inch back light

Up to before yesterday’s reporter send report, Xie Nuo2 announces the news that oneself marries Xun on the tiny Bo and has already been forwarded more than 470,000s.To this, thank Nuo to also really appreciate everyone, “I really could not contained any more!Do you believe, from yesterday to today, I have been aming seeing each , each and is really each wish message, just usually looking at Be getting more misty for eyes ……the felling in a short while crying to in a short while smile is very confused!Forgive we have no way@each friend, thank each friend, all of us received!Really receive!Equally send these wishes to you, we will be definitely together happy!”channel construction

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