7 Xun the husband

7 Xun the husband and wife hold to cross wedding children to play to re-appear parents golden wedding road
Boxes drawing inside, 50 year agos of”they” hold the hand to shoulder to shoulder walk;In addition to boxes drawing, after 50 years of they the affectionate head meet.Fan Xiao Lin shootssmall inductance

Last night at 6:00 many clocks, person’s cabaret in Nanking city, a rightness of year the silver hair husband and wife of 7 Xuns did entirely new”crossed a wedding” in this undertaking.Accompany with joyful music 《99 bright spring-times 》, this holds the hand to walk a red carpet to the old-age husband and wife, but wedding host but declare:”Sir the ladieses, ’24 years old’the Gu learn good with’20 years old’Wang Shi Fang’s wedding big Dian Be formal to start!”At the same time, one by one in order appeared a set of the lover that is especially deduced by two molds on the satge:The man wears a soldier to pack, the woman wears aforetime clothes.Is this what is the row?50 year agos of originally old two people didn’t do a wedding and did for the first time this time, but years’ passing away facial appearance has been already changed, in order to”reappear” that year to acquaint with to mutually love a scene, they please to children to go on stage, in numerous friend in fronts, play a 50 years, the rains and winds “cross”.

This to”old New appointee” that holds a wedding, 2 people all are that the temples are grays, the “bridegroom” Gu learns good have been 74 years old, “bride” Wang Shi Fang is 70 years old.Two people’s acquaintanceship mutually loves career to be different from the youth men and women’s free love in nowadays, but because of a dish of both parties’ father chess.At that time, their fathers all love to play chess and have free time and then sit opposite to”fight”, once 2 people to Yi talk to have respectively of children, you one speech I am one language, a few rounds come down, a dish chess didn’t be next over, but the marriage of children has already settled a bottom.Hence, the Gu about 20 years old learns good had friendly intercourse with Wang Shi Fang.At that time, the Gu serves as soldier in the troops, the king teaches at school, 2 people rare opportunity to meet, can”the Hong wild goose spreads a book”, in the letter rare sweet talk, speak of is all revolution work.power tool

On yesterday’s wedding, the wedding dress in white of”bride” Wang Shi Fang, hold a powder color rose and ripple on happiness of face, “bridegroom” is dressed in a half sleeve shirt and fastens a tie, and one face is pleased to annoy.When wear public side, the double eyes meet towards seeing a head and welcome present guest to applause a wish.At this time, unexpectedly appeared “huge shine on” that takes to have deep red boxes drawing in their flanks, settle once the Jing see, boxes drawing in, 1 wears “small” that the soldier packs aforetime and a “miss” that wear a chirpaur to shoulder to shoulder hold the hand.Is this what is the row?On asking to just know, originally, this is a pair of childrens of the in fact old two people to the miss small, their impersonation of is the parents of 50 year agos, that time of they betroth to walk to arrive to constitute a family together through the parents.Along with children continuously transformation dress and shape, settle space 8 different”old photograph”, reappeared this to 50 years, rains and winds processes that the husband and wife mutually knows acquaintanceship and loves each other to mutually guard, piece photograph in”once turned over”, public imitate a Buddha to cross for wasting time of 50 yearses, clear keep view ground”see” arriving them is simple but again feeling person of romance.

70-year-old”bride” Wang Shi Fang says that she and is being placed in the natural disaster difficult period in 60′s in last century when that year of”bridegroom” gets married, so can be “a cup pure tea carries to come up, two stools put a cake of”, very simple and directly held 1 don’t have ceremonial wedding.The 74-year-old”bridegroom” Gu learns good say, the beginning of this year, big grandson’s proposal should when 50 annuities of grandpa’s grandmother marry, “repair to do a presentable wedding”, this proposal gets the consistent approbation of the friends and relativeses.pressure oil

Pass by several times with old two oral sex flows, the wedding master of ceremony’s sea breeze feels that this wedding should not be “repairing to do”, but hold in the name of that year, in very short more than a hour wedding the spot, make the audience followed a male leading lady”cross for 50 years”, real embody a conjugal love holds the hand for 50 years of difficult forget meaning.This viewpoint is 1 and immediately got a pair of approving of childrens in old man’s house and was in remembrance of the parents’ golden wedding and the newly married ceremony melts to put together, that had better however.For the sake of not disguise, don’t ask other people to be a mold especially, lifelike deduce this to the holding the hand of old New appointeeses of flowing of concomitant half-a-century gold years, the children voluntarily serves as the male leading lady of old photograph.

Host’s sea breeze that plans this wedding tells a reporter, originally, the “bridegroom” Gu learns good that year still on being located on to greatly once acquire the Jiao son in the soldier of whole army in the third place than Wu Zhong, but then a good both in character and scholarship people’s teacher who smell four countries of “bride” Wang Shi Fang.

More than 20 programs and game of the whole wedding all self-helps and fascinating.On the wedding, “bride” Wang Shi Fang sings to have opera 《small two black get married 》in of sing a segment 《the pure Ling  traverse of aquamarine blue Ying Ying of sky 》, win a guest a burst of warm applause.Their son the Gu soldier and daughter Gu people is full of deep feeling ground sang on stage 《mother of kiss 》and 《father 》, “bridegroom’s bride” is passionately generous to participate in 9 interactive games, are warm and affectionate to hotly have a happy reunion in person with sons and daughters with the friends and relativeses a , the friends and relativeses from the whole whole country performed more than ten programs with glow with enthusiasm with sons and daughters.The celebration ceremony close by end of time, the friends and relativeses unwilling to partly come forward to match a shadow with”bridegroom’s bride” to keep as memory respectively, everyone together voice start to sing 《revolution the person is young forever 》this is full of deep feeling of old and red song.

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