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The small Wei is after backing the match disclosed attendance wedding to the tennis devote one’s mind a degree have already descended
Because the game of continuous high strength, American famous general little William’s right foot toe condition of the injury of the Mu Si is further worsen, can compete in contest a beautiful net for the sake of ensuring, the small Wei decision withdraws current southwest financial group tennis match .But the small Wei didn’t choose at home to rest and recuperate, but the in beautiful attire attended a friend Shan in Qatar is in Los Angeles of wedding.This also makes the Yahoo athletics experienced tennis commented on a member to slice Si to feel very interrogative.In his eyes, the small Wei slowly descended to devoting one’s minding of tennis one degree beginning.The information of wedding

If say that the small Wei backs a match and turns attendant friend in a sky in the wedding of Los Angeles is strangely fits, that I think this kind of strangely fits and also is too”miracle”.In fact I think that the small Wei completely abandonned a game, but chose to be dressed in beautiful skirt and made her cease fire high-heeled shoes for 13 month and ran to Los Angeles and the friend sing a song to dance go to.Just regression match field two months, eyes of small Wei started noticing a match field again outside of thing.

If isn’t a heart to have the side the Wu, the body condition is outstanding the William’s Mu Si sister achievement certainly would not just be 20 big slam just.Because they are all too curious to the whole fresh things and just make they greater half time in the whole year is used is taking part in various amusement activity but not is take part in a game.Though real strenght and result is all very outstanding,have to admit being an occupation tennis an athlete, they are too some not with concentration.

The front soon little William Mu Si meant that ownly the second beautiful A salon formally started practice while accepting an interview, she would also carry on beautiful A business throughout.This certanly will scatter her originally not concentrated attention.Try to give it a bit of thought if foolish all day long in the air condition building of beautiful AN utility room, who also run to descend to take part in a tennis game to hot sun?spread pleased sugar

However for this small Wei but don’t think idea, the small Wei accepted the reporter’s interview after the wedding ended:”I think on everyone of time really will have some misunderstandings, but I really because of getting hurt just withdrew Xin Xin that suggests a tennis match .My having a passion for tennis very much, but harming a disease is ineluctable.Shan in Qatar called me, told me the good news that she wants to get married and also asked if I can attend a wedding after knowing that I back a match.This too madness, I certainly want.I know many people will doubt I for attending a wedding just back a match, but the fact isn’t so.Past year I keep off a match field, I knew originally this time I am to can not get away from tennis thus.My living center of gravity is on the tennis forever.But I occasionally also need some amateurs live, you know that I have already advertised for war quite a few for week in a row.”

Really such, created to connect to win 12 records in the small Wei in past 23 days, this is also this match quarter the woman net altar grow most of connecting and winning record.Coming to say this to a player who lacks a match because of the wound for a year is really unimaginable.But owing to her right foot condition of the injury, she really should not take a risk to take part in the wedding of the friend.The after all beautiful net is about to start right away.

The small Wei also means to hope the quarter is at this match beautiful net up have conduct and actions, she also really expressed quite good tournament appearance.Her in a short time promoted after stepping on North America hardly own world placings 138, she has the seed to hope to become a beautiful net now.Certainly even if she isn’t a seed the nobody will neglect her as well, she is the opponent that none of everybody wants and meets.creativity vogue wedding

This match quarter not a few tennis athletes and wedding pull ascend relation, American the Yi Er inside the Si because Niu wave especially the match Duo hat missed the elder brother’s wedding, and Belgian Chris especially Er Si then because attend a kin wedding and the lane harmed ankle, until didn’t completely recover from illness as well now.This time small Wei again attends the friend’s wedding, who don’t know as well exactly isn’t a good matter.

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