leave marriage

Small three leave marriage to return ability as before
Previous two week, his colleague says that small three once sought her conversation, the little Sha-ho female colleague said that our problems have nothing to do with she, is our feelings wrong.If I and her colleague say, say not and like this, small three which be willing to with my husband together?

The net friend gets off the heart:Waterdetailed solution

I and husband at the same year, all 30 years old this year, classmate in the senior high school, the university is an alumni.The husband liked since senior high school and pursued me, however we from big two just started developing of, his university graduation the subsequence continuously studied for higher degree for two years, I entered design hospital work and graduated that year at him, I rested half year the leave looked after him and took part in his graduation ceremony, after graduating, he works in Peking, I stay in Guangdong.He ascends Peking no longer than two months have to hepatitis(he has been being big B liver three sun to take), previous I have already intended to ascend Peking as well, he got sick to think that I hurriedly go up more, and he has holiday half year at home, so I in a hurry resigned up.LED and common fluorescent

However I don’t smoothly seek a work in Peking, afterwards simply look after him in the home, the period still studied two training classes, like this come down led for more than a years, afterwards had a kid, we have never wanted don’t , I returned to Guangdong after I had a kid for three months.The kid is born for three days, I discover that he outside has a woman, for protecting a that girl, he lay that the that girl plays ball the cognitive, afterwards I turn over his chat record the assurance is a colleague.

He admitted that I made his resignation returned to Guangdong, he agreed, he says with company to is the reason in the home, so comes back from resigning a care family, the company wants to request him to stay and suggests that he goes to the office in Guangzhou, because I didn’t also work, the kid also was born, is exactly the time that needs money, I and husbands all agree the office that goes to Guangzhou, but I want that female’s resignation, the girl also agreed.I didn’t make open matter, this matter came to an end for the time being like this.operation important point

Can not sleep at the midnight, I pull he gets up to ask him if there is third party or not, he admitted.

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