wedding manages a phrase

The romantic wedding manages a phrase
Today is 200* years*month*day, lunar calendar D Hai year*month*, is an is 88 greatest hairs, will you deliver of nice day, we of all friends, welcomed us together*the childe of surname household*the daughter of the surname household pleased knot good marriage of day.At this moment, I keep in mind the mood of matchless concussion to represent 2 and mean to warmly welcome to each arrival of friend and the sincerest gratitude!In the meantime please allow I represent each guest, each friend wishes two New appointee newly marrieds delectation, always knot united at heart, reach old age together, early living expensive son!!
The guests friends, one lets person the excited time will soon arrive, one’s making the person unforgettable every moment will soon arrive at, come take out your applause of passionate good luck, already invite bridegroom’s bride enter!traditional incandescent

The New appointee enters a field
Kua bridegroom’s bride
We the bridegroom officer today is specially specially natural and unrestrained and right?……;

Across wood saddle
There is such a procedure in our folk wedding, we prepared such an article for New appointee, what article is this a ?To, is a wood saddle, up put an apple, what kind of implied meaning does it represent?Have which friend know to please to spit it out, to, is so-so Anne Anne’s meaning.Connect down, the bridegroom will lead long his bride to step over this wood saddle in the future, the applause is rung out, and the wish is rung out.A piece of new Xiang wood, the vulture becomes wood saddle, the New appointee steps over to go, the from year to year reports peaceful!

Across brazier
We still prepared the second article for New appointee, what article is this again a ?To is a brazier, this again is representative what mean?Also represent two personnel industry red fires of their husband and wife towards being the meaning of the red fire fire, , the love red fire, the applause again rings out and has already invited two New appointees to across brazier Luo~Solar cell household

Invited two New appointees to ascend a ceremony set, the dear friends let us common witness these two New appointees most happiness most a day of good luck!

Friends, matting burning Xiang ecliptic day, the good marriage happily couple goes together with brocade.At our folk wedding in the middle, our bridegrooms want to ask our maid of honors to send to ascend this good luck satisfied arrows and pass a bridegroom’s officer’s hand and have already ask a bridegroom officer to project this first arrows first, an arrows shoots a sky, the sky grants good marriage, concomitant walk on the life road, second arrows, two arrowses shoot ground, the love more previous floor, project this so much third arrows, three arrowses settle the universe, happy happy arrive hoary head!The applause blesses a voice more, thanks!

Again appreciate each friends, I feel that everyone is very anxious now, because we of the bride has been being that the crest wears a red cover head to arrive at a ceremony set, I would like to ask once all Lus mountain that the friends and relativeses wantings don’t want to experience a bride true character, exactly want not to think, there is a song specially suitable now the moods of our bridegroom officer, is it which song to know?Connect down have already ask a bridegroom officer to lightly uncover a red cover head, the spot all friendses together sing good?”The cover head that bring about you, let me to see you of face, ……”, friends to prepare you of applause, the pure wave floats green water, the bride exposes a painting to permit.

So connect down and then have two New appointees to invite us to go a newly married big gift to all guests here.Appreciates sky on doing obeisance world, on bowing, finally waits until this day;Two bow, with appreciation, in step on this ground;Three bow,OFDM works by splitting thank for sky for the Mei ground for the Shuo, wing to wing and together fly, the pleased knot connects reasons!As the proverb says:Who talk inch grass heart, report three parental loves.The parents dyed white for the sake of the growth of children green silk, the fee devoted.As the proverb says:Water contains source, the tree contains root, the children doesn’t forget breeding boon, bride and bridegroom have already become a house now, really need to thank the livinging of parents keep of boon, connect down is two do obeisance a high hall, parents’ parents , on bowing, appreciate loving care from childhood, again bow, thank to raise to maturity, three bow, show filial obedience an old man forever!It is husband and wife to connect down so much to do obeisance, please two New appointees to left turn right, we take a look, who bow Ju must more deep elucidation who love the other party love must be more deep, on bowing, respectfully love one another with each other, again bow, reach old age together, three bow, always knot united at heart!Pass by three to do obeisance, nine after bowing, underneath we ask bridegroom’s bride to drink one together cup happiness of hand over cup wine.

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