wedding ring according

How to choose a wedding ring according to the hand type?
According to the bride’s hand form, the style of ring chooses to also have differentiation:

The bride of hand form standard is suited for any ring of style, but simple and direct design more the ability set off finger just right.So four claws, six claws of classic tradition design, can make the bride have a liking for more noble Yong permit,everybody attention with standard of hand form benefit by association together, deeply be subjected to bride’s fancy.

Hand form long thin bride, avoid too weak design, can boldly wear to wear to have the ring to carve a design, like this and not only make the finger had a liking for go to full and steady heavy, it is more likely to increase the bride’s noble qualities.Plum flower form the design is carvings design of representative, not only increased a bride of elegant, more increased soft United States.

Finger thick short bride,shone LED lamp need to use the whole and equilibrium feeling of stereoscopic design increment finger, and make the finger seemed to be high but full of generosity of spirit.The ring of rose flower petal series, the brave ground usage Lou gets empty of stereoscopic design, in the middle of the diamond is more brilliant, and present a bride whom different brilliance let and wear and wear it beautiful must be like the rose that 1 blooms.

Hand form thinner short bride, more suitable wear a slender and streamlined design, this design can make the bride’s finger seemed to be higher and elegant.The ring of moonlight series flows the design of line form to make the whole ring presented on bending the shape of bright moon, but top that Yi Yi’s livinging the diamond of Hui is a bright Hao moonlight.Finger thick long bride, suit to wear the design style of wearing the circular breadth, the big ring can cover up more robust finger on the sense of vision and make finger the ratio originally seem to be to have to be a little bit slender.The style that wraps to inset a design is an undoubtedly the best choice,25 programmings aring partial this ring style, increased a diamond breadth on the sense of vision, seemed to be luxurious rich and honored.

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