Anne Ji beautiful Nuo

Anne Ji beautiful Nuo ·Zhu Li’s denial and cloth pull virtuous ·skin especially the secret get married

According to Hong Kong medium report way,Kingdom of Heaven there being news pointing Anne Ji the beautiful Nuo Zhu Li will pull virtuous skin with cloth the secret matrimony is especially.But at 《Vanity Fair 》of in the interview, the Anne Ji beautiful Nuo denies this news and calls:”It completely is blah.”

Anne Ji beautiful Nuo Zhu the Li add to say again:”I didn’t be pregnant,astringent love in I now also have no again make to keep and raise.”

In addition the Anne Ji beautiful Nuo speaks about it to lately make 《In the Land of Blood and Honey 》, she means that the first time directs after lens but strain, luckily the skin support strongly her especially, “he will be present an inspection, and will say that like what, or have what not understand.Just such as general female similar, I will accept an opinion as well as have persistence, he is thus back me up.”However lover and the identity of commentary is very difficult taking or rejecting of,mercilessly piercingno wonder that Anne Ji the beautiful Nuo think he is difficult to make fair judgment.

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