English bride steals 170,000

The English bride steals 170,000 pounds of company to create an extravagant wedding for he or she
Pull the lover’s hand in the ancient fortress of legend, be dressed in a choiceness shining crystal shoe, once walked while publically escorting the ray of light surrounds of glass candlestick ……a perfect but unforgettable wedding is prosperous to put in the heart of the womans forever of the flower of dreamRelocation Company.But the dreamlike wedding final outcome of a woman in England isn’t so wonderful and then face law after”wake up” of punishment.

According to England 《everyday tele-communications report 》September 1 news, the British orchid opens county a 29-year-old woman in summer for creating a luxurious dreamlike wedding for oneself, pay high expenses, didn’t hesitate to stretch out “pickpocket” to”steal” about 170,000 pounds of company to oneself’s company.Currently, the Lai boon has been already been caught and faces the judgment of law.

The bride nameds a gram of Er Si Di ·Lai boon, work at a part-time accountancy to video company.Here in the wedding that oneself with meticulous care plans, Lai boon not only arranged bright firework and fascinating magic performance, but also invited two music bands as guest to give musical performance to add to the fun on the scene, the appearance vehemence doesn’t lose to the wedding of popular star at all.In addition to this, be present of guest can still just free drink to heart’s content upscale wine water in the accompanying of harp grace atmosphere,International Moving enjoy a free disguise to wait service, but a few maid of honors of Lai boon then all get to present to inset the iPod of elegant jewelry as to return to gift.

According to totally there is the grand wedding that more than 100 friend amities took part in Lai boon and the space thunder E Mu on that day all.The Lai boon has a part-time job boss Peter of company ·Sa the wedding appearance that should also invites to go to, is then had a part-time job employee by this after being present Be surprised to be getting more foolish, and aroused suspicion Lai boon to have a part-time job to work for 4 years in oneself’s company, year salary all don’t more than 15,000 pounds, how have real strenght to hold such a wedding?The Sa identifies to know later on, the Lai boon really “steal”ed the funds of about 170,000 pounds from oneself’s company.

The Sa deplores greatly ground to say:”I believe her very much at ordinary times, and then she recompenses me like this ……this is the extravagant wasted wedding that I once took part in.”The Sa said that the behavior of Lai boon this greed resulted in to the company huge loss and almost ruined his business.

After criminal acts exposes, Lai boon fore toward Mexico honeymoon is before arrested by the local police, face the indictment of cheating the criminal charges face to face currently,Mover Companyif the criminal charges establishes, she will be involved in Ling Yu

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