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detained each suspected gang- related investigation. Police said the operation is still continuing

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Gaosuibuyou Thailand


for harbor and abet crimes

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration for Industry, the State Food and Drug Administration Bulletin No. 1682, No.

to further promote CL ; feed inventory collection job. Announcement on the matter are as follows:

First, any unit or individual is prohibited the production, sale and use of

Second, the inventory of this collection of cloth he Lin, phenylethanolamine A, bambuterol hydrochloride Qipateluo, chlorpromazine hydrochloride that forest, Maputo Castro, Sibutramine Castro, bromine Bute Luo, tartaric Fu Castro, formoterol fumarate Castro. Has registered as a person with drug production, sale and use of, not within the scope of the inventory of the collection. Farms (households), the acquisition of trafficking enterprises (cooperatives, brokers), and registered or obtained the registration of the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary drugs and related corporate sales outlets must take the initiative to save the assigned to local government departments.

Third, where the public security organs and agriculture (animal husbandry and veterinary) department of the immediately stop the sale, purchase and use, and take the initiative turned over the storage of feed products to the local government designated departments.

Fourth, the references in this announcement within one month from the date of the initiative turned over to the , reduce or exempt from punishment; refused to surrender and in the future inventory, remediation, case detection in seized, be severely punished according to law.

five units and streets, towns and villages should be careful to workers, residents, villagers publicize the announcement, encouraging citizens to report the production, sale and use of For meritorious, and rewarded; for harbor and abet crimes, shall be held liable; retaliation for whistle-blowers, they shall be severely punished.

Since the release of this announcement from the date of implementation.

and sign an agreement

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Guangxi Bureau of Housing and Urban Lingui former deputy director of Fu-bus traffic accident was driving drunk will be a father and two people injured sun, which the father was pushed into a vegetative state, Lingui financial County building housing the Bureau, deputy director of the traffic accident to help December 19, Lingui Financial Bureau official said the relevant departments, the borrower has not yet returned to the county treasury.

It is understood that at 22:00 on October 5th 2010 or so, Lingui live URA was former deputy director of Fu-drink-driving units of Honda cars driving in Lingui the waterway, the first hit with a After driving three-wheeled motorcycle to move on, suddenly rushed to the left lane to hit the road for the electric car. Lead to an electric car, father and son injured Yang, Yang due to a serious head injury, to the hospital unconscious. After the incident, Fu – have fled the scene, home to even drink a few bottles of mineral water, and then to the county traffic police for questioning. In for questioning two hours, six bathrooms on Lee. Fu-passing a blood test, blood alcohol concentration of 197.94mg/dl, Fu – but the police did not have to take measures. November 24, 2010, media reports about this, the Fu-day Lingui have police criminal detention, and then have to be removed from Lingui Fu – Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban office. In the same year on December 7, Fu – have been arrested.

January 30, Fu – the families of the injured was a criminal in order to obtain an understanding reached with the families of victims of civil compensation agreement, both sides agreed to a one-off compensation Fu – $ 1.46 million injured family never held accountable. March 15, Lingui court, Fu – was guilty of the Crime, exempted from criminal punishment.

According to the insider, Lingui live URA report it to the county government, the proposed county appropriated 1.33 million yuan to help Fu-County Bureau of Housing and Urban get advance compensation payments, then the building housing the Council is responsible for recovery. Report has been a long time Lingui Peng on behalf of any element (the current Lingui committee secretary) and sign an agreement, Peng Yuan in the report was signed on behalf of County allocated 1.33 million yuan to finance the building housing the County Council, Fu – have civil liability for the county building housing the Bureau to help Fu-deduction previously was part of advance money, on June 30, Fu – get paid on behalf of the remaining 93 thousand dollars in damages. Meanwhile, Fu-two houses were mortgaged to the building housing the Bureau County, agreed to return the money after the auction finance.

The legal profession here that financial allocations for the county drunk driving accident, deputy director of

December 19, correspondent in Lingui visit the relevant government departments. Lingui finance bureau told reporters after verification of the Office of Tang Zhuren, Fu – get a penny of borrowing has not returned to the county finance bureau, according to county requirements, the building housing the Council has the responsibility to recover the money.

In the afternoon, this reporter went to interview Lingui building housing the Bureau, the Office of a middle-aged woman said, the Secretary and the secretary went to the meeting. Reporters called the county building housing the Bureau Director Li’s phone, Mr Lee said the propaganda department with the county before the interview.


According to U.S. media reports

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Global Network reporter Julia Tan reported in continuous opposition to rally to protest the Russian State Duma election fraud there is occasion , the Russian billionaire Mikhail Lavrov Whirlpool Rojo on December 12 announced that it would challenge Putin in next year’s presidential campaign . However, the Russian opposition leaders that the election is successful Prokhorov little hope , saying the plan is subject to the Kremlin ‘s

According to U.S. media reports, worth $ 18 billion Russian billionaire Prokhorov 12 , announced he will establish a new political challenge to Putin , Russia to participate in next year ‘s presidential election in March . He held a news conference in Moscow , said :

But Russia’s opposition to come soon attack the plan. According to the U.S. Reported that Prokhorov candidates may use the public’s growing dissatisfaction with the Kremlin ‘s mood. Some observers point out that Prokhorov ‘s election gave the protesters a political catharsis way , not only allows them to let off steam , without Putin’s re- election would pose a substantial threat , Putin may be starting to some help.

British Russian political analyst Stanislav other Seoul Khodorkovsky the Russian media that Prokhorov had previously participated in political activities inspired by the Kremlin , he was the candidate


Greece to 300 million euros

Monday, December 12th, 2011

8, the European Bank Board announced the results of stress tests showed that the European banking industry to be added 114.7 billion euros (about $ 153 billion ) capital .

The results show that the German banking capital shortfall of 131 million euros ( $ 17.4 billion) , Italy 154 million euros ( $ 20.5 billion ), France 73 million euros ( $ 9.7 billion) , Spain 26.2 billion euros (about $ 34.98 billion ), Greece to 300 million euros ( $ 40.1 billion ) .

European Bank Authority, additional capital ‘s main purpose is to create an additional temporary capital buffer to deal with sovereign debt risk and other credit risks.

European Bank Authority in July this year, the stress test results showed that 90 tested , only eight European banks failed to pass , the funding gap of only 25 billion euros ( $ 3.3 billion) . But a report in October , the agency said , before the middle of next year in order to increase the core capital adequacy ratio to 9% , the European banking industry need to increase 106 billion euros ( $ 141.5 billion ) .


the original company of workers

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Since 2007 , the city has more than 100,000 former state-owned , collective enterprises, self-employed persons work in accordance with national , regional policies to catch up on the basic old-age insurance for urban workers , most of which officers have monthly basic pension , but there are still some who has not qualified for back procedures. City human resources and social security department warned : old-age insurance policies will be back in December 23, 2011 deadline , December 24 from agencies will no longer handle the business , please seize the time to meet the conditions for the staff .
As a rule, did not participate in funds for basic old-age insurance, the original company of workers (including the statutory retirement age than the national staff) , with the original unit, after the self-employed labor relations or other flexible way of employment , according to urban fee means the insured individual businesses to participate in funds for basic old-age insurance , which I hold ID card, household and corporate work in the original certificate , social insurance premium paid to the city center to apply for funds for basic old-age insurance, and starting from the month to work by individuals under Gui Zheng Fa [2006] 54 base pay and the provisions of the proportion of one-time payment of basic pension insurance back principal and interest . Among them, the local establishment of funds for basic old-age insurance system to work before , from the local establishment of funds for basic old-age insurance system back from the month , after which time and in full accordance with the regulations continue to pay the basic old-age insurance , the establishment of enterprise employees in the local prior to the original basic pension insurance system in the enterprise in accordance with state policies and regulations during the continuous length of service calculated , according to the current policy in our region for the deemed payment calculation period (from one agency to confirm the executive branch ) . The basic pension insurance back after staff , social insurance agencies will pay the insured person to build up personal accounts .


218 people participated in the election

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

News News Jingzhou Jingzhou Municipal CPC Organization Department spokesman’s hot on the Internet, .

Jiangling County Comrade Fan Jie, the father of township pharmacy staff, the mother of laid-off workers, the younger brother working in Shanghai. In July 2008, after graduation, through the province, long, party members; March 2010, Jiangling county focus on training women cadres of the long-term consideration, the county deputy township party and government cadres in the selection process, the appointment of Comrade Beach Town Fan Jie, deputy party secretary, mayor; 2011 In general, when the township in September, was elected party secretary Beach Town, NPC Chairman. In the county general inspection, Fan Jie comrades concentrated democratic recommendation, discussion of individual cases is good, the cadres and masses higher recognition, in line with the qualification conditions for exceptional promotion. Body building structure according to need, she was nominated candidates for the Standing Committee of Jiangling county, elected in October. Fan Jie comrades

previous promotion office, recognized by the masses is high. Jiangling county, township party and government bodies to participate in the public election of the members in the hiring of 12 cadres in the comprehensive performance ranking second. Promotion of democracy in the mayor’s recommendation, the recommendation of 54 participants, was 53 votes, ranked first. In the township party secretary, the NPC chairman democratic recommendation, the 46 participants recommended, get 41 votes, ranked first. Leadership in the county signed a general recommendation in the study, 44 participants recommended, get 36 votes, ranking the first; democratic evaluation unit 16 participants agreed to promote the use of 16 votes; poll 100 people took part in the overall evaluation of satisfaction of 73 votes, more satisfied with 19 votes, 8 votes do not understand. Jiangling County in the Fourth Party Congress, 218 people participated in the election, was 213 votes, was elected county member; subsequent fourth time the Committee candidate election, 40 people attended, was 33 votes, was elected County Committee. Considering the relatively short experience of Comrade township office, the county decided to continue to serve as her township party secretary, to focus on towns and further acceptance of life experiences.

from the study of the situation, Comrade comprehensive range of high quality clean development potential. Beach Town in the work, working with clear ideas, organization and coordination ability, due diligence, the courage to play, made some achievements. 2010 Beach Town was the county government as


opposition spokesman hurriya

Monday, November 28th, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 28 , according to foreign media reports, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh 27, announced that this year will pardon criminals imprisoned for political crisis , but the amnesty , organization or individual .

Yemen state television on Sunday ( 27) reported that Saleh amnesty for those Saleh also said to be immediately evacuated by anti-government sit-in demonstrations , marches and demonstrations to stop the attack on government forces to ensure the implementation of the GCC agreement . An unnamed Defense Department officials said the ruling party leadership meeting , the Vice-President Hadi agreement in accordance with the GCC , ordered troops from the main streets of the capital Sana’a withdrawal .

However, the opposition said that under the right to transfer Saleh signed an agreement last week , he was not entitled to amnesty and then make a decision . Saleh had been under the supervision of the handover of power in the GCC and is ready to step down .

opposition spokesman hurriya ? Thomas Hart said: June 3 , at the presidential palace in Sanaa were bomb attacks , killing at least 14 people were killed , Saleh and other 87 people were injured. Saleh then went to the Saudi capital Riyadh for treatment. November 23 , Saleh signed the GCC in Riyadh aimed at defusing the crisis mediation agreement Yemen , Yemeni opposition parties subsequently signed a GCC agreement protocol implementation mechanisms .


South Africa to participate in next week’s protest

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Scavengers organizations in India, Brazil, Colombia and South Africa launched a campaign to safeguard workers and their families picking up the interest, against the burning of garbage. But the United Nations that rotting garbage would create methane, and methane is a greenhouse gas, the United Nations has been promoting waste incineration power generation projects. According to the Kyoto Protocol, similar to the burning of garbage power generation project in exchange for carbon credits can be, these credits can be used to offset the carbon emissions of coal power generation.

Every day, Lajikuma and 10-year-old son to spend five hours in a huge pile of rubbish rummage scrap metal, plastic and glass bottles, etc., and then transported to a nearby trolley stations sell waste .

However, not far from the incinerator is under construction indicates that he and other scavengers to keep the dump goodbye, Kumar said he waste money every day selling only $ 5 more, which his money to feed their families.

New Delhi plans to build a waste incineration power plant in exchange for carbon credits. These credits can be used to offset the carbon emissions of coal power generation. Local government in New Delhi claimed that the project can solve long-standing problem of power shortages and excessive trash. But for cities over 300,000 in garbage collection, classification and re-use of scavengers, the establishment of waste incineration power plant is equal to cut off their source of livelihood.

League Secretary General 沙什布桑潘 Di asked. Fear of dioxins and other toxic gases, this year, residents of New Delhi launched a new incinerator protest activities.

two scavengers scavengers will represent India at Durban, South Africa to participate in next week’s protest, asking the Government to formulate climate policy when taking into account the interests of the poor.

a scavengers organization in Brazil, Colombia, South Africa and India has launched a campaign to safeguard workers and their families picking up the interest, against the burning of garbage. But the United Nations that rotting garbage would create methane, and methane is a greenhouse gas


aged 50 to 60 age group the divorce rate fell by 9.7%

Monday, November 21st, 2011

The latest UK statistics show that divorce rate of 60 or older, a rising divorce rate is the only age group. Many elderly people in pursuit of a new life divorce, so this phenomenon was called

unique phenomenon

statistics show divorced in 2007, more than 60 years the number of 11,040 people in 2009, increased to 11,507, an increase of about 4.2%, of which more men than women.

although over the age of 60 increase in the number of divorced persons is limited, it is noteworthy that this is the only UK divorce rate increased age.

from the overall situation, the UK divorce rate is falling.

2007, the British total of 12.8 million couples divorced in 2009, dropped to about 114,000 pairs, a decline of 11%. One, aged 50 to 60 age group the divorce rate fell by 9.7%; four 50-year-old age divorce rate decreased by 9.4%; three-year-old to 40 years old decreased 15.5%; eighteen thirties down 11.4%.

At this point, they get plenty of personal time, many people feel there is no common language with the other half, so the decision to divorce, to look for happiness.

social organization in the elderly, the beginning of life, not like before the end of that life. not ‘old’ and they can do a lot and even most of the young man can do, such as the degree of a long vacation to the Himalayas to Borneo, hiking, to the vast wilderness adventure or try a young man never had the opportunity to try new sports.

divorce is not easy

However, the elderly, divorce is not easy, many children can not accept the divorce of their parents, some lonely life after divorce.

TV show host, reporter 埃丝特兰森 said she has been exposed to live a lonely life after a divorce many of the elderly. She said that sometimes, people to divorce, but eventually had to sign the divorce agreement, they are puzzled by a sudden turn of events, abnormal alone. This is really tragic.