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Reminded of the intimate honeymoon

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

New face of romantic honeymoon must be full of longing and expectation, therefore, required careful planning of new people to choose both a very desirable location, share the life of an unforgettable romantic honeymoon.

Trip type: new self-help are required, or semi-self-help, can be considered from this aspect are not required to choose a travel agency to arrange travel, or both on their own, more free.

To attractions: In accordance with the length of a new marriage, new people enjoy the mountains or the sea, as well as local seasonal climate, new people can spend the cost of his journey is not easy to decide to place.

Of course, the honeymoon should be a new leisure-oriented, so I chose to have the natural beauty of attractions for good.

Tourism the number of days: 1-2 weeks is the right time, in order to avoid tiring journey, do not prolong the time to put in order to avoid damage to the honeymoon sweet atmosphere.

Clothing: a comfortable and generous clothing appropriate to facilitate make a sightseeing tour along the way. Would also like to prepare a more formal clothing, met for a solemn occasion to wear. Tens of millions in mind that unnecessary not wearing jewelry as far as possible to avoid trouble in unfamiliar places the upper part of the body.

Fresh: eating out, because conditions, gastrointestinal health first important or should not be greedy in order to quench their thirst on the roadside just buy something to eat, paying particular attention to food hygiene. Usually not eaten the food, not eat too much, you can taste a little.

Living: in an unfamiliar place, we must remember that “safe” word. One checked into the hotel, it is necessary to learn more about the surrounding environment and from the traffic route, the route of escape story in particular to memorize. Leave, and then around the circle outside the house to see if there are things forgotten.

Line: the line of travel clearance must bear in mind that there can be few cars can take, it is necessary to remember license plate numbers and cooked back at the time of the selection of a pair of good travel sites to wear comfortable shoes and strong grip. Kyosho Usually walk to the attention of many around the building, etc., clearly marked.

Honeymoon, bathed in the love of sunshine

Monday, February 16th, 2009

The city from the famous Venice Santa Lucia station 157km. If sitting Express if required one hour and 45 minutes. In fact, from the time said, and from Beijing Tiantongyuan Small to town to work the necessary time to the. But more than one hundred kilometers of the journey, along the Adriatic Sea are the blue bay, every time people feel very comfortable.

Trieste has a long history, It is said that when the Austro-Hungarian Empire, once the world a handful of star city. Later, the two world wars, where you become a tug of war. Finally in 1954, Italy finally attribution. Here from the former Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia are the most recent place the border only 10 kilometers.


Trieste waterfront Barcolana are, in fact, is the city center, because City Hall Plaza, where the unification of Italy built on the seaside. Barcolana yachting has become synonymous with 10 a year on the second Sunday, Trieste is also often the most beautiful when the sun, Barcolana will be held as scheduled. Yes fortieth session in 2008, it is estimated that more will be an unprecedented event.

I take part in that session are in 2005. From the apartment to the sea, along the way can see the sea heard laughter in the sun for the Taste. The unity of the seaside square in the whole crowd are cheering, often battle the whole family together Everyone. Italians have special family complex, aunt of eight together, sometimes more than twenty. They wore the same color T shirt, holding small flag with the colors, like the same tour with a serious sense of belonging. It is said that the next application of the vessels have nearly

1500, large and small, and crowded into the square from the unified launched three kilometers west sea, many, such as the square of the same figure. No wonder Barcolana been called the world’s most crowded Regatta.

Different with the Inter-American Cup, Barcolana not emphasize the results of competitions only attach importance to the process of competition. From professional-grade RC44 that only a few meters long yacht can take part in Antique, so Barcolana also was named the world’s best sailing Party. Where I also enrolled in the School, teachers do not know where the article pretty white yacht, they put on uniforms in schools, after stepping on a white deck, very spirited. We are a group of students with champagne ready on the shore there are fresh Parma ham, prepare for war preparedness. Gunshots ring 1, the original teacher suddenly become confused, did not get for a long time to open out how far the boat, some like the first time in the North Sea Canoeing girl.

Barcolana are more like sailing the sunny lawn of the size of the luncheon, no one cares about winning or losing, but more importantly it is pretty neat. Italian fashion seems to be inborn elegance, size yacht parked on the shore like a sailboat on the Expo, the crew were on board a dinner, like our teachers the same. Eventually open in the end they did not make clear how far out, but remember me on one good iced Italian sparkling wine has been drunk naked everyone.


Wedding should pay attention to posture

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Almost every wedding, the bride will like the new Long statue-like setting, frequent exchange guests to take photographs, each pair of newlyweds in full view of standing, walking, table, the thought of your actions, none could escape the public eye, is not and was not sure what their hearts? Do not worry, the following teach you some basic courtesy, custody useful.

Posture: upper body posture of the most critical

Listen carefully and chairs to seat a number of shallow, and relatives to take photographs, the upper body posture of the most critical, therefore, if the “ah, finally able to sit down and a” This would like to visit, the moment will be like to vent a gas balloon similar to cats from the waist, it is difficult to see. Not the effect, we must at all times maintain a sense of tension, especially if the bride was wearing low-cut dress, sitting in the chair of the center, so that appears to shoulder width, slender physique. Dress to wear thin legs inclined to hang down, you can make legs appear slim, the groom sat listlessly, the trouser legs will be automatically raised up, exposing socks, unsightly, so special attention should be paid,before knee mention the Department of pants.

Stance: naturally straight back each other conscious spell of eight characters

To greet guests, whether or photo shoot, standing posture is very important, therefore special attention should be paid to do. Stretching back up a sense of the head, buttocks and heels into a straight line, lifting the upper body have been feeling. The bride and groom should stand side by about 15 centimeters, the right hand and right arm groom destroyed, their location, as character, positive sense of the best photographs. Light Qu and groom left arm, so that the handle inserted in the elbow, the bride, the bride should be noted that not pulling the groom’s clothes, people are feeling timid. In addition, the groom should not be straight back in order to undue prominence to the abdomen, it does not matter linked the bride, so as not to step on her skirt, not too far away. Do not hold tightly to the groom’s arm, as if for fear that he would like to escape.

Walk: high-profile admission ceremony

Some brides are not accustomed to wearing a wedding and as a result of high-heeled shoes, there may be unforeseen circumstances step on the skirt, so should not be too long dress and walk the right way is: tiptoe light kicked skirts, plantar graze off the ground, Xu Xu Xiangqian, strictly speaking, the bride’s eyes should be always open in front as far as possible be disposed of at the 10-meter line of sight before, this is conducive to taking pictures, but for safety reasons, the bride’s attention can be a little down, but not too much to avoid the impact of the image.

Kiss: Natural generous End face, feel kind of weird anti-timid

Ceremony with a kiss on the significance of the sacred, they should show a natural, generous, wedding taken oath to kiss, the inexplicable shy, or artificial highlight kissing lips instead of offensive, photos or video or will be quite natural, correct posture is as follows, the groom gently clinging to the bride’s arm, one hand round her waist, an inferior race, as hinted that the bride will face a little lift, so that bystanders feel two is very natural posture around, there is a mystery, seemed beautiful, kissing time by two-person start with the good, so that time will not go wrong, the bride should first try to gently used paper napkin rich surface of the lipstick, lest the groom’s face left very clear. Gently clinging to his arm, will face a little more natural, do not like the same seal.

Reading the letter: Be sure to show a sincere feeling

In the wedding, the bride and groom in reading aloud to the family members, relatives and friends when the letter of thanks must be very careful, because this is the wedding ceremony, a very serious situation. Sincere feelings on the more important. In a letter written after, I have to practice my personally in advance to avoid reading aloud in a formal deviation from time to time, the content should be true, guests can have sympathy, as far as possible to create a deep feeling of the scenes.

Turn: Gently grasp the dress of quickly turned

Dress and general clothing different, I would like only to point the direction of change is incapable of doing it, not dragging posture exaggerated skirt to turn the know-how is that when you turn the opposite direction and rotation of the hand gently seize the skirts and dress up slightly upward to , in wearing a long skirt, long cloak put them hanging on their wrist, the moment quickly turned around.

Smile: filled with a happy smile

Bend mouth, gently smiling face of a new smile is the well-being of their guests love to see a lot of people take pictures of a smiling face is deliberately piled up, shoot, and his face did not smile, this smile is fake . The smiling faces of the practice is as follows: horizontal mouth with a chopsticks, mouth bend, like looks like a general laugh, and maintain the same mouth shape, the chopsticks out, then completed a smiley face, and then repeated drills, trained to smile does not reveal the extent of teeth will be done.

Bow: the side of a smile while the upper body slightly bent and nodded greetings

Inevitably frequent bow wedding essentials: first, back to straight, above the waist to lean forward. Secondly, to bow with the feelings of the magnitude of bending about 15 degrees Celsius, to tie in with two people, do not ‘go’. Can maintain a second pause in music, when to bow must not forget that the entire body is at him. Be careful not to highlight the jaw, only bow his head or bending over will appear, paying attention to bow when the eyes do not look.