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You of wedding he worries

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Many bride and groom-to-be all hope to hold a solemn and impressive and warm wedding, but suffer from having no time, or have no experience.Now, the marriage celebrated a market to appear various occupation person, they ready to everything for the bride and groom-to-be.The New appointees as long as enjoying an unforgettable wedding by that time is all right.

The marriage celebrates a host

“Kiss my bride in person, you are my most true most beautiful bride, I ain’t the silly mandarin duck that your this present life bastinado does spread.Although the waiting of thousand years ten thousand years is endless, as long as can hold hands with you to go together forever ……”accompany with rite the satisfied background music with feelings of host read aloud, the bridegroom and bride is full of silently conveyed tendernessly drinking off to hand over cup wine towards seeing winning, .The spot is colourful to take to float to fly, gift the flower together put, the applause is repeatedly.

On the wedding, invite a marriage to celebrate a host to come to add to the fun, have become at present a marriage to celebrate a necessary of situation item.Recently, the nation formally announces to celebrate a marriage a host to be included in a new occupation.”Soul” that the marriage celebrates is undoubtedly a host.A wedding can succeed and to a great extent that be decided by the host’s comprehensive character and develop ability on the scene.Marriage’s celebrating a host should have a good independent plan and uphold ability;The stronger language and writing expression, human relations communicates, the information obtain ability and analysis and problem-solving basic ability;To know the basic rules of Chinese and Foreign rite have high cultural character.While managing a wedding, since have to be wit and vivid, and then want to avoid the low class vulgar and ill-mannered language, also want to absorb the essence of traditional culture in the meantime, avoid because of don’t understand people’s custom but the loose hair Charlotte Olympia

After signing contract with guest, the wedding host needs according to customer’s request and draws up the item of wedding progress and sets out the arrangement of place etc. work.Then is a wedding the spot, the host wants to moderate the relation of good everyone’s noodles and tries hard for to make the whole wedding been getting more substantial, noisy and warm and fragrant.”The matrimony is an important event within whole life of person, the host wants the rhythm, atmosphere and progress that holds a wedding of the just right ground and makes the owners of taking part in the wedding all felt pleased to celebrate and comfortable heart.”A marriage celebrates a host to say.

The wedding plans teacher

Now, pursue special, personality, even alternative wedding, become city pursuing of bride and groom-to-be.But the wedding plan teacher can help they carry out wishes.The wedding plans teacher, is the best staff officer in New appointee.Because they know how orderly arrange a wedding, and plan a wedding that the mental strategy only have, moves public.

Plan a pedestal wedding to compare to direct a movie, need has been composed several steps, such as script, plan and performance…etc., again go together with a director, play to work, the in the interval has to also continuously communicate with New appointee, it is colourful to try hard for to dig out most a little bit bright.Ms. Xu who will soon follow marriage hall celebrates process to completely have no concept to the marriage, so has to the carte blanche marriage celebrate a company”fully responsible for”.”But I still keep wanting to make I’s wedding different and hope to marry to celebrate a company ability to is many good ideas.”

Mr. Zhang who exclusively is engaged in a marriage to celebrate a plan remembers to a few weddings still lately.”The one meter high bamboo basket threw on huge of’the double is pleased’the word red cloth, on the spot round the expectation of more than 100 friends of view in, the hot air ball carries bridegroom and bride to slowly go up the sky, many friends looking at New appointee through the telescope Gao Kong Si’s eyes outside 30 meters connect, the compotation hands over cup wine.”Mr. Zhang says that” had a rightness of the New appointee that is engaged in a literature work to present to public a music play.At background music, suddenly clear suddenly dark light and master of ceremony of’sound outside the painting’medium, the New appointee is lightly moving to dance, exaggerated body language, explain 2 people from acquaint with, mutually love, keep best friend to change a ring and drink all processes of handing over the cup wine.”

In addition to the usage forerunner and luxurious chemical element, the good wedding plan is more important to want to do an article on the detail, make the guest felt the special idea of New appointee.Only a wedding that permeated cultural principle is a moving real dozen wedding.Otherwise the form makes it again good, also can be once walk field.feet slender

The industry insider means that only cooperate a specialized creativity talented person, the study celebrates with appreciate cultural chemical elements, such as rite, tradition and custom…etc. in the marriage in raise the character of whole professionses to the pass important function, then can cater to the need of market, the prison prison holds the infinite business opportunities that the creativity marriage celebrates a market.

The occupation sends a person

Many an experienced hands still remember still lately, parties’ sending matrimony formal invitation is a very troublesome affair, and almost all New appointees once complained for this.Want a per, a per ground to send, 12 table certainly, but if is ten several 20, even several 10 up to 100, its workload is imaginable.

Can luckily of BE, appeared an occupation to send a person now, bridegroom bride needs to pay one to run travel expenses, have specially assigned generation you send the formal invitation to each guest hand.

Some New appointees want to send out into 100 up to thousand formal invitations and need to cost a great deal of energy and time, the young man work is more and more busy now, besides during the period of preparing to host a wedding, if all from the New appointee close dint in person is, get to come to send to formal invitation affirmation to can not stand.This be the occupation sends a person exists of reason.

Sending is at will a sex is big and take charge of difficult business of”little logistics religion”, will be accepted by the market, the key is the trustworthiness degree that builds up an occupation to send a person.When the guest still has a worry currently, send a person to charge all generally is an after the event to accept or accept a half first, and each formal invitation sends to all want the label time to keep a list after the other parties.choose light taboo

Bride secretary

The so-called bride secretary is the private assistant that points newly married couple and help newly married couple completion to hold wedding process in the whole business that need to be solved.Wang Jun’s husband and wife who just held to do to marry a gift recently say that from settled wedding day from that day, they started planning and preparing for tedious wedding process, but still felt to lack the ability to do.Afterwards, they appointed a “bride secretary” and prepared and planned to°from the beginning a thing purchase then celebrates banquet to the marriage, from send out invitation card to entertain to wish wine Xie Li then to face to send guest companion, “bride secretary” acts as to conclude marriage assistant, image design, rite instruction, mental state consult etc. multiple roles.

The request of generally all pregnant Gao, cultural degree and outlooking of bride secretary and speech expression also needs to accept the professional training in certain time.Being bride’s secretary’s key has to have affinity, there being affinity just can be as in each other’s confidence as New appointee, then can appreciate intention of New appointee.Affinity how develop, it is a square one to smile.”Have to like very much to associate and tell a bride with other people, you are sincere, the secretary like this is qualified.”Bride, secretary, Wang Qian, , says that since the guest signed contract, have specially assigned to plan everything for you.And on wedding the other day and that very day, let you become “star person” that owns assistant, a personal secretary contributes efforts to the bride and is responsible for dealing with the whole wedding affairs for you.The whole process bride need to be made contact with with a person of secretary all right, tell bride’s secretary’s wedding day, get married a location and specially demand of thing, connect down to all hand over to a bride and secretary OK.”Take part in a wedding each time, looking at a nervous pressing bride, bridegroom under my help plan, happily walk to arrive together, I will feel my own work since happy and meaningful.”

wedding dress also

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The wedding dress also has safety concealed suffer from, you have to noticeComfortable ballet shoes
A fine wedding dress can greatly marry to increase not a few brilliances on that day for us!But after all the wedding dress is like the clothes that we wear at ordinary times, a needle needle is sewn with the line of, especially the quality of yarn and lace, can not stand too”free” of pull and drag.Influenced a mood because of the quality problem of wedding dress on that day in case of the great marriage, too…

A fine wedding dress can greatly marry to increase not a few brilliances on that day for us!But after all the wedding dress is like the clothes that we wear at ordinary times, a needle needle is sewn with the line of, especially the quality of yarn and lace, can not stand too”free” of pull and drag.Influenced a mood because of the quality problem of wedding dress on that day in case of the great marriage, simply not Be getting more worthwhile!move a bride Lyu

Great marriage of a day ago, we all generally would arrive a wedding dress store to take a wedding dress and ignored is in the store, is still a wedding dress resumption house, all wanted cautiously a quality problem of taking a look the wedding dress, have already had no damage etc..On the other hand, if there is damage, can put forward to the store in time, avoid otiose trouble;Can also “rectify” in time on the other hand!Especially some zippers and dealing with contact of place, also have a wedding dress up have already had no damage etc..

Great marriage that very day, lightly “pull” to lightly “bind”:shoes spare box
That very day been greatly marrying, the zipper in the wedding dress etc., we want to lightly pull, don’t once make an effort fierce, but make the zipper experienced hard wound.At wear to bind to take of wedding dress, also wanting to notice don’t intentionally pursue slender small pretty waist, loose tight accommodation had better.

On that day outdoor scene, attention feet the skirt Cape of the side, the heel of shoe of high-heeled shoes as far as possible don’t is too high or too thins:
On that day if go out the words of view, much many caution together the skirt Cape of wedding dress, don’t the mistake tramples.The MMs that believed in the store to once try a wedding dress will also have thus of realize, if wore high-heeled shoes, will hang up on the lace of skirt Cape very easily, this, must notice!

Work well the antiskid measure of shoulder:
There is a kind of antiskid decals, can with is on the shoulder, can prevent°from shoulder sliding because of inattention so.There is decals like this on the net selling, if really have no the tape to be able to use some transparent feeling to wait to act for.

Notice the chest sticks of protection:business scale is bigger
If can not wear an underwear, must notice the protection that the chest sticks while need”vacuum” goes to battle, don’t despise it, key time still can have a very big function!

Along with take thread to wrap:
The great marriage can put some threads in the maid of honor’s portable packet on that day, in case of full dress appear a problem, convenience in solve in time!Though the effect may be poor,had better guarantee the bride’s”safety”, conduct and actions meets an emergency, or can consider!
Big marriage the “safety” problem of the wedding dress is really worth on that day we notice!Never neglect this link, although speak now a “dangerous” possibility is generally not too big, “Be guarded against to don’t Ran” is still very necessary!

crystal satge is all right

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

The wedding satge arranges
1, satge background lightpossible bipartisan compromise
More and more marriages celebrate companies to fall overboard for to add under the background a ground of light is in order to illuminated background, the fresh bright background is really good-looking, but when the second rites up make track for a light light close, or simply make background bright very easily when the power making track for only a light isn’t enough, foreground(the face department of New appointee) dark effect.
Solution, the second closes background ground light while adding two pedestals to return to light light to repair light, or hading better be the second.(most insurance)
Once met a the ErHu marriage celebrates(please allow I keep so white) to put a ground of light to repair for us before satge light of, from under upwards beat, clap out and clap a ghost slice.
2, make track for a light light
Make track for a light light-each wedding has of light, let the person love and hate a light
Make track for a light light in the wedding is have to, but beat not make track for light, making the person malicious can not let it from beginning to end don’t be shuttle
The photographer is each one to necessarily take a news light more separately and directly request to marry to celebrate to make track for light need not, the news light used him then, this kind of pursues to shoot to be like effect, don’t pursue the spot audience feeling of be partial to arouse although the way of doing isn’t commendable,also be good enough to explain this lovely of light again make the person hateful to arrive what extent.
Make track for only a light of hateful lie in, under the circumstance of dark field, if being apart from isn’t enough, light too strong, beat in the face of New appointee, will result in tremendous clear dark contrast, the photographer claps out the face of New appointee usually up a piece of big the white order, or there is detail on the New appointee face, the body all below can’t sees, appearance in see a float forward and be like what I not much said.
Solution, the first is the position problem that makes track for a light light, this please celebrate company elucidation with marriage, the light puts where, how beat, arrangement must listen to photograph to shoot to be like, , the second is the person’s level problem that beats a light, this can’t, only scale bigger from the industry the time’s longer marriage celebrate companies to beat to make track for only relatively have a guarantee.
Moreover, whether the hall hall is small or not, want ~only probably of words, send greeting to line up 2 to make track for a light light, we generally don’t need 2 make track for a light light always to work in the meantime, but usually need to be arranged according to the distance of the light and others which light bright, which light close.
3, shake headlamp
Dark field 1 shakes in disorder and puts very much!
If the New appointee stands the time in on the stage put again, that can see suddenly blue suddenly green effect of New appointee face, is still a words, ask New appointee with marriage and celebrate to hand over to treat well, how does this trifle use the arrangement that must listen to photograph to shoot to be like.
4, return to light lightThe island of peace
I am personal a light that like most , is also severely recommend in spite of hall hall is small, celebrate companies to order two sets with marriage at least.
The computer becomes only of not necessarily wanted, the noodles light that start, has been using white to only repair New appointee to us of the second bright field was then.
If the attention returns to light light once we the white light that needs him, other Yan lights dark field or interaction change to play a line, if New appointee return to light when the on the stage does a rites the light is still changing countenance, the light returns, don’t talk…
5, chrysanthemum decorative lantern
Very cheapness also very practical thing, beat on the satge figure, can make beautiful effect, although the dance that didn’t shake head beautiful effect is strong,the light ray can’t show the background of lead bright.
Or occasionally run into the ErHu marriage celebrates and incredibly have put thus lovely chrysanthemum pedestal a front at the satge of, looking at a New appointee face up bloomy of fresh flowers, I all generally and directly take one menu to hold up the light finished.
6, crystal satgeCameron questioned
Is this trifle also regarded as a light?
The crystal satge is all right, the good idea of the mat high aisle.
But there is all light under the general crystal satge, although the crystal satge in nowadays can become light of already several come, this light basically still uses a blue of according to many.
Can imagine once, the New appointee walks on the crystal satge, a burst of dry ice dozen comes over, blue light(or other what strange light) from under deeply beat on the New appointee face and photograph to shoot to be like majority or squat down body to take some Yang to clap….I estimate to clap the spot of chatting the Zhai to is a decoration so.
Good news BE, more and more marriages celebrate companies to use crystal stage just for the sake of the mat high aisle, will not only close light, also a bit more intelligent of directly spreads on the crystal satge mat(changing into a T set is better) redly, H’m, I like!

Other arrange
1, main table of fresh flowers
The towering main table of fresh flowers makes to give vent to anger the effect for sending very easily.
But if you of main table of in the stage middle, and leave satge nearer, photographing to shoot to be like can not not across main table of words for taking and go on stage a beginning from the first master of ceremony of wedding so, please withdraw a main table flower under, otherwise, your whole nights don’t want to have a positive photograph.
Still once ran into once, main table of a lot too big, beginning, the marriage celebrates the attendant of company and uses to climb to withdraw main table flower down, the posture is too difficult to see, hasn’t been withdrawing, so the flower type that still ask each MM to settle main table of fresh flowers cautiously consider each aspect.
2, flower way
Gao Gao’s flower way flower pillar is to construct atmosphere effect of a kind of familiar decoration.
But if Gao Dao Dang lives to make track for a light light not have fun, similar of circumstance I once met once, very regrets, incredibly have than my tall flower pillar, isn’t Zhang Qing Tong a little bit Be getting shorter too much…Japanese Shinkansen
After loved put bird hair in spending pillar, mimicry of the marriage celebrate more and more(I don’t know is not is love found of, however I with clap see for the first time a bird hair on the flower pillar really is do while loving), but ask the MMs to carefully choose this kind of decoration, after all isn’t each levels that the marriage celebrates to beat light ability with love ratio of.(I not afraid give offense to an other marriage to celebrate a company, that is the fact)
Lift to come to, attend the too many words for kid of wedding banquet, spend pillar, top not be adding a LED light, use an electricity more little more safe.
3, 4 Cape stations|little Lu Fu Gong
Four Cape stations|little Lu Fu Gong-entirely call “birdcage” as follows.
A, don’t bind a flower on the post, block light, the flower can move top, the whole fieldses can see arrive just good-looking
B, don’t choose the post bulky style of type, block light
C, don’t do any rites in the birdcage, really need to do, please stand on the birdcage doorway, block light to add otherwise could not clap
The D and birdcage doesn’t want to add a lot of debt sons, don’t even add bead curtains, this thing blocks simply adding hindrance to focus to really want to add and please from start entirely book simultaneously go
4, champagne tower|candlestick
If the rites pedestal divides is two sides at the satge, Gao Dian is good-looking, Be free, if pleasing as far as possible set out is betwixt a little bit low and blocked a matter too much this trifle
5, champagne tower|the candlestick small arched door
Almost forget to write this trifle
Got mixed up to when start to spread to add a small arched door before the champagne tower and the candlestick, I, Zhang Qing Tong-mightiness, most strong, strongly request most most to don’t set out this small arched door.
The on the side completely can not take, if front side the New appointee isn’t that the Yao is clear and leaf Li, so champagne and point fire stick’s blocking faces is all affirmative and used this decoration, these two riteses clap out, that is basic to all “be disgraced” to appear in public.

1, dry ice have no color tasteless, recommend an usage, but need not too many, particularly put cold Yan fire in the meantime again beat dry ice, that is basic is could not clap a person, beating person’s level of dry ice must be high, this trifle’s doing not well beat will float too high, can not clap the person is either
2, the smoke machine contain flavor, don’t recommend
3, the snowflake opportunity glue a head up, don’t recommend an usage
4, the effect of the bubbles machine is quite good, but the bubbles will float in disorder, if main table of leave satge nearer, don’t recommend, will float vegetables inside
5, the words of the arrangement someone Sa flower petal, send greeting a row is two sides at the carpet, fore noodles Sa, don’t New appointee head up throw
6, pull a flower|spray a flower, together Sa flower petal, don’t in the New appointee top of head just above the position beat and make New appointee a head of one face all before tee off in the New appointee yes, clapped foreground to have and then went, also have, please watch for the crystal light of averting from the hotel

people who can speak

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Who are you people who can speak
Remember the” art of life” an interview, asked Zhu Jun to have a single actor Wang Zhiwen: 40 how to not get married? Wang Zhiwen said: I met the right, Zhu Jun asked” what do you want to find a kind of girl?” Wang Zhiwen thought, very seriously said:” just want to find a can whenever and wherever possible.”
” It is not easy?” Zhu Jun laugh.Expo’s European
” Not easy.” Wang Zhiwen said,” in the middle of the night for you know what, you called her, she will say: a few? A sleepy, tomorrow. Once you lose interest. Some words, sometimes, for some people, you think, you do not want to say. Find a person you want to talk to her, with her man, not easy.”
Yes, I often feel this sentence that deep unspeakable taste, one can find whenever and wherever possible and you chat with the person really hard.
You may go well, and you know a lot of people, and you are good relations of many people, but even you be together morning and night family, or even intimate lover, you may not necessarily want when to say can and he said, what to say, when you do not have to worry about it, don’t self-reproach, fear not to be cold and condemned.
The vast sea of humanity, the red dust, mail list the names of dozens of familiar face, even hundreds of thousands, sometimes, open a mobile phone, a name of one of the over, but how many people can make you feel at ease and calm, can disturb, can go whenever and wherever possible to speak one’s mind freely?
Sometimes, we’d rather be in my heart one thousand times ten thousand times to tell, unwilling to side with the person said a word, some with anguish, some feelings and circumstances, no one else can be personally on the scene, natural empathy, understanding may say something to comfort words, perfunctory people just say a few cliche, will allow you to instantly regretted how.
The day we will own heavily encased in armor under, will himself deeply hidden, close to have scruples, to know who would have guessed. We like the group covered with spines porcupine, in order to keep out the cold, crowded together, in order to protect, maintain distance. I want to find a can be when talking to people, is difficult. I want to find a when people who tell the truth, even more difficult.
Occasionally we feel the bubbling spring outflow, and we have no artificial exude sincerity and passion, in the eye and the eye in the heart and heart communication, warm, but soon will even we also laugh at his childish, heart and mind, always so far a distance, even forever. Go to the same track.
We have more and more not true, more and more to find true, more and more can not express the true. Our hearts, our, it was clear as glass, the most real heart, but now, where to find?University manages
The other is a television series” Kangxi Dynasty” in Kangxi. After her three thousand, the person he loves the most is the fragrant concubine. He went to the fragrant concubine there, love to say:” I want to talk to you.” Then, put some talk of a state. Later, he had to scrap the fragrant concubine, often depressed, always walk in front of the palace to the fragrant concubine. However, people go to the house empty, your eternal emperor, even a man without.
The two” success”, the lover’s request the same simple — to talk to it. Fine fine presumably, also so: you do then great, then with vigour and vitality, you as a person, one of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures are ordinary people, also hope to have a sweet paste lung, thorough, deep understanding of your thoughts and emotions of the people around, to communicate with you, communication. So, you are not lonely, lonely.
I have seen such a few words:” you find a person who likes talking to marry, as you age, you will find that chatting to be a great advantage.” At that time, I thought it was a small woman feelings. Now, not only is a woman, the man also has such a request.
Then find you love her ( him ) to chat with people to get married. The world is too big, too complex, change too fast, hold a moment, whenever and wherever possible to talk with one hand, you have even Kangxi have no happiness.
Read this article when, suddenly find themselves in love with a clear definition. Like Wang Zhiwen, I seem to have been looking for a place to people who can speak, there will also be above that, through mobile phone mail list will not find a will be able to talk to people.
Love is not words, is each other; in lonely is not lonely, is knowing the long way, snowy, but still grateful to be with you Brilliant Mind… …
Also don’t know is it right? I grew up, began to follow” a low-key life, high-profile work” principle of doing things, everything should be silent.
Life before us like a giant funnel, when young, meet people, want to say too many, go all lengths, may today with this friend talked about everything, tomorrow and another person to talk to forget the time, even your own story, two people can talk eat with appetite. However, with increasing age, we will find slowly, can listen to you, and you speak less and less people, sometimes these all became himself a desire for luxury. This time, we may have a fixed close friends, can do you in your lonely time listens to you, may also be a No.
Such difficulties in fact from ancient to modern times has been the existence of, even Lu Xun in meet Qu Qiubai when said” life is a bosom friend is sufficient, the world when with with regard”.
Maybe, someday, when we find friends become heterosexual, love is coming!

Wedding planning scheme

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

One, everyone fantasy, fantasy on your wedding day into a radiant princess, but confused, lost their own how to hold their wedding? The limited funds how to face the huge wedding? Under normal circumstances, who hope that their wedding is the out of the ordinary, a complete has its own unique wedding. Therefore, whether in the wedding arrangements in advance, after the event, but also whether it is about the wedding event, trivial, wedding consultants will provide you give advice and suggestions. The following article is for a couple in 2004 June part of the wedding planning scheme, for reference only.
Two, a new background information:ST Furi
Groom: a * *, a senior business manager
Nationality: Han height: weight: 1.84M 82kg blood group: 0: cheerful, easy-going personality.
Hobbies: worms, sports, making friends.
Education: Bachelor’s degree major: computer marriage status: the first marriage
Bride: Wu *, a company financial supervisor
Nationality: Han height: weight: 1.68 51kg blood type: B: extroverted personality
Hobbies: worms, music, swimming.
Education: Bachelor’s degree majoring in Finance: marriage status: the first marriage
Three, wedding requirements:
The 1 sacred feeling, after all, this is a major event in life.
2 prominent romantic atmosphere.
3 there are some new ideas, but also should accord with our actual situation.
4 wedding will be a lot of elders and leaders, so we have the best opportunity to show respect for them.
5 popular and cheap. The ceremony of 6 time should not be too long, 30 minutes.American general lighting
In four, 3-4 Wan Yuan wedding budget: RMB rmb.
Table 1580 x 15 printing 7.2 x 3.6M flower column 1.2M x 61.4M x 2 flower arch x 1 red carpet 50M x 1 flowers series: ( cars flowers, bouquet, corsage, flower petals ) makeup artist x 1
The cameraman x 1 x 1 x 1 photographer photography assistant costume ( white dress, Qipao, 2 1 )
Spotlight bubble machine x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 smoke machine host
Total cost: $39930 budget
Five, expected visitors: 200
The guests:
The relatives and friends – about 50 people ( including the relatives of 10 people, 10 people of friend ‘s parents, groom returned students 10 people, the company colleagues 20 people )
The woman’s relatives and friends – about 130 people ( including 30 people ‘s relatives, wife’s side parents schoolmate at college 30, wife’s side parents unit staff 30 people, 10 people of bride bride schoolmate at college, unit staff 30 people )
In six, guests: elder age structure will be more some, probably accounted for 60%, 30 young people under the age of 30%.
Guest hierarchy: new parents are corporate executives, so guests to higher level, industry level up.
Seven, planning programs — Examples
The ceremony in the form of:
According to the new requirements of the wedding guests, as well as the number of age segmentation and hierarchical structure.
Recommendations: to the combination of Chinese and Western to do the whole wedding.
Wedding locations:
Suggestion: according to the new choice with a garden five star hotel, at the same time also have accommodate nearly 300 people banquet hall.
Hotels: Lihua, Hilton, Shangri-La Grand Ballroom and garden.
Planning for ceremony specific arrangements:
Wedding of the whole process can be divided into four parts:
The first part: ( Garden ceremony part )
The 1 Scene Description: in the garden, open meadows full of flowers petals, all the guest ‘s face is filled with happiness. With lily and champagne rose flower arch, erected in the lawn ‘s most prominent place, red carpet along the arch to the pillar trim by 8 groups of Flower Road ( flower column with light pink yarn Road ), everyone knows, this is new to the sacred temple of the road to happiness; both sides of the road is a row of decorated with golden ribbon chair, most front row two golden chairs, it is for the couple’s parents and family ready, they will witness the couple will be delivered with each other, be deeply attached to each other forever.
Props: flower arch *? , flower column *? , the red carpet, chair, host platform, audio equipment.
The ceremony of 2 Contents and time schedule:
11: 00 newcomers arrive at the ceremony, all the guests at the door of the hotel to warm applause, and fireworks, dancing and waving petals Caipen, meet a new arrival.
11: 18 in the new guests by entering the hotel, guests to the ceremony area at the entrance of the registration.
11: 35 in the host’s prologue Wedding March sounded slowly, a ceremony to begin formally.
11: 38 new admission ( new wedding song accompaniment, the guests warm applause on the grass on a red carpet to lawn ‘s most prominent under the arch, the couple were around rose and Lily gate, on the stand that moment the fireworks sounded again ) cute children ( children ) with a blessing wish, to the bride and groom flowers.
The second part: ( Hall part )Chinese LED industry
The 1 scene description:
Main stage: large finished printing made Taiwan festive ceremony, eye-catching.
The ceremony of front left: Nine layer cake ( hotels have decorative cake )
Main stage: the middle red floating candles adorned the champagne tower
Stage at front right: pale pink wedding large candles, right is prefigured in the married life everything is going smoothly. The water floating candle ( candelabra base amount can be decorated with flowers ( flowers ) intermediate red carpet entrance arches, columns on both sides of flower decoration )
( 10 people, front advocate desk flower with golden candles adorned the rear 14 table with three layers of crystal candlestick flower decoration ).
Note: the whole wedding in a coherent and orderly, elegant and romantic holy festive atmosphere. Wedding in every detail is not to be ignored, let all the guests in a relaxed atmosphere together in the new wedding, and in countless times to the couple with the most sincere best wishes!
Wedding planner special tips:
* be sure to select a professional wedding consultants, to ensure the implementation of the quality of the wedding;
In before the ceremony, must with the wedding consultant to conduct a comprehensive communication;
The people you need to determine the subject hotel, meal and the hotel signed a formal contract;
In the wedding preparations, as far as possible to express their own ideas wedding consultant.

value of shadow

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

How to know an excellent wedding and take the value of shadow
Little more than wedding with clap, the little more than figures photographs, why take price from 23100, 56100 arrive several 1000 dollarses, margin is such of big?Excellent wedding with clap the photographer’s value exactly embodiment where?Treat me 11 come toward you……led lighting design

A, wedding with take the importance of shadow
At discuss a wedding with before taking the value of shadow, can not not and first introduce a wedding toward the New appointee with the importance for clapping.Although there has been New appointee to wedding with take a shadow more and more value, still haven’t a few New appointees at to wedding with take a shadow of understanding the top still has deviation-BE not take two photograph Yaos and seek to about clap to go.

Wedding with clap the direct record of photographer-wedding’s process
Success, perfect and moving wedding from wedding heel makeup, flower arrangement, manage, photograph, shoot to be like etc. a series of excellent professional create together.Which on the other hand have imperfection will let the wedding of New appointee greatly in order to disgrace, but this is in the middle to be used as the photographing of record of whole day wedding process and shoot to be like and then seem to be more important.Their tasks want to chase these all labor results of professionals, the emotion of New appointee shows unintentionally to record down.Be like “have no voice, again the good drama also come out” that the advertisement language says, the newly married has no a good wedding record on that day, effort and performance of other professionals are in the recollection of New appointee also hard leave image.led grow lights

I once was New appointee as well, in the wedding on that day of in the process, because busy, because strain, because excited oneself has already been like a puppet of activity on that day, should do to have some everything to frighten into inaction next move, don’t even lift the facial expression of decoration, environment and friend on the scene to have to keep in mind to the wedding, a day of wedding comes down, the brain is all empty, want the detail of the wedding in that very day, is already an one blank.How is my wedding?Successful?Were the guests satisfied with but returned?I cost the flower arrangement that the big idea orders beautiful?Everythings of all these all want to depend to later on see the photograph taking to search back.

Wedding with clap a photographer-knock the key of the door of opening the recollection
Similarly is that very day the record of the wedding process, wedding with clap photographer and photographer because of rise the performance means of device different bring New appointee of is also totally different feeling.Speak to shoot with my feeling that being like is expressional is a coherent realistic shadow elephant record, see take the time of seeing the dish, what New appointee feel keeps a view more and more have the spot the experience of feeling.led home lighting

For wedding with clap a photographer to come to speak, his wanting what to do is more precise and more skillful reflection and catch to flit moment and facial expression at any time in the wedding process and make a show of the everyone of wedding completely and pass to take a beautiful facial appearance performance of New appointee wedding heel makeup teacher the makeup with meticulous care creating permit;Pass the detail of taking the wedding decoration, express flower arrangement teacher to with meticulous care set out the art of back to pursue;Pass for taking the New appointee parents’ friend, record they at this worth Be in remembrance of of the most happy smiling face in the day, the most unforgettable facial expression.Wedding the detail moment on that day be in this piece coagulate moment essence of in the photograph, again knock the door of the memory of opening the New appointee.Decade behind and after 20 years, be each other of the facial appearance is no longer young, be youth of rashness move and recklessly draw off gradually, while turning over to see the photograph that that piece can’t fade in color a small scene moment will start to hook the New appointees infinite fancy and recollection, everything all at at present, the whole thus clear, memory inside of the thing can’t fade in color, memory inside of the story Be getting more fine, be not?12 volt led lighting

Two, choose a good wedding with clap a photographer of importance
Want to answer to choose a good wedding with clap teacher of importance, want to understand first what kind of wedding with clap teacher is a good photographer.See mainly want to see this a few aspects with my several years of experience and personal evaluation standard:

1, don’t take a device to say a matter.What truth is this ?You whether how the device that usually meets a so-and-so photographer to frequently introduce him toward you is how advanced, the pixel is much Gao, lens how expensive?Want to see the person of lens behind to know and photograph to is the art of one disciple, the talented person is the decision factor that can take good photograph, perfectly right good device will to better in order to take service, but never take machine and say a matter, that machine says the matter explains that it exposed Qie first to own level.A good wedding with clap teacher, need not boast oneself’s device more and talk with the photograph be examination wedding with clap horizontal of the only standard.The New appointee chooses a wedding with clap a photographer, should not ask what photographer used is what device, but should realistically see this photographer’s work, photograph style and principle with his communication.Don’t take a device to say matter not is say a wedding with clap not to need to well photograph a device, let the New appointee eradicate completely a device good can clap a good wedding with clap of mistake area.led lighting automotive

2, the overall shadow elephant record.Wedding with clap is very to the photographer’s requesting of Gao, requesting a photographer to have 1 to photographing of various topic to control just completely very much can.The photographer not only wants the still life essay that can take various wedding the spot, more important want to catch those dynamic states of moment of person facial expression, be full of an expectant facial expression while masquerading from the bride early in the morning, arrive a bridegroom anxious be full of before going out;Arrive to°from the smiling face of the full face of bridegroom parents the unwilling to part facial expression of bride parents, making people the center should be a wedding and clap the photographer’s initial topic.

Celebrate companies to hear a customer on the scene at a marriage before remembering at and the photographer take the problem of contents and find back to request to explain and refund, this a wedding of photographer come down took more than 400 photographs for New appointee, it are that the small still lifes Be small to decorates to have more than 200 pieces among them, the photograph of New appointee is on the contrary little of again little.This is very dissatisfied to New appointee, this is to have never put is making people the center of take topic.

3, put own positive position.You usually meets that kind of to point hand painting feet on the New appointee wedding and continuously calls to stop and do it again a time of that kind of photographer?They with so-called for the New appointee “be responsible for” of carriage, carry on director to the wedding of New appointee, hardly realizing the wedding is the wedding of New appointee, not a photographer, the photographer’s wedding, pursuing the moment of true nature is a wedding with clap a photographer wants to do of affair.Want to know New appointee since not is a professional actor, the photographer is also a not professional director, demanding that kind of the so-called is “perfect” is unmeaningful also is funny.The list is from this top can see whether the photographer’s consciousness can adjust a wedding and clap of development current.That kind of of wedding with clap teacher still the marriage celebrate a set ofly in 80′s old, the New appointee in nowadays more and more has his/her own comprehension and request to own wedding.Good wedding with clapping teacher will make the wedding process flowing freely nature of carry on.

Saying is so many, don’t know whether your how choose to suit own wedding with clap a photographer to attain to know farely well.Or that sentence, the happy time needs not much speech, let a photograph piece talk……

New appointee perfect wedding

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The four greatest details achievement gets married the New appointee perfect wedding
Jian Yue’s wedding, simple wedding and personality wedding, all is cutting down expense, break the premise of vulgar practice under, the wedding return to want to get married of host’s Mr..Let a rightness of New appointees of love and romance get utmost make open and release.

News of”16 Lincolns connect New appointee, the car brigade causes Chang-an street brief car” ascended newspaper layout of printed sheet, at that time become people for leisure time of talk a property.Though rent what kind of car brigade connects New appointee is the private affairs that the wedding holds, as long as the his economic ability admits, but the marriage celebrates the professional of profession to widespreadly think, renting the custom of big car brigade should turn round, because this isn’t the point of wedding.Production processes

The big car brigade once shows off city and led the way a person to look askance at, can really let person’s scene at that time, but waste manpower material resources, will make the arrangement of wedding tedious, sometimes also influence public transportation.The point of wedding should be the design of wedding, should be the contents of spirit level, so sending a party to escort the bride to the groom’s homing the rites is simple and direct clear quick good, for example the archduke totally pick up bride, the QQ car friend will pick up bride and connect the bride’s ways from the motoring all quite good.Thinking imposing style’s ordering is no harm and was like football athlete, Li Xiao Peng,’s wedding to rent a black one white 2 lengthen Lincoln, in brief again the implied meaning “reach old age together” to let a person the memory is deep.

Jian Yue’s wedding, simple wedding and personality wedding, all is cutting down expense, break the premise of vulgar practice under, the wedding return to want to get married of host’s Mr..Let a rightness of New appointees of love and romance get utmost make open and release.

New appointee once car, the friends and relativeses various colourful spray toward 2 people, the bride gets into wedding the spot ex- trample happiness ball, two contentses almost that time bottom wedding of essential, all in fact can cancel.Because these two links all easily broke New appointee image, didn’t make the wedding started and then sold at a discount.The characteristic

Colourful spray to often make a bridegroom bride of all of faces of heads BE, even if don’t toward a face to spray may also make clothes, the clearance gets up trouble to also break a disguise, so still don’t spray for like.If want to reserve this link, can change to toward the air Sa flower petal, equally can construct the atmosphere of riotous romance, and the effect is better.The bride brings up the wedding dress low first time while trampling happiness ball fierce trample, image obviously with dignified and cultured and totally different, don’t trample let it be.If don’t  want to trample can also invite the kid whom the friends and relatives bring to deal with it.

Some wedding hosts or guests often put forward some not suitable requests for making the wedding more noisy and take bridegroom’s bride to open to rinse, ignore is in the mood for not intentional, will make bridegroom’s bride more embarrassed, also broke the harmonious atmosphere of wedding.

Make the bridegroom embrace a bride while for example getting off, often make the bride walk only, and the carriage is coarse;For example let to speak dirty joke, make the person indecisive;For example play joke on a bride when the bride respects smoke, let bride the Dian feet bend from the waist and go abroad mutually;For example when the bride toasts let the bride perform”roll an egg” is in the bridegroom’s pants, the bridegroom performs the bad customs program of “the small bee adopts honey” ……all of these are what marry celebrates a profession professional to make every effort to advises.

The wedding is New appointee expression to the feeling that the parents appreciate, the good opportunity of exchanges natural affection, related contents should be the heavy head of the wedding drama.The familiar expression method respects tea for parents, dedicates a flower, bows…etc., the New appointee calls change to husband’s parents, father-in-law’s mother-in-law the nature complete in this process.Pearl Jewelry

The expression like this is still a bit reserved, might as well be again directly some and suggest that the New appointee is speaking the growth process of an oneself respectively and parents the story of, this story probably the parents have already forgotten, but at the situation like this relates affirmation to start to hang up the sympathy of feelings and makes the guest able to also realize blending of natural affection.

Getting married

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Getting married the maid of honor should wear what
Was a maid of honor last year, ha ha, discussed my experience
See New appointee first is what type of wedding, if is western, so had better choose small gift skirt, the color had better be a powder color of is good, if the bride is also the gift skirt of powder color, had better is short and small on the style with her some differenceses on the color of that kind of is better(for example supporter type)Nacre platelets

If is Chinese to get married, also need to see the bride wear what, for example I am a maid of honor to accompany at the time that bridegroom’s bride toasted what bride wore was a red suit, I also wore the clothes that a set of color compared a bride a little bit more shallow of suit(approach work suit of that kind of)The great majority

The hair style casually dish is a more youthful all right, of course not ability too PP, otherwise the bride will be joyless, ha ha

The still having a point must notice, be if you are taller than bride, never wear high-heeled shoes and hear is have taboo of, this is to listen to the adults say, accidentally also not is very clear, anyway don’t rob the bride’s situation toUV light

Above is accidentally some suggestion, hope to do good to you

Get married wish language

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Get married wish language:
The boon conjugal love of wishing two of yous loves, idea Du deep love, this present life love the abyss of time, the benevolence increases with each passing day!

Let this touching poem, knock to ring a happy bell.Wish two of yous always bathe love river and reach old age together!

Very loving good companion, together virtuous united at heart beautiful opportunity.Spend candle to smile to face a pair of lovebirds, the nuptial chamber is pleased to open to combine a head of plum.

Very loving happiness always, together virtuous united at heart happy long.Wishing two of yous’ feeling is deeper than sea!

Stretch out a loving hand, connect to the wish of Ying Ying, make happiness bloomed brilliant blossom, head for your future day…Wish newly married delectation

A hundred years match so much!The newly married is pleased, sweet very sweet!Early living expensive son!

A hundred years affectionate double of hearts knot, a long distance opportunity front line leads long

The seas dry up and rocks crumble and united at heart always knot, ground the Kuo Gao in the sky wing to wing and together flies

Very loving happiness always, together virtuous united at heart happy long.Wishing two of yous’ feeling is deeper than sea!

Bless for you, laugh heartily for you, because of today, my heart also and your similar happy Teng, happiness!Wish you, a hundred years match so much!The hoary head arrives old!

The bead allied wall matches nuptial chamber in warm spring and spend a good month circle fish water deep love

Today is your day of pleased knot good marriage, I represent my family to congratulate you and wish two of yous happy happy, the life Jie is always old

52-year-old bridegroom and 19-year-old bride

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Amuse big crocodile founds a nation because he is that”unusual” wedding that is full of to stir-fry to mean and again become the focus of public concern, the many people queries he holds that wedding to exactly still keep stir-frying to make for the sake of the matrimony, at accept this report reporter special visiting, founds a nation to mean for the sake of own”innocent”, after the October bride, Huang Zi Qi, year is full 20 years old they get a certificate, he will again hold a wedding.

“Is that she chose me”

Have”the showbiz big crocodile” of call of found a nation and immerse Yin for several years in the show biz, once drive many scandals.But founded a nation but told a reporter yesterday, in fact he had never considered developing feelings with the female entertainer in the show biz, because he felt they all too fickleness and purpose were too strong.”In fact, I have the quite a few the adopted daughter, the Zi Qi is also an among those, but starts I have never thought as well to really get married with her, because my age is older than her to be getting tooer many, I feel on our feelings problem, I haven’t chosen her right, so is that she chooses me.”

Huang Zi Qi been born in 1991, outlooking sweet shape Gao Tiao , the shape condition completely doesn’t lose to the female entertainer of show biz.When the reporter asks to found a nation whether wanted to to let a wife military advance showbiz turn, founds a nation of the answer seem to be very self-contradict:”In fact I ain’t to do want to make her enter a show biz, before I some girl friends were actresses, I see them with actor and play warm and affectionate dramas will feel to can not stand very much each time.But the shape condition of Zi Qi is really suitable to enter show business of turn, get married ceremony at us up, had director to have a liking for her, also privately chat the business that wants to make her connect a drama with me.But I think just a conjugal head for several years I can’t make her work, none of any works wants to do, and I hoped that she becomes a happy housewife.”

“Want to hold a wedding again in October”

Founded a nation a grand wedding to come up in numerous guests, but my noodles cans not find the figure of bride, Huang Zi Qi, family.Founds a nation to tell a reporter, not only bride, Huang Zi Qi,’s family didn’t come and even connected her friend 1 also all didn’t.”Up to now, her family still finish to know nothing a way, she has already got married of matter, because I am bigger than her to be getting tooer many, so we hasn’t been daring to tell her parents, to not walk to expose information, we even her friend all doesn’t dare to please as well.So, in fact my wife is deceiving person in the home to elope with me.”

Because the bride only has 19 years old, this also caused the public to found a nation the worry in uncertainty of holding the wedding to.”In fact she is full in October, this year 20 years old, we can get a certificate when the time comes.But because she now is pregnant for three months, she is afraid if drag along till October again will be not beautiful while getting married to wear a wedding dress, so we rush through to do a rites first in now.Many people doubts that I get married now for stir-frying to make, I also explain not to be getting more pure, I decided October now I formally get with her I will do one more of weddings after the certificate.”