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wedding ring according

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

How to choose a wedding ring according to the hand type?
According to the bride’s hand form, the style of ring chooses to also have differentiation:

The bride of hand form standard is suited for any ring of style, but simple and direct design more the ability set off finger just right.So four claws, six claws of classic tradition design, can make the bride have a liking for more noble Yong permit,everybody attention with standard of hand form benefit by association together, deeply be subjected to bride’s fancy.

Hand form long thin bride, avoid too weak design, can boldly wear to wear to have the ring to carve a design, like this and not only make the finger had a liking for go to full and steady heavy, it is more likely to increase the bride’s noble qualities.Plum flower form the design is carvings design of representative, not only increased a bride of elegant, more increased soft United States.

Finger thick short bride,shone LED lamp need to use the whole and equilibrium feeling of stereoscopic design increment finger, and make the finger seemed to be high but full of generosity of spirit.The ring of rose flower petal series, the brave ground usage Lou gets empty of stereoscopic design, in the middle of the diamond is more brilliant, and present a bride whom different brilliance let and wear and wear it beautiful must be like the rose that 1 blooms.

Hand form thinner short bride, more suitable wear a slender and streamlined design, this design can make the bride’s finger seemed to be higher and elegant.The ring of moonlight series flows the design of line form to make the whole ring presented on bending the shape of bright moon, but top that Yi Yi’s livinging the diamond of Hui is a bright Hao moonlight.Finger thick long bride, suit to wear the design style of wearing the circular breadth, the big ring can cover up more robust finger on the sense of vision and make finger the ratio originally seem to be to have to be a little bit slender.The style that wraps to inset a design is an undoubtedly the best choice,25 programmings aring partial this ring style, increased a diamond breadth on the sense of vision, seemed to be luxurious rich and honored.

carefully selected cloth

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

The exclusive wedding chair chair-back of bridegroom’s bride decorates carefully selected cloth
Time’s putting to put has been being the most tedious and important section in the guest’s arrangement in the Chinese wedding.The young and old is high and low, intimate friend’s friend, leadership the colleague neither all need to give a lot of care to arrange to take the seat.But while combing these personnel’s seats, be used as New appointee of you, whether usually neglect to be used as a male wedding leading lady of exclusive 1?The underneath small plait takes you appreciate a few styles with meticulous care create of exclusive New appointee chair.In addition, extremely good geomancythe small plait is enthusiastic about to enclose with a wedding banquet seat five greatest regulations.Hope to have a help to each bride and groom-to-be.

The wedding banquet sits an arrangement method Category 2:Lead a colleague

This guest should arrange at the wedding banquet on the scene of in segment, will as far as possible acquaint with in the meantime and know of cent is in 1 table, if everyone isn’t very familiar, had better have a person who acquaints with to temper atmosphere and in time conferrable help and care,query toward LED will seem to be respect like this and manner 1:00.

The wedding banquet sits an arrangement method Category 3:The classmate good friend

This guest is all generally the good friend of the New appointees in several years and friends, generally arrange in the end a few tables of party area, let their find joy in one’s own way, need not specially must look after intentionally, till the last can with they well must have a chat, also include a part of staff member etc. in the meantime.

The wedding banquet needs a little bit advertent stanzas by an arrangement:

1, the wedding banquet relates to the traditional custom problem of Chinese by seat, so still careless not get, in advance can with both parties’ parents’ company measure once how arrange is the most reasonable.

2, if the wedding banquet process too busy or medium more words for guest as far as possible makes own parents and friend help care more once and so as not to neglected a guest.

3, at schedule to the time of wedding banquet must clearly know the number of guest, must on the spot understand a place mostly to the spot circumstance,LED to increase engine the in order to prevent makes place small when the time comes but the person is many of hustle condition.

break up agency

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Break up a difficult openings”break up agency” network to be popular
Break up agency, is as an agent, act for one square(because some reason want to break up with spouse, lovers, but again cant not bear to the heart personally declare to break up toward the other party of person) to say to another square that break up of agent.At present this occupation is stir-fried on the network very hot.

Break up to act for difficult do may take moneys may be also beaten
Butchering Wei is clear, 25 years old.The young man that comes from Shaoxing visited last year 1 calls 《sad movie 》of Korean film after, bring about strong interest on occupation”break up agency” of the male leading role in the film.Hence he embraces to play of mindset,giant is showing up threatenned a friend who opens the Tao treasure net store, do to have the business of breaking up the agency together, “the beginning just just wanted to play and unexpectatively and really received slip.”

A the deepest list that butchers the Wei clear impression lives is help a boy to lift to break up to his girl friend.He finds out a girl, having never thought the words sound didn’t fall, and the girl also jilted 500 dollars to him and said:”Take words to him, lifting what to break up is me, isn’t him.”Butcher Wei clear very satisfied:”That earned a double money.”

Certainly, being not each single businesseses can have the good luck to earn moneys.”Once I generation a girl lifted to break up to his male friend, GTAT gets many OCIsbut was mistaken for third party.”The boy, who is broken up, shouted bravo personal Tu Wei Ming trap at meet of cafe, almost rise a fist for the Lun.Afterwards arrive to the spot at the girl so much, say so much bad say the ending is just.

Butchering the Wei clear real occupation is a clothing to display.Break up to act for just sideline, he says:”This line of can not be a main industry, connecting the slip must depend luck, living so difficult, earn some extra income to still go.”

9 nets in Zhejiang spreads an only on-line Hangzhou region break up lowest need 30 dollars

Recently, there is report way spread a lot of break up agency to start in a net of store.The reporter discovers that Tao treasure net top can the popular”break up agency” product searching has 26, these come from places, such as Peking, Shanghai and Zhejiang…etc. respectively.Come from agency product in breaking up of Zhejiang to contain 9 among them, the inside is on-linely prosperous to also only have 12, charges from several ten arrive several 100 each not same.

The reporter disguises as a customer with a come from Wen Zhou of broke up a net store to make contact.According to that store small two introductions, Solar energy lightthey provide to directly serve just to Wen Zhou, beautiful water region’s customer.But to other region guests including Hangzhou, they will provide services such as telephone, QQ and mail etc..Service contents mainly to is broken up of a square send to break up a message and carry on mental conciliation.

As for charge, answer in the store house has no standard, see customer need consultation but settle.But speak of success rate, the store house says their confidence is about 80%.If there is need in Hangzhou region, they will advise to break up through telephone or mail, customer like this, charge lowest to need 30 dollars.If the phone bill of cost has to moreover settle accounts in above 10 dollars.

The love of net friend standpoint he or she still needs to be responsible for by himself/herself

“If your no time for waiting once thinks bachelor stanza, please deliver personal letter to us.”This is a tiny Bo contents of “Peking breaks up agency”.That tiny Bo is led after last October sent out Article 1 tiny Bo not a few round a view, net friend whinyvivi regrets:”What a good fresh business!”

Although”break up agency” is stir-fried on the network of very hot, the net friends widespreadly just embrace curious about that the mindset rounds a view.Face this occupation, a lot of net friends expressed their his/her own standpoint.

Net friend”side son” in addition to the surprise still has some to don’t understand:”Break up to also want agency?How to feel that you want to break up a somebody else?”But for need to seek a person who break up agency help solution feelings problem,attraction customer net friend”the skirt puts Yao Yao” says:”Even break up all don’t dare to say of person still early as possible divide like.”The heartest to heart net friend was probably “the tiger small tiger”, he said:”Now is to not only have already been in love a training class, but also have already broken up agency.Own in fact of the love still need to be responsible for by himself/herself, can not seek other people to replace!”

wedding manages a phrase

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

The romantic wedding manages a phrase
Today is 200* years*month*day, lunar calendar D Hai year*month*, is an is 88 greatest hairs, will you deliver of nice day, we of all friends, welcomed us together*the childe of surname household*the daughter of the surname household pleased knot good marriage of day.At this moment, I keep in mind the mood of matchless concussion to represent 2 and mean to warmly welcome to each arrival of friend and the sincerest gratitude!In the meantime please allow I represent each guest, each friend wishes two New appointee newly marrieds delectation, always knot united at heart, reach old age together, early living expensive son!!
The guests friends, one lets person the excited time will soon arrive, one’s making the person unforgettable every moment will soon arrive at, come take out your applause of passionate good luck, already invite bridegroom’s bride enter!traditional incandescent

The New appointee enters a field
Kua bridegroom’s bride
We the bridegroom officer today is specially specially natural and unrestrained and right?……;

Across wood saddle
There is such a procedure in our folk wedding, we prepared such an article for New appointee, what article is this a ?To, is a wood saddle, up put an apple, what kind of implied meaning does it represent?Have which friend know to please to spit it out, to, is so-so Anne Anne’s meaning.Connect down, the bridegroom will lead long his bride to step over this wood saddle in the future, the applause is rung out, and the wish is rung out.A piece of new Xiang wood, the vulture becomes wood saddle, the New appointee steps over to go, the from year to year reports peaceful!

Across brazier
We still prepared the second article for New appointee, what article is this again a ?To is a brazier, this again is representative what mean?Also represent two personnel industry red fires of their husband and wife towards being the meaning of the red fire fire, , the love red fire, the applause again rings out and has already invited two New appointees to across brazier Luo~Solar cell household

Invited two New appointees to ascend a ceremony set, the dear friends let us common witness these two New appointees most happiness most a day of good luck!

Friends, matting burning Xiang ecliptic day, the good marriage happily couple goes together with brocade.At our folk wedding in the middle, our bridegrooms want to ask our maid of honors to send to ascend this good luck satisfied arrows and pass a bridegroom’s officer’s hand and have already ask a bridegroom officer to project this first arrows first, an arrows shoots a sky, the sky grants good marriage, concomitant walk on the life road, second arrows, two arrowses shoot ground, the love more previous floor, project this so much third arrows, three arrowses settle the universe, happy happy arrive hoary head!The applause blesses a voice more, thanks!

Again appreciate each friends, I feel that everyone is very anxious now, because we of the bride has been being that the crest wears a red cover head to arrive at a ceremony set, I would like to ask once all Lus mountain that the friends and relativeses wantings don’t want to experience a bride true character, exactly want not to think, there is a song specially suitable now the moods of our bridegroom officer, is it which song to know?Connect down have already ask a bridegroom officer to lightly uncover a red cover head, the spot all friendses together sing good?”The cover head that bring about you, let me to see you of face, ……”, friends to prepare you of applause, the pure wave floats green water, the bride exposes a painting to permit.

So connect down and then have two New appointees to invite us to go a newly married big gift to all guests here.Appreciates sky on doing obeisance world, on bowing, finally waits until this day;Two bow, with appreciation, in step on this ground;Three bow,OFDM works by splitting thank for sky for the Mei ground for the Shuo, wing to wing and together fly, the pleased knot connects reasons!As the proverb says:Who talk inch grass heart, report three parental loves.The parents dyed white for the sake of the growth of children green silk, the fee devoted.As the proverb says:Water contains source, the tree contains root, the children doesn’t forget breeding boon, bride and bridegroom have already become a house now, really need to thank the livinging of parents keep of boon, connect down is two do obeisance a high hall, parents’ parents , on bowing, appreciate loving care from childhood, again bow, thank to raise to maturity, three bow, show filial obedience an old man forever!It is husband and wife to connect down so much to do obeisance, please two New appointees to left turn right, we take a look, who bow Ju must more deep elucidation who love the other party love must be more deep, on bowing, respectfully love one another with each other, again bow, reach old age together, three bow, always knot united at heart!Pass by three to do obeisance, nine after bowing, underneath we ask bridegroom’s bride to drink one together cup happiness of hand over cup wine.

woman should understand

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

The matter sons that the premarital woman should understand
If become a person’s body of marriage parables, so, the man is a brains, the woman is a heart, and two”organ”s are complement each other.

The equal peace cent in the marriage, oneself is a mistake area and illusion.

Find out personal quite the cheese position, far be worth of than the ego carrying out in each other competition true, realistic get many.good economic

The love wants to use to go to from cradle to the grave to be finished of art

An in peace and harmony family definitely has 1 to behave friendly hostess, she doesn’t need to be excessive to get involved the husband’s world,
Give the husband the very big space.Because the woman of these clevernesses knows in the position in the husband’s heart, he or she’s her trust to the husband comes from her self-confident heart.
BE exactly because of the chemisette atmosphere, fume a pottery successful husband.The love is a kind of detachment and let go when it’s necessary to let go and give the other party a space of breather, a love that is full of trust.
The generous and big degree is the sill of each other emotion.The husband and wife live impossibly each is the all the most happy day, but as long as at each make an effort to work well affair, all right already.
Meet a worth love of the man isn’t easy, don’t always want to control him or reform him.

The academic association listens to
We should listen to other people more and say some meaningless words less.
Time that the woman talks is the man’s several times, and wife to husband surging never-failing time, dislike a husband to ignore most or interrupt words Chi,
Because the female needs to be let out too much, this is the female’s temperament.Although greatly parts of mans can’t be like a woman to be loquacious so, this doesn’t mean that the man doesn’t mean to say words.
If a women can make the man have a kind of desire for getting off the heart in front of her, the relation like this is just more harmonious, would hold out for long time.condition’s variation

The academic association compromises
A couple in normal times of in the life, can give the words of the biggest injury in the other party BE:”The heel your together true Kui, you basically don’t deserve me.”
If your unhappiness, the other party is equally not happy.Can give the most beautiful good gift of the other party, is your own happiness.
Happy marriage far from the general match with soldier, but continuously changing of the general and soldier’s role.Traditional middle way approach in China is the foundation of happy marriage.
The compromise isn’t born, but is the marriage road up holds the hand the life person has to learn of contents.The person compromised usually is be full of the self-confident, sound character and considerate and the strong.
The husband and wife’s wants a Yao double to win and wants Yao nobody wins.

The marriage isn’t a half to add half

The marriage is you of 100% plus my the another is 100%.If become a person’s body of marriage parables, so, the man is a brains, the woman is a heart, and two”organ”s are complement each other.
The equal peace cent in the marriage, oneself is a mistake area and illusion.
Find out personal quite the cheese position, far be worth of than the ego carrying out in each other competition true, realistic get many.The man compromises to be unequal to happiness, the chemisette outstrips to be unequal to honor.
For the sake of integrity and harmony of the family, if man at outside offer much, woman to inside much pay attention to some.

The matrimony easily divorces difficultblue entire

If two people saw a rightness eye son, feeling shoulded live to together make a living and get a matrimony to confirm at simple.However, weight but non- steelyard Tuo of this certificate can measure.
Some”the lightning flash type gets married” source of endless trouble, one square unexpectedly expended eight young springs for the sake of the divorce.

Don’t lightly talk a divorce
If some persons at divorce with don’t leave of endure long hardship, I will give them one advice:”Don’t listen to the other people’s opinion, because anyones didn’t walk into the world of your two people.
Listen to own heart, ask own heart.If you still love him, don’t leave.The loving strength can win the whole difficulties.”
If 2 people have already behaved parents, so I still need to say:”Never after the sons and daughters grow up complaint, at the beginning we not divorce, is for the sake of you.”

leave marriage

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Small three leave marriage to return ability as before
Previous two week, his colleague says that small three once sought her conversation, the little Sha-ho female colleague said that our problems have nothing to do with she, is our feelings wrong.If I and her colleague say, say not and like this, small three which be willing to with my husband together?

The net friend gets off the heart:Waterdetailed solution

I and husband at the same year, all 30 years old this year, classmate in the senior high school, the university is an alumni.The husband liked since senior high school and pursued me, however we from big two just started developing of, his university graduation the subsequence continuously studied for higher degree for two years, I entered design hospital work and graduated that year at him, I rested half year the leave looked after him and took part in his graduation ceremony, after graduating, he works in Peking, I stay in Guangdong.He ascends Peking no longer than two months have to hepatitis(he has been being big B liver three sun to take), previous I have already intended to ascend Peking as well, he got sick to think that I hurriedly go up more, and he has holiday half year at home, so I in a hurry resigned up.LED and common fluorescent

However I don’t smoothly seek a work in Peking, afterwards simply look after him in the home, the period still studied two training classes, like this come down led for more than a years, afterwards had a kid, we have never wanted don’t , I returned to Guangdong after I had a kid for three months.The kid is born for three days, I discover that he outside has a woman, for protecting a that girl, he lay that the that girl plays ball the cognitive, afterwards I turn over his chat record the assurance is a colleague.

He admitted that I made his resignation returned to Guangdong, he agreed, he says with company to is the reason in the home, so comes back from resigning a care family, the company wants to request him to stay and suggests that he goes to the office in Guangzhou, because I didn’t also work, the kid also was born, is exactly the time that needs money, I and husbands all agree the office that goes to Guangzhou, but I want that female’s resignation, the girl also agreed.I didn’t make open matter, this matter came to an end for the time being like this.operation important point

Can not sleep at the midnight, I pull he gets up to ask him if there is third party or not, he admitted.

already descended

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The small Wei is after backing the match disclosed attendance wedding to the tennis devote one’s mind a degree have already descended
Because the game of continuous high strength, American famous general little William’s right foot toe condition of the injury of the Mu Si is further worsen, can compete in contest a beautiful net for the sake of ensuring, the small Wei decision withdraws current southwest financial group tennis match .But the small Wei didn’t choose at home to rest and recuperate, but the in beautiful attire attended a friend Shan in Qatar is in Los Angeles of wedding.This also makes the Yahoo athletics experienced tennis commented on a member to slice Si to feel very interrogative.In his eyes, the small Wei slowly descended to devoting one’s minding of tennis one degree beginning.The information of wedding

If say that the small Wei backs a match and turns attendant friend in a sky in the wedding of Los Angeles is strangely fits, that I think this kind of strangely fits and also is too”miracle”.In fact I think that the small Wei completely abandonned a game, but chose to be dressed in beautiful skirt and made her cease fire high-heeled shoes for 13 month and ran to Los Angeles and the friend sing a song to dance go to.Just regression match field two months, eyes of small Wei started noticing a match field again outside of thing.

If isn’t a heart to have the side the Wu, the body condition is outstanding the William’s Mu Si sister achievement certainly would not just be 20 big slam just.Because they are all too curious to the whole fresh things and just make they greater half time in the whole year is used is taking part in various amusement activity but not is take part in a game.Though real strenght and result is all very outstanding,have to admit being an occupation tennis an athlete, they are too some not with concentration.

The front soon little William Mu Si meant that ownly the second beautiful A salon formally started practice while accepting an interview, she would also carry on beautiful A business throughout.This certanly will scatter her originally not concentrated attention.Try to give it a bit of thought if foolish all day long in the air condition building of beautiful AN utility room, who also run to descend to take part in a tennis game to hot sun?spread pleased sugar

However for this small Wei but don’t think idea, the small Wei accepted the reporter’s interview after the wedding ended:”I think on everyone of time really will have some misunderstandings, but I really because of getting hurt just withdrew Xin Xin that suggests a tennis match .My having a passion for tennis very much, but harming a disease is ineluctable.Shan in Qatar called me, told me the good news that she wants to get married and also asked if I can attend a wedding after knowing that I back a match.This too madness, I certainly want.I know many people will doubt I for attending a wedding just back a match, but the fact isn’t so.Past year I keep off a match field, I knew originally this time I am to can not get away from tennis thus.My living center of gravity is on the tennis forever.But I occasionally also need some amateurs live, you know that I have already advertised for war quite a few for week in a row.”

Really such, created to connect to win 12 records in the small Wei in past 23 days, this is also this match quarter the woman net altar grow most of connecting and winning record.Coming to say this to a player who lacks a match because of the wound for a year is really unimaginable.But owing to her right foot condition of the injury, she really should not take a risk to take part in the wedding of the friend.The after all beautiful net is about to start right away.

The small Wei also means to hope the quarter is at this match beautiful net up have conduct and actions, she also really expressed quite good tournament appearance.Her in a short time promoted after stepping on North America hardly own world placings 138, she has the seed to hope to become a beautiful net now.Certainly even if she isn’t a seed the nobody will neglect her as well, she is the opponent that none of everybody wants and meets.creativity vogue wedding

This match quarter not a few tennis athletes and wedding pull ascend relation, American the Yi Er inside the Si because Niu wave especially the match Duo hat missed the elder brother’s wedding, and Belgian Chris especially Er Si then because attend a kin wedding and the lane harmed ankle, until didn’t completely recover from illness as well now.This time small Wei again attends the friend’s wedding, who don’t know as well exactly isn’t a good matter.

7 Xun the husband

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

7 Xun the husband and wife hold to cross wedding children to play to re-appear parents golden wedding road
Boxes drawing inside, 50 year agos of”they” hold the hand to shoulder to shoulder walk;In addition to boxes drawing, after 50 years of they the affectionate head meet.Fan Xiao Lin shootssmall inductance

Last night at 6:00 many clocks, person’s cabaret in Nanking city, a rightness of year the silver hair husband and wife of 7 Xuns did entirely new”crossed a wedding” in this undertaking.Accompany with joyful music 《99 bright spring-times 》, this holds the hand to walk a red carpet to the old-age husband and wife, but wedding host but declare:”Sir the ladieses, ’24 years old’the Gu learn good with’20 years old’Wang Shi Fang’s wedding big Dian Be formal to start!”At the same time, one by one in order appeared a set of the lover that is especially deduced by two molds on the satge:The man wears a soldier to pack, the woman wears aforetime clothes.Is this what is the row?50 year agos of originally old two people didn’t do a wedding and did for the first time this time, but years’ passing away facial appearance has been already changed, in order to”reappear” that year to acquaint with to mutually love a scene, they please to children to go on stage, in numerous friend in fronts, play a 50 years, the rains and winds “cross”.

This to”old New appointee” that holds a wedding, 2 people all are that the temples are grays, the “bridegroom” Gu learns good have been 74 years old, “bride” Wang Shi Fang is 70 years old.Two people’s acquaintanceship mutually loves career to be different from the youth men and women’s free love in nowadays, but because of a dish of both parties’ father chess.At that time, their fathers all love to play chess and have free time and then sit opposite to”fight”, once 2 people to Yi talk to have respectively of children, you one speech I am one language, a few rounds come down, a dish chess didn’t be next over, but the marriage of children has already settled a bottom.Hence, the Gu about 20 years old learns good had friendly intercourse with Wang Shi Fang.At that time, the Gu serves as soldier in the troops, the king teaches at school, 2 people rare opportunity to meet, can”the Hong wild goose spreads a book”, in the letter rare sweet talk, speak of is all revolution work.power tool

On yesterday’s wedding, the wedding dress in white of”bride” Wang Shi Fang, hold a powder color rose and ripple on happiness of face, “bridegroom” is dressed in a half sleeve shirt and fastens a tie, and one face is pleased to annoy.When wear public side, the double eyes meet towards seeing a head and welcome present guest to applause a wish.At this time, unexpectedly appeared “huge shine on” that takes to have deep red boxes drawing in their flanks, settle once the Jing see, boxes drawing in, 1 wears “small” that the soldier packs aforetime and a “miss” that wear a chirpaur to shoulder to shoulder hold the hand.Is this what is the row?On asking to just know, originally, this is a pair of childrens of the in fact old two people to the miss small, their impersonation of is the parents of 50 year agos, that time of they betroth to walk to arrive to constitute a family together through the parents.Along with children continuously transformation dress and shape, settle space 8 different”old photograph”, reappeared this to 50 years, rains and winds processes that the husband and wife mutually knows acquaintanceship and loves each other to mutually guard, piece photograph in”once turned over”, public imitate a Buddha to cross for wasting time of 50 yearses, clear keep view ground”see” arriving them is simple but again feeling person of romance.

70-year-old”bride” Wang Shi Fang says that she and is being placed in the natural disaster difficult period in 60′s in last century when that year of”bridegroom” gets married, so can be “a cup pure tea carries to come up, two stools put a cake of”, very simple and directly held 1 don’t have ceremonial wedding.The 74-year-old”bridegroom” Gu learns good say, the beginning of this year, big grandson’s proposal should when 50 annuities of grandpa’s grandmother marry, “repair to do a presentable wedding”, this proposal gets the consistent approbation of the friends and relativeses.pressure oil

Pass by several times with old two oral sex flows, the wedding master of ceremony’s sea breeze feels that this wedding should not be “repairing to do”, but hold in the name of that year, in very short more than a hour wedding the spot, make the audience followed a male leading lady”cross for 50 years”, real embody a conjugal love holds the hand for 50 years of difficult forget meaning.This viewpoint is 1 and immediately got a pair of approving of childrens in old man’s house and was in remembrance of the parents’ golden wedding and the newly married ceremony melts to put together, that had better however.For the sake of not disguise, don’t ask other people to be a mold especially, lifelike deduce this to the holding the hand of old New appointeeses of flowing of concomitant half-a-century gold years, the children voluntarily serves as the male leading lady of old photograph.

Host’s sea breeze that plans this wedding tells a reporter, originally, the “bridegroom” Gu learns good that year still on being located on to greatly once acquire the Jiao son in the soldier of whole army in the third place than Wu Zhong, but then a good both in character and scholarship people’s teacher who smell four countries of “bride” Wang Shi Fang.

More than 20 programs and game of the whole wedding all self-helps and fascinating.On the wedding, “bride” Wang Shi Fang sings to have opera 《small two black get married 》in of sing a segment 《the pure Ling  traverse of aquamarine blue Ying Ying of sky 》, win a guest a burst of warm applause.Their son the Gu soldier and daughter Gu people is full of deep feeling ground sang on stage 《mother of kiss 》and 《father 》, “bridegroom’s bride” is passionately generous to participate in 9 interactive games, are warm and affectionate to hotly have a happy reunion in person with sons and daughters with the friends and relativeses a , the friends and relativeses from the whole whole country performed more than ten programs with glow with enthusiasm with sons and daughters.The celebration ceremony close by end of time, the friends and relativeses unwilling to partly come forward to match a shadow with”bridegroom’s bride” to keep as memory respectively, everyone together voice start to sing 《revolution the person is young forever 》this is full of deep feeling of old and red song.

pleasure to take big prize

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Luo the Man romantic feeling seventh night of the seventh moon”romantic wedding show” idles away in seeking pleasure to take big prize
When the Luo Man romantic feeling takes advantage o everyone to still sink to immerse in the romantic state of mind of the seventh night of the seventh moon Valentine’s Day, will on the spot sell building to hold a “romantic wedding show” activity in 9:00 A.M. August 13.This activity from rather wave Ji reach to place an industry to hold, then, the activity the spot will deduce a romantic sweet wedding.According to know, any sees on that day in the wedding the customer that building attends a celebration all has opportunity to participate in to draw prizes on the scene, the awards, such as 1000 dollars supermarket card and small appliance…etc. are big, surprised pleased repeatedly.Flickr page design

According to the data announcement, the first half year of Luo Man romantic feeling(forum video frequency) is hot to sell whole citieses and clinch a deal amount of money at rather the wave residence building rank the first in the dish, this time holding of”romantic wedding show” for matching with the second half year of Luo Man romantic feeling ·beautiful Yu of release.

Luo Man romantic feeling(forum video frequency) the fixed position is “sea Shu west · the new ecosystem romantic city small city”, among them, the beautiful Yu constitute to°from south north 12 F, Block 2 building, totally have a door count 281 set, the main area regards 40-60 ㎡s as principle, the story high is 4.5 meters and all adopt a reply type the Jing pack, parts of door type living rooms pick empty, upstairs down stairs, the price of 1 F, the usage space of 2 F.iPad is a new art tool

In designing the door type, Luo Man romantic feeling(forum video frequency) ·the beautiful Yu attained small family type great intelligence, well considered place an operator for the very first time from live of need.45 ㎡s attained two buildings two the halls are one Wei, 50 ㎡s attained two buildings two halls are two Weis, part 70 ㎡s even attained three buildings two halls are two Weis, and all types establish an independent kitchen and live function well-found, this at rather the wave apartment is on the market I am very sparse to lack.

Along with Luo the Man romantic feeling spot sale the center is in use with solid view sample product building of grand open, developed a company to release “see the building having a prize” of activity, have been already drawn prizes week week, win IPAD2 by the end of the month.AIR application

Thank Nuo

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Thank Nuo is shouted the noodles of a wife to expose happy expression to probably return all do a wedding
“Wife piece, wife piece, wife piece ……” although Xie Nuo2 Yi slips away small run to leave the spot, but hear powder silk of shouting of orderliness voice, her mouth Cape involuntarily shows unintentionally a smile.Yesterday afternoon, thanked Nuo to appear the large supermarket with some Nan is at the double, is it generation product website for talking.Just proclaimed with Zhang Jie’s wedding on the tiny Bo, so appeared many fans on the scene.But because of the spot order very confusion, thank Nuo could not be unveiled to in a hurry leave for 10 minutes, don’t also reveal the detail of wedding to the medium.Become all a company to report a reporter to understand, this Rong, Zhang Jie didn’t accompany.As for the wedding still is becoming to all hold in Peking and thank Nuo to reveal positive under consideration, doing not expel will successively hold in the two sides.worth mentioning

Yesterday thanked Nuo to see passionate powder silk on the spot, she said:”I hope hereafter can have more time back meet with everyone all, like everyone most .”Because Xie Nuo2 who disorder, originally prepares and accepts a home town medium interview on the scene is also forced and quickly leaves.However Xie Nuo2 of a reporter is still a contact, thank Nuo to mean this Sichuan, return the fish fragrant eggplant, young soybean son, and green pepper corn…etc. that called on a grandpa, ate a grandpa to personally do for her in the old house, very contented.inch back light

Up to before yesterday’s reporter send report, Xie Nuo2 announces the news that oneself marries Xun on the tiny Bo and has already been forwarded more than 470,000s.To this, thank Nuo to also really appreciate everyone, “I really could not contained any more!Do you believe, from yesterday to today, I have been aming seeing each , each and is really each wish message, just usually looking at Be getting more misty for eyes ……the felling in a short while crying to in a short while smile is very confused!Forgive we have no way@each friend, thank each friend, all of us received!Really receive!Equally send these wishes to you, we will be definitely together happy!”channel construction