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wedding consume trend report

Friday, August 5th, 2011

2011 modern marriage Bo in Shanghai meeting New appointee wedding consume trend report
The network investigates enunciation, the New appointee marriage celebrates to consume average is 7441 dollars, together compare slightly had a small to increase last year.42.5% New appointees celebrate a marriage the budget settle between 5000-10000 dollars, 17.6% New appointees then celebrate a marriage the budget settle at above 10000 dollars, the comparison had increment a little bit in early years.The profession personage says that although the rational consumption of New appointee is tended to mature, didn’t lower for the budget that the marriage celebrates, on the other hand may because the marriage celebrates price to also have to lift to rise with the price hike;On the other hand, detail and quality request of New appointee to wedding obviously raise.Wedding the New appointee faces a guest and holds on that day the background decoration that the rites is used is numerous details that the New appointee pays attention to, therefore some”very characteristic and full of creativity”, of the marriage celebrate a company although the service price providing isn’t low,there is original place in the detail and the wedding process, therefore still is extoled by a lot of New appointees.Chinese brand’s

Can see, to the concern of detail, the enunciation New appointee celebrates the choice of company to turn to┬░from the original price direction to the marriage the ability valuation is to”the creativity plans”.About two in the last yearses, Hu up marriage celebrate a market to turn the development as diversified performance from the one, more and more tend towards to blend cultural chemical element to the wedding in.Request of New appointee to wedding no longer is in brief make a have affinity of face guest entertainment environment, even hope to strengthen the memorial and personality of wedding, and come out an its perfect performance through the decoration toward the wedding market hurricane

Modern in this Shanghai marriage Bo will establish “vogue bride of Shanghai 10 good shape design” and”Shanghai 50 good wedding scene decoration” to wait two marriages to celebrate to release on the scene meeting, internationalize of bride’s image and vogue current front follow of wedding decoration, will prepare and plan to provide an actual reference for the wedding of New appointee.pearl pounds

wedding low carbon vogue

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

4 methods let the wedding low carbon vogue
Choose an environmental protection wedding, the regression nowise dissembles of natural true colors, permeate a detail in everywhere in the wedding of fashionable, let the guest feel at home here, make the environmental protection started to do from the wedding.settles girlfriend’s

Low carbon environmental protection, English is Low-carbon green, the environmental protection method of a kind of new concept.Low carbon environmental protection life, low-carbonlife, mean daily schedule consume the energy using and make an effort to reduce, turn down carbon thus, especially the esmissions of the carbon dioxide, reduce the pollution to the atmosphere thus, deceleration ecosystem depravation.

Environmental protection wedding since have a creativity and have social meaning

Create a vogue Chien invites of environmental protection wedding, take leave a disturbingly noisy city, keep off icy cold cement forest.At one spring onion the Yu is flourishing of in the green, enjoy footloose wedding time, experience personally don’t for a long time and never once have purely to really feel.application condition

The place of low carbon environmental protection wedding

Enjoy a wedding in the great universe, without one luxurious and solemn and impressive, but many one is delightfully fresh, nature of feeling.And all friends gather together in the bright and beautiful green hills and blue waters, the experience seldom returns to original nature of feeling.

Real enjoy a wedding in the great universe

The organic farm of suburban area, spend a holiday village, or the friend’s villa rear garden is all environmental protection wedding quite good choice.Choose an outdoor turf-grass wedding of can also avoid indoor lighting facilities and the energy that air condition use to expend and pollute in the meantime.

The wedding banquet food of low carbon environmental protection wedding

The staple food is used to anticipate basic all is choose natural organic food material and make the guest experienced personally the originality healthy delicacy.Although is more opposite than common dinner party, the cost will have increment,is not also an once rare sharing and experience.

The vegetable and fruit can always dulcify the public feeling

Use fresh squeeze a juice mixer, replace alcohol of beverage.Uses the glass cup that can present a fresh gorgeous color in the container select, use to do a fine porcelain and ceramics disc of work the bowl in full fig food, as far as possible lower a time of usage of cutlery.incorporated

Low carbon environmental protection wedding of return to gift

Living original should be full of a simple happiness, Jian Yue but remarkable, environmental protection again the wedding of vogue ended, the happy life shoulded also continue, and the New appointee still wants to share own happiness and the guests together.

Very small green plant can be return to gift

The red calico sack son that packs the elegant chopsticks into embroidery printses small LOGO of New appointee and presents to the guest of taking part in the wedding, current heavy Chinese special feature, also pass the concept of economy timber the wedding dissemination to more people.

The honeymoon of low carbon environmental protection wedding

The environmental protection New appointee can as far as possible choose the place that the population sparse and natural landscape enriches while choosing destination, the honeymoon also wants to lower the depletion toward the great universe in the meantime.

The trip of the creation more worthy honeymoon

Or the simply exploitation honeymoon of time do volunteer and make the mind also got to the regression of purity.