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register matrimony

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

The police breaks rules to let to flee from home to surrender to justice and girl friend to register matrimony for two years
“Can give you with kid’s a honor and duties, I also had peace of mind in the jail.”With have the wife of more than 9 months pregnancy to get an end marriage certificate after, He Wen(use alias) sits ascend police car.On the night of August 1, 2009, after He Wen commit to harm a person a case, the abscondence started career for two years.In two years,industry investment He Wen Dong hides Tibet, the girl friend is small to once have been following behind nearby, 2 people tasted all the sweet and bitter experiences.

On September 19, 2011, lines up in the foreign Yu City bridge domestic affairs bureau doorway full come the men and women of marriage register, among them completed marriage register inside a rightness of the room that men and women is under accompanying of three people Jingses and set up a green way at the time.The man of this”open small cooking stove” takes turns recently Yu the police develops of”pure net activity” bring to the court for prosecution of escaped convict He Wen, his wife is small to once have already had the pregnancy in more than 9 months at this time.After procedure carries out to complete, He Wen doesn’t give up ground and wife’s farewell:” Be I go out a part-time job and take good care of oneself.”

Before surrendering to justice, implore with pregnancy the girl friend get marriedLED downstream bottleneck

For arresting as soon as possible what text bring to the court for prosecution, from August, this year, the police four times goes to village Wei and twice go to what text Be located on the in home of mark village, as to it’s the family carry on thoughting an educating and clarify the hardships in the mental antinomy and abscondence life of escaping the personnel and mobilize escaped convict the family members admonish it to as early as possible give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice.Know in the meantime what text in the foreign Yu stone building town and once the river door take out to have no, the police goes to what text work of the stone building grounds, such as town and river retail sales…etc. urge he/she gives oneself ups to the police to surrender to justice.

August, at and the conversation of He Wen’s uncle in, the police knows what the girl friend of text small once had already had a pregnancy for 7 month,LED transform light Report police hence take this as the uncle who mobilize what text of breakthrough to advise he/she brings to the court for prosecution.On September 16, the police received the telephone that He Wen’s uncle beats, in the telephone, he said, He Wen would like to give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice on one’s own initiative, but he has a wish to want to complete before surrendering to justice, be with oneself already pregnant’s girl friend in body Be small to once register matrimony, the his claim police can help he/she completes this wish.

“He could put forward this to request at that time, we felt that he was a true plan to surrender to justice.”Fish nest head the police substation vice- bureau chief Lin Zhi’s mark tells a reporter, after in many ways considering, the police agreed what the claim of text.On the morning of September 19, sneak away for more than two years of He Wen go to fish nest under the accompanying of family head the police substation gives oneself ups to the police to surrender to justice, such as solid explaination smooth participation signing a factory street corner beat up the victim’s crime fact in the mark village on August 1, 2009.The police immediately makes contact with marriage registry in the domestic affairs bureau, LED LCD TVand arranged three domestic affairs bureaus that the people Jings drive to are small He Wen and its mother and girl friends to once send to foreign Yu area to carry out to get married register.

He says to the wife while taking leave:”You are I did a part-time job!”

He Wen is very excited while carrying on a rites, simple signature commitment, he falls a pen such as thousand catties of heavy, carry out process in, the police, who also beg to aside accompany, helps to take photo to keep as memory.After completing to register, He Wen immediately instructs mother and elder brother to take small once produced check at the big hospital.He again concussion again not give up ground to walk last police car, time finally leave, he at small wife once of the ear said:”You are I did a part-time job, the father mother can also farm now, can also with generation I look after you, you must well wait I come back!”On the police car, He Wen holds to handle a case people Jing’s hand to say:”Thank you to help I complete wish, our 1 all appreciate you.”

BY2 combination

Monday, September 26th, 2011

The BY2 combination facial plastic surgery matrimony dispute gets stripe powder silk to join vehemence to scold a war

Recently, the idol woman group BY2″the facial plastic surgery got married” rumours Fei the Fei was satisfied, the BY2 place agent company sea Die is explicit to this to deny later on, female singer, Mo Xi Er, because of redistribute and confirm the tiny Bo rumours of “the BY2 is married” but encounter a roll call warning.But this seems to be not since the effect,closing LED factory the voice of querying of net friend is more and more and even arise Mo Xi Er of scathing backstroke.

The by is 2 combinations.

Three Qin the city reports September 26 recently, the idol woman group BY2″the facial plastic surgery got married” rumours Fei the Fei was satisfied, the BY2 place agent company sea Die is explicit to this to deny later on, female singer, Mo Xi Er, because of redistribute and confirm the tiny Bo rumours of “the BY2 is married” but encounter a roll call warning.But this seems to be not since the effect, the voice of querying of net friend is more and more and even arise Mo Xi Er of scathing backstroke:”If I believe my friend, I would like to also undertake to correspond a responsibility …” deeply sinks the party concerned BY2 of “facial plastic surgery matrimony” to also finally can not restrain to bring about to scold a war in the tiny Bo and Mo Xi Er after few hour, among them, the BY2 ask way to Mo Xi Er’s responsibility at the tiny Bo first:”Equally be an entertainer of you, please look before you jump to just put words, the Mei wears conscience disorderly blind bye also have to be responsible!……Have no enough proof, please don’t be eloquent”, Mo Xi Er also the not resigned to playing second fiddle backstroke:LED display shows“All equally is an entertainer, but I believe idol is depend entertainer’ the true material actually anticipate’ pack, but not only only is depend lie to cover up”, both parties the tiny Bo smell of gunpowder is very strong, query the other party mutually unqualified be “entertainer”.

The tiny Bo to person scolds a war and repeatedly has occurrence recently and all causes numerous net friends rounding a view, but the tiny Bo vehemence of this BY2 and Mo Xi Er scolds a war and also breaks out completely in both parties’ the powder silks, among them, the powder silk of BY2 have already in succession been close to more than 5000 persons to arrive Mo Xi Er tiny Bo with BY2 recently new song 《have 》for slogan, unify a format to brush to hold message:”Mo Xi Er, you open eyes blind explode to anticipate, ‘ have’, you carefully encounter for a sky, Qian, ‘ have’ ……” and annoy rather tall Mo Xi Er because of the person of”aim high short play” recently, her powder silk is completely stired up, more than 3000 near powder silks run to the BY2 tiny Bo to give to backstroke later on:”The facial plastic surgery gets married and then gets married for the facial plastic surgery, these all didn’t throw a person, but tell a lie, defend in a devious way and don’t dare to face a problem and then not only only threw a person ……” up to the reporter send report,LED the display both parties the powder silk of the tiny Bo arouses wars still just keep on, related comment on already the total amount is up to more than 8000s, tiny Bo’s forwarding has already been up to more than 15000s, and the condition is very sublime.

essential civil betrothal

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

The traditional wedding essential civil betrothal
The Chinese wedding of tradition spreads till today already big out of shape.The wedding of modern people pursues in brief have a lot of etiquettes have already been neglected.The betrothal of ancient times folks is a lot of to pay attention to and leak different culture.

Comb:So-called”on combing throughout, two comb grey hair together eyebrow, three comb Sun Man Tang”, the comb contains idea of”knot hair”, particularly grey-haired mutually Chuang, point husband and wife to love each other to mutually guard from cradle to the grave, reach old age together.Zhang Jia Gang LED

Chinese foot son:The quantity has, in marital life lead shen in order to measure happy standard, point 100 sons thousands, the happy source far flows to grow, also in the meantime is will live the wish that the business climb step by step from now on to the New appointee.

Embroider flower shoe:Shoe and”Jie” together sound,LED the industry new rule implied meaning the husband and wife are very loving and care for each other always and reach old age together in the fine years spending heavy rich brocade and totally bathe living magnificent and fragrant.

Satisfied:Get material from a traditional wedding rites is more convenient than the bridegroom uncovers a bride red cover head of satisfied steelyard, treasure is parents to send to celebrate for marriage for marrying off a daughter now, hope daughter the life from now on is gratifying and satisfactory, the husband and wife are satisfied and united at heart.

Mirror:Represent successfully, satisfactory, and the implied meaning bride’s Zi permits beautiful, it is to sweet bride’s marital life to happily wish a wish;Days pass even if still keep keeping alive the fervor of youth, the flower permit the looks in month of fine consign.

All Dou:Originally measure the tool of food, at marriage rite is more convenient than to show male square’s wealth strong, come from well off family, the daughter can also lead after marrying over up well-clad and well-fed, easily without the wealthy life of sorrow.

Scissors:Is one of”six certificates”s in the traditional wedding, mainly make clothing to tailor in the life of use, silks and satins, future prospects rich brocade marriage the bride of implied meaning in the rite to live after getting married, share the glory honor and riches of life.

Abacus:Living is more convenient than the calculation tool that raises income and expenditure on the whole, the marriage celebrates rite in of thousand foot gold abacus,Whole heat exchangers implied meaning New appointee to the ideal and programming of future quiet and peaceful and wealthy life, can reasonable investment and finance, win widely luxuriant source of money.

spoil to still need date

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Marry to celebrate to lately spoil to still need date
For the emergence of this kind of newly arisen wedding picture, the too original citizen are keeping in mind a kind of what kind of mindset?In the interview, the reporter discovers, not a few citizen only proceed from curious, consult to later on and then mean to consider in detail once if manufacture this kind of wedding picture.”Very normal, this is after all a kind of fresh thing, people from know to accept affirmation to contain a process.”To this, the Cao is super confidence for then being a .industries development

When reporter’s inquiry is the creations inspiration that the reason why stired up him, the Cao is super to say, he learned a painting since childhood and once worked in some archduke departments in Shenzhen as well after finishing university and obtained some result.Two year agos, be he should invite to a star hand to draw a wedding picture and be him after infusing into the comedy color be subjected to compliment of the other party for wedding picture, this determined him more later of creations road.”I am a too original person, therefore I want to dedicate own technical skill to own home town first.”In June, this year, he opened this store and there is a specialized creation team.Although the business talks that the not last fire explodes,the sales amount has been presenting the buoyant trend.For letting more common peoples early sharing and like his creations result, he has already passed this kind of newly arisen product the outlets, such as store and network…etc. carries on a marketing, customer as long as you provide imagination dint, painting the teacher will finally make the customer satisfied according to the customer’s request completion creations.

“Currently, we have already had more than 200 templates to can be provided as customer to at will choose, we will carry out 500~800 creationses of templates at the end of this year, then the customer can choose of the leeway will be more.”The Cao is super to say, now, the too original city has already had a few wedding dress shadows the building and store is just talking over cooperation affair with him, he believes draw a wedding picture to will walk into thousand in the future 10000 is no longer function founds

The reporter gets to the Internet and discovers, the kimono waited for someone the hand of creation to draw a wedding picture because of quality by super Cao works well, be subjected to not a few net friends compliment.Net friend”the joy son small peach” says:”Very good east east, the seller is super well, design specially beautiful fine.”Net friend”the peach thinks” says:”Good-looking, also very image.The person, who receive the present, pretty likes.”Net friend”liangyihaiou” says:”Quite good seller.Very good, draw too Be getting more lifelike, exaggerated get at the right moment good enough.Outstanding our viewpoint, very good!”

However, make Cao super what to become sad BE, the funds tightly lacks a check and supervision still he expands “bottleneck” of large-scale development further:”In the etc. ground in Shenzhen, belong to personal the independence starts a business of, the local government provides to reduce the special policy of doing not needs 3 years in the rent etc. for it.Now, I the beginning stage that belong to start a business, need a supporting strongly of government and related section, for example also the ability provide support in the rent, and revenue from tax…etc. and special discount.We have their technique support of their own independence, believe that this profession will definitely become each kind of too original city to pack an exhibition, marriage to celebrate an exhibition in of lately spoil.”Software service

love next time when

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Divorce I the in love next time when?
Some people left several marriage, some family top and bottoms 2 all divorced ……is it a certain person that specially and easily divorce?

Aim at these problems, University of Boston in the United States a group of researchers compared 8000 rightnesses of males together the marital status and divorce rate of egg twins and different egg twins, lately study a detection, the divorce possibility has relation with gene.lamp designs reformThe research of University of Boston, brings about a gene research field many discussions and controversy.

-Have once”divorce gene” say, this report once did a similar discussion in the past, local marriage family problem research the expert once understood to query as well.Why do some people divorce for many times?The local expert thinks that still being personal is subjective to result in, not other so-called and objective”science research” …

Round city to keep shot:This man not word such as his person

The sunlight is brilliant that May LED lamp export

Speaking of to everyone don’t joke, I is pass marriage proposal understanding I now of husband’s dispute of.At that time after I divorced, a person took a kid to work hard in Shanghai, really tired.

The viewpoint that I admit that I re-marry is:”I want to seek to depend on, Anne has peace of mind nature over the second half generation son.”I lay to once register, but discovered that the marriage that I meet lies very to the marriage the norm spend not not a few wrong money.

Think now come, that time I with 《pink girl 》inside of”get married wildly” is similar, one heart wants to seek a companion for getting married, drive the friends joke left once marry return”the dead doesn’t repent”.

In order to lying in the marriage meet rejection,LED televisionI think that simply I reported a paper marriage proposal to get.

At that time the condition of my marriage proposal BE:The university is above, there is house in Shanghai, there is stable economic income.Marriage proposal after, I receive not a few application for letters.I pick in the middle of being recruited letter together with parents, we almost picked to suffer a stroke.My daddy favors first of is a dispute that writes very atmospheric word.

My first-time marriage, the former husband comes from a country, because the mind is narrow excessive suspect but invite us to finally break up.He wrote for me a to seal after divorcing thick thickly repent letter, the word writes very airtightly very small, give us the whole family to leave a deep impression, my daddy feels deeply about a word again and again like its person, but the word of dispute very the atmosphere is bold and unconstrained and give our first impressions very good.

After hard finishing reading an application for a letter, the dispute became to draw on a person more:He says that he divorced, one female and former wife led and owned two companies, 1 is his own, one is what he matches a camp with friend, he still has 3 suite sons by himself.The condition like this is to have no overly critical.

I invite he meets, time meet I have a little oddness,居家不可不知的20條風水禁忌 he owns two he of companies but has no a car.Our appointment has a meal to go shopping, he gives my impression very generous.

We are “51″ of last year long leave understandings of, he keeps making him very busy, led “51″ and want the busy business to be on business, so, I urge him to get to conclude marriage certificate together on May 20.

May, 2004 of each in my memory all sunlight brilliant.

The friendses all advised me to want the Zheng big eyes before matrimony at that time, slicing can not the gist, can I ain’t afraid.I urge him to marry a certificate to the bow tie on my own initiative and have much of confidence to the our combining because of me:A come I am really to like him, he understands romantic feeling very much and grow also one form talented person, two come I also have confidence to I.

I feel to absorb the first-time precept that the marriage fails, will be little to walk curved road.After having already concluded marriage certificate especially, everyone will compare to compromise the other party.But now, I discover, I am what immature, these viewpoints are willing just a Xiang.

Is he lending money to fall in love with me?

Matrimony in a little while, I discover that his mode of thinking is very strange.For example say that the television inside some A cheated some B, everyone will say some AN isn’t good, don’t should swindle, can he but not, he thinks that can say that is some B is getting more stupid too much.

The honeymoon hasn’t finished leading, he wants money to me and says lending 8000 dollars to return his friend.Ask him why lend money, he unexpectedly says a period of time that we fall in love, his expense all borrow° from friend.

wedding detail to expose

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Zhang Jie thanks a Nuo wedding detail to expose:The chartered plane invites good friend to fly fragrant space liraLED believes a horse

The morning of Xiao Xiang reports September 6 from Xie Nuo2 of the seventh night of the seventh moon after the tiny Bo announcement married Xun, bridegroom, Zhang Jie, records a program to open the fan club busy not to stop recently, of a dignified workaholic power, seem 2 people’s wedding affair also consign Xie Nuo2 ‘s full power to carry out.LED the strong screen

Yesterday 《every day upward 》record the spot, start to discuss about a good friend wedding of the unbearable Pu of Wang Han of”mango football team” detail, call that Zhang Jie has already prepared a grand wedding in the fragrant space lira, and thanks Nuo to be also preparing and planning to be a beautiful bride in the strain currently.This is ex- the program taking part in some file records in, Zhang Jie also gladly means to disguise as an angel of Xie Nuo2 s, and call to be preparing a mysterious gift for her, as for wedding guest, Zhang Jie Zhi means”I will charter a plane to invite friend to take part in when the time comes, the form of wedding is very novel and have a sky, links, such as set firework, gorgeous night sky and multicolored garland…etc., have much of a dreamlike color.”LED company use

wrong woman Lang

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Male be afraid of wrong line afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang
In fact, I feel that they are woman, has been married for six years, but the feelings of husband and wife. I always consider themselves married the wrong man. Sir go to bed in the evening always snoring, and I did not get a good night’s sleep, and often slept in a bed, with my daughter to sleep.
Rarely communicate talk, he rarely take the initiative to make me happy, I sometimes because of a bit bagatelle with his anger, weeks of not talking to him.
I feel I have paid a lot, but not his love. Every day, I will get up early to make breakfast, to send her daughter to kindergarten, then get to work. At night, sometimes with her daughter back to cooking. Wash the dishes, to her daughter take a showerOFweek LED forward-looking, wash the clothes. To coax her to bed. He told me to sleep in separate beds. The rationale for me, I am very angry.
Sometimes feel married he was wronged, have a look to others, love husband wife envy. Besides, he is in the backward rural grew up, her mother-in-law doesn’t live with us, home all, have to do, is very laborious.
Always think why I married such a man. Good do not choose, regret. But for the daughter, managed.
Many women in the emotional problems, would say: I have eyes but fail to see married the wrong person!
This saying is easy, sonorous and forceful, as if all the” truth” in the woman’s hand! But? Perhaps it is only a woman to shirk responsibility.
Ancient have” male be afraid of wrong line afraid of marrying the wrong woman man”. It is the ancient ah, then the woman is no right to choose, what kind of man in total submission to the words of a match-maker parents. So we have the” marry a chicken with chicken to follow” patience and obedience. I have never so much.
So today? Most of our woman married time is their own choice? Most marriages are free? Why will” marry the wrong man”? Even the occasional mistake, so we should have a correct and the ability to repair? Why are so many women may face heart does not jump that he married the wrong man willingly to bear and forbear?
Can say now,” marry the wrong man” assumption does not exist. Those who say that they” married the wrong man” woman, is it right? Can reflect on your own — you are” on” people?
Can say, said he ” married the wrong man” woman, basic is shirking responsibility person, this person has any problems from the others to find the reasons. Due to her starting point — that I was right!
The crux of the problem is here. The woman you have doubted themselves? If you are “bad”, so whether you meet what person, is” wrong”.
We will find this phenomenon. With a violent husband divorced woman, later remarried, is still a violent husband. Why? Is it right? Because the woman ‘s own problems?
Each person in his growing process, developed a set of measures to protect himself. These measures can be mature, strong, also can saying is not mature, fragile. Buck is derived from the self-preservation mechanism, is a human instinct.
Unfortunately, most people do not clearly aware of their own have fallen into the captive model, its result is the loss of self and responsible spirit, Buck became their inertia. Women will always pass the buck to the master, when we find problems against others, electrician’s exquisite articlesdisguised himself as the innocent victim. So the woman.
Let us look at the issue from another angle : the reason why meets the wrong person, be not” on our own”. Only you” on”, you can meet the” on” people, so that you have” the” marriage,” to” marriage” to create” children, it is not strenuous life.

English bride steals 170,000

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

The English bride steals 170,000 pounds of company to create an extravagant wedding for he or she
Pull the lover’s hand in the ancient fortress of legend, be dressed in a choiceness shining crystal shoe, once walked while publically escorting the ray of light surrounds of glass candlestick ……a perfect but unforgettable wedding is prosperous to put in the heart of the womans forever of the flower of dreamRelocation Company.But the dreamlike wedding final outcome of a woman in England isn’t so wonderful and then face law after”wake up” of punishment.

According to England 《everyday tele-communications report 》September 1 news, the British orchid opens county a 29-year-old woman in summer for creating a luxurious dreamlike wedding for oneself, pay high expenses, didn’t hesitate to stretch out “pickpocket” to”steal” about 170,000 pounds of company to oneself’s company.Currently, the Lai boon has been already been caught and faces the judgment of law.

The bride nameds a gram of Er Si Di ·Lai boon, work at a part-time accountancy to video company.Here in the wedding that oneself with meticulous care plans, Lai boon not only arranged bright firework and fascinating magic performance, but also invited two music bands as guest to give musical performance to add to the fun on the scene, the appearance vehemence doesn’t lose to the wedding of popular star at all.In addition to this, be present of guest can still just free drink to heart’s content upscale wine water in the accompanying of harp grace atmosphere,International Moving enjoy a free disguise to wait service, but a few maid of honors of Lai boon then all get to present to inset the iPod of elegant jewelry as to return to gift.

According to totally there is the grand wedding that more than 100 friend amities took part in Lai boon and the space thunder E Mu on that day all.The Lai boon has a part-time job boss Peter of company ·Sa the wedding appearance that should also invites to go to, is then had a part-time job employee by this after being present Be surprised to be getting more foolish, and aroused suspicion Lai boon to have a part-time job to work for 4 years in oneself’s company, year salary all don’t more than 15,000 pounds, how have real strenght to hold such a wedding?The Sa identifies to know later on, the Lai boon really “steal”ed the funds of about 170,000 pounds from oneself’s company.

The Sa deplores greatly ground to say:”I believe her very much at ordinary times, and then she recompenses me like this ……this is the extravagant wasted wedding that I once took part in.”The Sa said that the behavior of Lai boon this greed resulted in to the company huge loss and almost ruined his business.

After criminal acts exposes, Lai boon fore toward Mexico honeymoon is before arrested by the local police, face the indictment of cheating the criminal charges face to face currently,Mover Companyif the criminal charges establishes, she will be involved in Ling Yu

Anne Ji beautiful Nuo

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Anne Ji beautiful Nuo ·Zhu Li’s denial and cloth pull virtuous ·skin especially the secret get married

According to Hong Kong medium report way,Kingdom of Heaven there being news pointing Anne Ji the beautiful Nuo Zhu Li will pull virtuous skin with cloth the secret matrimony is especially.But at 《Vanity Fair 》of in the interview, the Anne Ji beautiful Nuo denies this news and calls:”It completely is blah.”

Anne Ji beautiful Nuo Zhu the Li add to say again:”I didn’t be pregnant,astringent love in I now also have no again make to keep and raise.”

In addition the Anne Ji beautiful Nuo speaks about it to lately make 《In the Land of Blood and Honey 》, she means that the first time directs after lens but strain, luckily the skin support strongly her especially, “he will be present an inspection, and will say that like what, or have what not understand.Just such as general female similar, I will accept an opinion as well as have persistence, he is thus back me up.”However lover and the identity of commentary is very difficult taking or rejecting of,mercilessly piercingno wonder that Anne Ji the beautiful Nuo think he is difficult to make fair judgment.