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popular empress mamas

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Mo Wen Wei, Li Wen2 , gets a title show biz ten popular empress mamas
The common saying says that”being mama is difficult, mama is more difficult after doing”, so, the film star does behind is mama not difficult up add difficult, still less show biz, the stars reorganize a family unavoidable, below come right away a gossip bottom the star is after the mother’s life.

The new wave net Xun common saying says that”being mama is difficult, mama is more difficult after doing”, so, the film star does behind is mama not difficult up add difficult, still less show biz, reorganize a family in the stars unavoidable,line up sorrownature also inevitably behavior after mother, so they wanted to be more more than the common run of people some hardships with helpless, below come right away a gossip bottom the star is after the mother’s life.

On October 1, 41-year-old Mo Wen Wei with hold a wedding with the IL BORRO wine Chuang of the virtuous book first love male friend Johannes at Italian Florence of age.And wedding there and then male square of three seat female also attendant, although Mo Wen Wei also means that the don’t care is by himself/herself after mama, after getting married how differently live after the sons and daughters with three living cultural habits to Mo Wen Wei absolutely is one great hard nut to crack.

Li Wen2

On October 27, Li Wen2 (Coco) and love long-distance run 8 year fiance Bruce will hold a wedding in international trade square the 100th floors of Hong Kong and wrapped a Shao surname on October 28 the cinema hold a wedding banquet, and arrange friends and relatives to go into six star classes are beautiful to think Carl cabaret, the wedding banquet unauthorized biography spends must dollar, include Pu in Europe to pull, all of Jackie Chans are a guest of honor.

Have already been as very much in love as two daughters now, play electronic game together, take paintbrush together the painting of face of friend Bruce spend a face at Li Wen2 Nan, two daughters still regard as the computer table cloth to Li Wen2 ‘s photograph.See, Li Wen2 and Bruce the families have already got along well.It is thus clear that, to Li Wen2 , being ready-made empress mama isn’t a pressure.

Zhao Wei

From 《return a bead space space 》start what we also at last looking at Zhao Wei to step by step grow up, Zhao Wei’s Shan marriage and husband, Huang You Long, also has a daughter to really make us some to worry before getting married with her.Once single raise Huang You Long of a 8-year-old son, just got the leaf of Hong Kong young lady’s champion with 2005 at that time Cui Cui association, 2 people became good partners after brief contact after acquainting with Zhao Wei.transfer feesZhao Wei be also a happy mother and bore a beautiful big eyes daughter now.

Week rhyme

《 Make the bullet flown 》 of wildfire, also make more people notice the beauty wife of text.In public the person envies the rhyme in week to have the husband whom so has just in the meantime, everyone also the empress mama’s role in the regrets week rhyme.At the beginning text cant not bear to the week rhyme is behind mama, so was the rhyme that refused a week in the beginning of, but compared the text small 15-year-old week rhyme to decide to be one little mother, took good care of a text, she usually called on him and took for him delicious.The week rhyme thinks and then calculates a quilt text brush-off, also want to exceed this one step.The text indeed as expected refused, not because don’t love, but is didn’t have confidence to the love.

The text concerns oneself old, once got married, and then had a kid, he feared a week rhyme to suffer a los.Text and week rhyme and daughter’s one Lang(text former incumbent French wife living) and big son’s too the Lang(week rhyme living) appear street in Peking and see from the spot scene, beautiful half-blooded girl’s one Lang with get along with after the female week rhyme very harmonious.

Wang Yan

All know”fine space space” Wang Yan marries of is a Hao door, but the previous fresh little person knows that Wang Yan’s husband still has a son, age unlike Wang Yan Xiao how much.Until king gorgeously after sub- Wang Shuo and week the fast romance expose, this relation just is uncovered.

But as early as 2002, week fast small male friend, was also a king to gorgeously once appear as”good friend” after sub- Wang Shuo to take part in at Wang Yan together 《super interview 》medium.Wang Yan in 1999 already and Wang Shuo’s father get married, 2 people acquaint with very much really already in 2002, and because of age difference not old but become good friend.

Li Xin Jie

Movie queen Li Xin Jie and the director Peng agreeable love will find a way , under more than 100 friends and relatives witnesses, register the knot as husband and wife in Malaysia nation Luo island(again call a happy island).The bride moves after saluting tearful, tears in addition to containing to the husband’s deep feeling, also uncover the love of a mother whom the fresh behavior knows female.

The Peng surname husband and wife mutually love to fix into achievement for seven years, Li Xin Jie sends out a press release to the media after marrying,written contract impressively discover Peng following have already flourished had a daughter.Hong Kong reporter fluently made a contact with Peng the day before yesterday, he was generous to confess:”My early years knew the son cohabitation of the girl of a region in Thailand, she for me born flourish, however afterwards the our incompatibility of personality agreement breaks up, I because don’t hope that oneself has a regret and decides to take back to flourish bring up power.

Liu Yun

Although Liu Yun and Zheng Juns is a low-key in love get married,Zheng Jun has already had one female but Liu Yun will soon follow behind mama of the life still keep still keeping doubly being subjected to concern and controversy.Singer, Zheng Jun, and China friendship”small princess” Liu Yuns get married, soon get Liu Yun and Zheng Jun of pregnancy is eyewitnessed to leave for an airport to prepare to go abroad.After finishing carrying out a check-in luggage, Zheng Jun Liu Yun walks under the keeping company with of family to register an entrance, Zheng Jun Liu Yun and family embraces each other farewell one by one while distinguishing, their emotion is all some at this time sad, Liu Yun and the parents’ eyes are getting moister, daughter Zheng Jun keeps crying and ties in Zheng Jun Liu Yun’s bosom to loathe to give up to leave.

Deng Jie

The most well-known stepmother must belong to Deng Jie in the show biz.Although from marry a national from that day, Deng Jie worked well full preparation,deeply was subjected to parents divorce shadow but revolted apathetic Zhang Mo and don’t accept this in the beginning after mother, ever and anon became angry to fight with parents, also run away, really didn’t already make Deng Jie grieved.

Along with the passage in time, the relation of mother and child also mollifies gradually, for the sake of Zhang Mo, Deng Jie still sacrificed to be the mother’s right and kept and raised a daughter again with national piece.In Zhang Mo Yan, Deng Jie is a very nice person and be like “mother” similar to him, especially after”nursery rhyme affairs” occurrence, Deng Jie’s support to Zhang Mo and encouragement, make Zhang Mo be born firmly in mind to heart more.Once walk rains and winds, the mother and child feeling that outstrips blood relationship is harder can not Cui.

Sung Dan Dan

Positive such as 《there is children in the house 》win that humorous bright empress mama similar, life medium of Sung Dan Dan is also a happy empress mama.The marriage that ended to reach a decade with English in Sung Dan Dan.After spending that gray day, Sung Dan Dan re- found out happiness, and an outsider constituted a family.But initial face of is the other party to contain a daughter who revolts.

Mama after being used as, appease after patience, the Sung Dan Dan relationship with daughter is also no longer so not smooth.The daughter has already been sent to England to study abroad now, the overseas call of female female is also more and more multifarious.

Wu Jia Ni

Little pretty wife Wu Jia Ni and Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao s of 80 empresses of Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao differ 23 years old, smaller than Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao ‘s eldest daughter, Ma Shi Ai, , Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao ‘s wife and daughter stand together and estimate that a lot of net friends all can not distinguish where is Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao ‘s wife which is Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao ‘s daughter.Eldest daughter, Ma Shi Ai, at the age of 3, Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao divorced with the former wife Tang’s rhyme, after Wu Jia Ni is pregnant, Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao still exclusively once asked for a Ma Shi Yuan2 ‘s opinion of eldest daughter(with former wife Tang rhyme living), after getting the eldest daughter’s support, Ma Jing Zi You Xi Tao immediately decided and Wu Jia Ni got married.

lead a hot argument

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The net calls that Chinese man’s getting married burden is an American hundredfold to lead a hot argument
Report way, these two days, a net quickly spreads on the net, headline BE:”The cup has!Chinese man’s getting married burden is unexpectedly an American man 10000%”.Marriage in front, Chinese and Foreign is different from?Where is the burden of Chinese bridegroom officer come from?

Chinese, western, wedding regardless what”type”, is all life important event.Be popular Tan and sit flower Jiao, similarly get married, expense ability very bad little?This calculated such a Zhang:The American gets married and rent a marriage car USD 1000;Prepay rent USD 4000 is for a month;Furniture USD 3000;Wedding ring USD 1000;Honeymoon a week USD 4000;Rush togetherCar a head pays USD 3000.Add up to USD 16000.See Peking again, just did Mr. Liu who marry the gift to our row such a Zhang list.

Mr. Liu:Marry building 2,200,000, ring 30,000, the wedding dress photographs 5000, full dress is 9000, wedding dress 20,000, a pair of shoe is 2000, a pair of red shoe cheap more than 300 dollars, master of ceremony 3500, the building of wedding plan prepares and plans dog dinner to add a cake of is 20,000, have a meal 80,000.

The Chinese man is really sad to urge, sad urge of a lie in “house”.The mother-in-law’s rigid need, frequently 1,000,000 expense, add into get married an expenses inside, not get calculate”10000%” numbers?The Reuter’s finance and economics commentary member Chen Yi Jia in resident New York, the United States says that the American man also has a mother-in-law, can the somebody else’s mother-in-law, see this matter son thin.

Chen Yi Jia:General at American get married, the family’s opinion was opposite don’t so think greatly of, more to speak to is oneself’s a kind of celebration.Handing over to treat to the family is less and basically have no the pressure of house in the American matrimony.If is the words of big city, it is a very universal phenomenon to be like everyone in New York to rent building.

The Chinese man is really sad to urge, sad urge of two lie in “buy all lists”.The male square not only must take care of rice, still have to take care of clothing prop.Lodge the United States and read the Fan lady of wedding innumerable.To the American’s”house” view, equally and deeply there is research.

Lady Fan:Exactly the opposite, the tradition of the United States is a woman to pay expenses.But this affair presses to say now, is also relatively do what the strength allows.The cost bride’s side in the house of the whole wedding of is almost a bride’s side much is undertaking, a lot of can not also pay now, been very happyeveryone also wants amount of company.Raise an example to speak, my having a friend’s matrimony is such, the two young men rented an apartment, because they can not afford to buy a house.American’s being different from Chinese will have some savingses, they really consume fierce, the savings is few, affirmation cans not affords to buy a house.But will happily rent a house, probably male square’s parents send a set of furniture and for example say a set of good sofa, also can’t a lot of.Their wedding banquets compare us to have to be in brief some here, the independent meal is to press person’s head calculate expenses.This will see your economic ability Gao with low, much time wedding be over on that evening they travek go to, both parties parents also can’t the pressure is specially big.

As for so-called marriage building, Central America of the difference is the concept of the nonentity marriage building of American, a piece of last year according to suggest, American from buy building age on the average about 36, 37 years old.They are to buy for getting married a house, generally is just buy for kid.Big parts of young mans in the United States get married all is rent a house, this fee saved a lot, can’t say that you have no house and then don’t get married.

The words say that come back, wedding should be the business son of”plentiful Jian from person”, Chen Yi Jia tells us, the costliness wedding of the United States isn’t in the minority now.

Chen Yi Jia:The cost was greatly small to have, generally speaking is 50,000-100,000 of, the cost relatively is getting higher.

We envy an American open-minded family relation, and then can not get away from the traditional idea of thorough marrow;We pay attention to careful and detailed calculations to lead a very small day, however a pair the person go into partnership Lesson 1-wedding,only benefit especially again is together put on don’t open of face.Go to°from China the United States, the way for getting married has no to wrong;However the American’s happy supremacy, as one pleases but is, probably is Chinese mans whom the cup has, most a lesson of demand.

first-time marriage

Monday, October 10th, 2011

High peak from the first-time marriage in the Pu whole life

On October 6, “ex- country feet” high peak holds a wedding in Peking, bride, Fan Chun Ling, is his old acquaintance, old neighbor, old fond of each other, once is did the high-jump an athlete.This wedding luxury and then imposing style, not only invite a “mouth” Huang Jian Xiang, white rock loose serve as a wedding master of ceremony, also please to the country Anne’s brigade ex- commander-in-chief gold ambition Yang to serve as a chief witness at a wedding ceremony.

The feeling of the bridegroom’s high peak difficult Hong Kong releasesYan excitement, he delivers tiny Bo to say the second day at the wedding, “happiness life beginning!Although the front for a while feels that the body is very tired the mood is very beautiful, yesterday yesterday, I and my wife perfectly, happily and excitedly completed the first-time marriage in my whole life and also completed two of uses the square one that guard mutually from cradle to the grave suddenly’wedding’.”This tiny Bo is immediately asked for to dispute, the net friend queries a way, ” high peak emphasizes this to is his first-time marriage, but he and that English not is have a son?”To this, but the high peak tiny Bo Nu scold, ” all cans not distinguish Chu’s other people to get have never got a certificate to talk nonsense!”Talking the idea of bottom is that he once was in love and had never got married with that.

The feeling history review denies with that English marriage whirling

Didn’t the high peak get married with that English?This comes and goes a feeling history to become a focus once again.According to understanding, the romance of that English and high peak begins from 1995, and had a happy the crystallize-son of love in October, 2004.However happy be born after 6 months, that English breaks up with high peak, the reason is a high peak to need to be produced a period in that English, is exploded to have an illegitimate child with singer, Wang Na Wen,inquiry methodin the bar early.

Looking back this is as long as 10 years of feelings, although that English and high peak contained son and once spread to get married news for many times as well, 2 people never the personally once confirmed.At the end of 2004, the high peak has already got married with that English secret from the Pu, but this parlance is waited the denial of that English good friend by full text soldier.Knew what happened a personage to reveal, declare that secret’s getting married a matter is completely a high peak skill a plan, probably is the curtain that he wants to use “get married” to ease that English single and parturient pressure.For all that, but the external world’s seeming is accustomed to being called that English and high peak husband and wife, the high peak marry recently of in the news, and the medium call him as “that English former husband”.

The net friend orders to review your love greedy she love weak in character

The high peak claims to be to get married for the first time, minority of fans send a wish, besides which, , majority of net friends satirizes and sneers at to him and calls that he brings injury to happy that English and the son.

See a flower in fog_the carefree court take a stroll:After originally borning two a son of the marriage just call”first time”, on the whole for what know Chinese football to differ so,Hong Kong Disney player’s intelligence quotient is too low!Should take part in cripple allied game.

The fat rice pulls mina:False man!Thus emphasize that the first-time marriage not only hurt that English!I am more important to let how the son think!Was tantamount to negate a kid!Person’s residue!

Return Mecca:That English proceeds without hesitation ground to follow a men so for several years, even the kids all born and unexpectedly connect a honor and dutieses all have no, finally still come to an old lover at his most happy day public clearness, originally what everyone thought is all nonexistent.

concentration marriage

Friday, October 7th, 2011

80 face concentration marriage boom wedding banquet to consume to widespreadly increase with CPI behind Gao
The gold week wedding is firm heap of to hold

The week of the gold isn’t only is the gold week that goes on a tour, consumes, but also is the gold week of a wedding.These several days, people can see in many cabarets in Peking and restaurants and stick a pleased word inside the big hall, hard sign New appointee of the significant photograph of matrimony.Some cabarets a want to contract forarticle of atmosphere job 23 wedding banquets in the morning in the meantime.

Girl, Sun Yu, in Peking yesterday and acquainted with 5 years of male friend to hold a wedding.In the morning they at the cabaret put 20 tables of feasts according to holding to get married a rites to entertain relatives and elder.In the afternoon, 2 people made change slack suit to entertain university classmate and good friend party again.This year, like Sun Yu between each gold period matrimony of New appointee in Peking about has 20,000 rightnesses.

Marriage in Peking celebrates the profession committee president of association history healthy and peaceful tell a reporter, is the high peaks that”80 empresses” concentrates matrimony for all of these several years.In Peking, about there are 180,000 rightnesses of New appointees matrimonies this year, hold a wedding calculation by 100,000 among them, this among them big parts of persons assemble in at 45 months and 90 months.Hold a wedding number to have in 7 days 20,000 rightnesses of or so.

The wedding banquet consumes to increase with CPI Gao

Because CPI ranks high not next, connect common restaurants to all continue markup, wedding banquet price nature also ship rises with the tide.The reporter covered some medium upscale cabarets in Peking, wedding banquet price and compared to all raise last year.”11″ gold week this kind of day inside, wedding banquet price than return Gao at ordinary times.television remote control

South four wreath the side is a four star class cabaret tell a reporter, the cheapest wedding banquet is 3000 dollars this year|table start, also don’t include wine water, a wedding banquet of slightly expensive file time is 4000 dollars|table.But last year, can also order to 2000 dollars many wedding banquets.The reporter understands, currently Peking 4 star class cabaret a table of wedding banquet average is 3000-4000 dollars, the five-star cabaret lowest standard is also a 5000 dollars start, highly even around ten thousand dollar is 1 table.This price compared to all rise 340% two years ago.Even if such price of Gao, Peking can hold the hotel of wedding to return supply falls short of demand.If the New appointee thinks at”11″ do a wedding, need that year to reserve the place of wedding banquet for 34 months.Currently, many wedding banquet slips of cabarets all have already received a next year”51″.

The young man does a wedding not to speak ostentatious

“We didn’t want a car brigade, is own household-use vehicle-use fresh flowers to decorate to once pick up bride, quite good!”Gold week gets married this year of the New appointee isn’t a few, but avenue top could not see a lot of brigade for connecting close floatses.When the wedding consumes markup, the some young men beginning careful and detailed calculations saving money does a wedding.correct use and maintain

“The wedding again regression arrived a tradition this year, simple and direct, solemn, there are no too many contentses of flower Qiaos.”Marriage celebrates companies to tell a reporter, “11″ do the “80 empresses”s New appointee characteristics of wedding is pay attention to a contents and don’t pay attention to ostentatious.The most obvious is “80 empresses” don’t use regularly a wedding car brigade.They think that a car brigade at least costs 5000 dollars it’s even higher, open 20 minutes of a road, is at that time tremendous, the root is unworthy be.

photograph profession

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Liaoning concentrates the whole overlord’s item that cure a wedding dress to photograph profession
From this very day, the Liao industry and business bureau in sun City, the city consumer’s association will celebrate to the marriage within the scope of whole city, the wedding dress photographs the inequality format of profession existence item namely”overlord’s item” carries on concentration particularly the item Be whole to cure to construct equity, Guas residetrustworthiness, harmonious consumption environment.

News net Xun in Liaoning closes to 11 and just when marries to celebrate market consumption high peak.From this very day, the Liao industry and business bureau in sun City, the city consumer’s association will celebrate to the marriage within the scope of whole city, the wedding dress photograph the inequality format of profession existence item namely”overlord’s item” carry on concentration particularly the item Be whole to cure,abscondence route of stars with the construction equity, trustworthiness, harmonious consumption environment, whole cure will keep on to the end of November.

This time whole point for curing is the marriage celebrates, the wedding dress photograph a profession business enterprise to celebrate in the marriage, the wedding dress photograph contract, notice, declare, store hall the public notice and advertisement and publicity have already dismissed oneself’s responsibility and aggravate a consumer in the data of responsibility, expel the format item of the consumer’s right contents.The related profession business enterprise is in the contract model text originally in fill in a fixed writing contents, see as the format item.Whole cure in,young university student the whole city all levels industry and business organization touches a thorough and related business enterprise survey bottom, the row checks to have no the “black” marriage of shining on the management to celebrate and strengthens to do strength to the strength for instruction for administration for item for format for contract and the contract illegal case’s checking completely.Also pass a typical model case the point review and expose to wait a way inequality format the item is male it in many, raise consciousness of guarding against of large consumer, support the consumer’s legal rights.

married a front to know

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

You get married a front to know
Many affairs all have its oneself regulation in the world of, if disobey these regulations, the Hu Lun swallows Zao to accomplish in one move, will leave naturally among them or many or little linger effects.The four greatest linger effects that below come right away to see “Shan marriage” all have which.

Many affairs all have its oneself regulation in the world of, if disobey these regulations, the Hu Lun swallows Zao to accomplish in one move, will leave naturally among them or many or little linger effects.The four greatest linger effects that below come right away to see “Shan marriage” all have which.

Linger effect a:The two family background and cultural conflict that completely doesn’t understand.

In our China, in fact marriage never elephant we imagine so and in brief, only as long as your feeling I would like to go.Any back of marriage,comprehensive real strenght all have two different families is making to set off, compare to put together and whet something to match.Many problems of marriage two in the middle corpuses of simplicities and a series of existence, all is extensively and indirectly at it respectively of the delitescence in the family conflict exist.

So, being still old ancestors is intelligent, China followed several thousand years of marriage system, they all with”of equal status” is a hymeneal threshold and standard.Though once had among them some such as 《beam mountain uncle with wish an English set 》, 《piece living and Cui oriole oriole 》etc. break through traditional marriage to pen of beautiful love story, foresee sex and catholicity among them is a not difficult comprehension.

The common saying says:Birds of a feather flock together, the person divides by cluster.This sentence explained that everybody comes up to say from the angle of oneself, have 1 kind to kiss the same kind temperament.Proceed from same rank benefits and life habit, in the rich man, poor people, businessman, farmer and knowledge member of, they will have respectively common language, living habit and value approbation.Though modern civilization and information-based footstep have already gradually downplayed this kind of boundary,the its self-contradict conflict all always can not get rid of.So say, a men and a women, two people’s loving each other in the in a short time is easily some opposite, but if want to make both parties’ family real to melt to put together, management targetthat wasn’t the problem in about a year.In country like this in China, a rightness of lovers and husband and wife love each other again, all can not evade the whole family to the influence of the marriage.

Linger effect two:By dint of pleasure of having met once and mutual a smile of the marriage of good will hold out for long time the dint is probably worse.

Forgive I keep speech, the sky forever the deep blue is to never believe”Shan marriage” is medium will have how much true love.Because cognized regulation to say from the person’s an emotion, even at least understand all have no of words, is basically talk not and up what love, any much less true things all need to be tested after time, don’t say for months and years, are like the first for more than 10 years, I sincerely think the men and women’s at premarital for expects to be for two years above to understand mutually to very be necessary.

Marriage after all not is make friends a party, only by dint of pleasure of having met once and mutual a smile of good will, can is tolerant of a match to even draw on to finish doing a game mutually.Marriage means a responsibility, mean mutual is tolerant of, mean that each other wants to take in everything at a glance a ground of revelation’s in front in the other party more weakness.Among them if have no a little true love to make to prop up, after getting married whichever and small affairses all probably at pay no attention quickly destroy hymeneal life in advance.Such marriage’s comparing to is an abnormal son of congenital top heavy, the linger effect is from the mother’s womb in take out come of, become a direct proportion with time in its seriousness certain degree.

The marriage of “Shan marriage”‘s comparing to is a to urge familiar fruit, although shortenned the result period of fruit,actually also lowered the quality of its fruit,Prepare to be pregnant knotting the fruit coming out to very can not stand time to protect to hide like this and wanting to be more early putrefied than the fruit of those natural maturities far and far was more important.