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some analysts pointed out

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

November 22, Libya announced the establishment of a On the same day, the International Criminal Court agreed to the second son Saif Gaddafi tried to stay in the country of Libya.

11 19, died at the Gaddafi was arrested a month later, Saif was arrested in exile on the road. As Gaddafi in Libya after the death of the only remaining core members of the former regime, Saif’s arrest cleared the Libyan transition committee is another major obstacle to reconstruction of the road. Saif fled through a three-month full of hardships, and for the fate of their arrest, some analysts pointed out, its the same with the current situation in Libya is full of uncertainty.

father had wanted to betray

Saif was born in 1972, is Gaddafi’s most loved children. Fatah in Libya in 1995 after graduating from college, Saif to Switzerland, Austria, Britain and other countries to learn and, ultimately, the London School of Economics Ph.D. in hand. After returning home Saif Gaddafi Charity Foundation, founded and chaired, has been playing in the international

Saif can speak fluent English, German and French, and West have similar ways of thinking and living habits, sense of deep impact of Western democracy, which is called Saif and his father often speak their minds, many of his ideas are subtly influenced Gaddafi. A few years ago, Gaddafi to adjust relations with Western countries, years of painstaking efforts to give up nuclear technology research and development, etc., are closely related with Saif’s persuasion.

Saif has been interested in democratic countries like Libya back to the list, but the idea of ​​telling his father countless obstacles, Saif had to be buried in the heart of reform ideas. March 19 this year, the coalition air strikes with the opposition to rise up, a new Libya domestic situation changes. Saif’s reform ideas were inspired again, he was caught in tangled even consider whether to part ways with his father. His aides have urged him to join rebel groups, the recommended Saif Gaddafi government from completely out of it. And then, once convinced many people of Libya Libya’s Saif can save.

Saif understand that this is the last to change their destiny and the opportunity to Libya. But he can not ultimately feel betrayed his family, his father, chose to embrace the family and tribal loyalty.

escape on the way very afraid of death

2011 年 8 月 20, Libya In flight, Saif is very nervous and frightened, at the beginning he kept contact with the satellite phone his father, and to swear to his followers secret hiding place. In Gaddafi was arrested October 20 after the death, Saif psychological barrier has been completely crushed, he had thought of contact with the Hague Tribunal surrender, because there is no death penalty in The Hague. He also thought about escape from Libya, he is to do so, but has not yet been successfully arrested.

Saif trying to spend one million euros as a reward to buy a desert guide, allowed themselves to the neighboring Niger. Unfortunately, his wishful thinking wrong. November 19 morning, Saif’s car introduced by the wizard army encirclement, and ultimately arrested. Arrested, Saif without making resistance and very scared. Like his father, as he has not yet been Luanqiang militants killed, but was cut off three fingers. Although Saif told the media afterwards, hand injuries caused by NATO air strikes a month ago, but I am afraid at the moment Saif 哑巴吃黄连 experience the taste of most.

According to reports, Saif was arrested after the attempted $ 2 billion in exchange for freedom, but was rejected. Soon, the aircraft was taken to the Jin Tan Saif, Saif in the process of escorting is almost always with his back to others and watch out the window. Soon after landing surrounded by hundreds of people. Saif at this time revealed a trace of fear, he said: , Tan-chun, who was armed escort Saif broke through the crowd, boarded a car and went to a secret location.

a Gaddafi’s death has lost a great face for the transition committee, and if not disposed of the good Saif, the Commission will make the transition in a very disadvantageous position. In this regard, the transition committee said publicly that Saif will get a fair trial. While the International Criminal Court for trial in Libya have agreed to Saif, and will provide assistance to Libya, but Libya’s judicial system is still paralyzed from the establishment of a sound judicial system is still a long way to go. And captured the Jin Tan Saif Saif will be armed as a

as Qaddafi in Libya after the death of the only remaining core members of the former regime, Saif’s arrest is undoubtedly of great significance. Hidden in the western and southern Gaddafi forces will lose their spiritual pillar, which in the short term reconstruction of the road will be clear to Libya an obstacle. For the situation in Libya after his arrest, and perhaps most Saif I understand. Saif was arrested after shooting a video display, Saif warning arrest people, previously jointly against Gaddafi’s Libya, the tribes will be several months or up to one year, beginning betray each other, into a melee.

Saif success in Libya, the new secretary of defense

Tan-chun, his command of the armed forces in August this year, captured the capital Tripoli battle played a crucial role. It is reported that Chu Valley and did not participate in defense position after the election, while the defense position is that the parties have been coveted job openings.

Some analysts pointed out, November 19 Zhu Jin Tan armed Valley captured the leadership of Saif earned him enough chips to help the new cabinet has been elected secretary of defense. (Strong room)


opposition spokesman hurriya

Monday, November 28th, 2011

BEIJING, Nov. 28 , according to foreign media reports, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh 27, announced that this year will pardon criminals imprisoned for political crisis , but the amnesty , organization or individual .

Yemen state television on Sunday ( 27) reported that Saleh amnesty for those Saleh also said to be immediately evacuated by anti-government sit-in demonstrations , marches and demonstrations to stop the attack on government forces to ensure the implementation of the GCC agreement . An unnamed Defense Department officials said the ruling party leadership meeting , the Vice-President Hadi agreement in accordance with the GCC , ordered troops from the main streets of the capital Sana’a withdrawal .

However, the opposition said that under the right to transfer Saleh signed an agreement last week , he was not entitled to amnesty and then make a decision . Saleh had been under the supervision of the handover of power in the GCC and is ready to step down .

opposition spokesman hurriya ? Thomas Hart said: June 3 , at the presidential palace in Sanaa were bomb attacks , killing at least 14 people were killed , Saleh and other 87 people were injured. Saleh then went to the Saudi capital Riyadh for treatment. November 23 , Saleh signed the GCC in Riyadh aimed at defusing the crisis mediation agreement Yemen , Yemeni opposition parties subsequently signed a GCC agreement protocol implementation mechanisms .


given Russia’s space agency denied. Meanwhile

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

After ten days of waiting, the Russian aerospace industry and space enthusiasts in the final 22 have been frustratingly news. Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Space Agency in Moscow, Oleg Davydov announced that due to launch spacecraft to Mars will be the best window closed at the end, carrying China’s the possibility of flying to Mars no longer exists. This statement means that China and Russia scientists regret a lost opportunity for joint exploration of Mars.

number of Russian spacecraft highest in the world, accounting for about 40% of the share. Since late last year to now, the Russian experience in space launch has been many failures, the loss of five satellites and a cargo ship. Compared to the previous case, the

Mars failed

11 9, the Russian space agency to use the Russian Sri Lanka – soil When the However, several hours later, the Russian Space Agency announced suddenly, . Director in accordance with the Russian space

Popovkin statement at that time, leading to unexpected occurs because the detector control system. Russia’s space agency, there should be three days of flight detector to adjust. Then, turn to the Russian Space Agency probe to extend the time to save about two weeks. In addition, the detector is not out on the fuel tank, which indicates that

the next three days, the Russian Space Agency is not officially released information. According to Russian media quoted the aerospace industry sources as saying that in order to Although the issue of Russia’s ground control station several times to contact the signal, but not been able to stay in near-Earth orbit with the detector to restore contact.

According to reports, only the signal through the ground to start the detector of radio communication systems, it may be sent from the remote sensing signal analysis related devices are working properly. If the detector control system software failure, then re-enter the program through, it is possible to solve the main engine had But if its sensors and other equipment failure, resulting in positioning of the detector can not be under the stars can not start the engine, the ground is unable to do anything, only to let it continue to lower the height and speed, until entering the atmosphere and fall to the Earth’s surface.

time is fleeting, Davidoff 22, said that while the launch window has not been completely closed, However, taking into account the ground has been unable to resume contact with the detector, this possibility has been minimal.

For the moment had passed off before the detector found fault in the argument, given Russia’s space agency denied. Meanwhile, the space agency said, resulting in The only expectations that Mars probe to the end of December this year, next year in February Zhuixiang Earth, only the area which may fall into the atmosphere in the spacecraft can be judged the day before.

fears into reality

the Russian Mars exploration program is implemented in the past 15 years, the only deep space exploration projects. With Russia for many years in the field of deep space exploration unhelpful contrast, the United States, Europe and Japan has continued the implementation of the Mars exploration project, and made a series of new achievements. Russia obviously hope that this exploration program to prove its determination to maintain the status of space powers and efforts.

the same as the previous spacecraft failure, Face for the National Space Development prospects of the question, the Director of the Russian aerospace Popovkin has said that even He also disclosed that the Russian government prepared to improve the research and practical projects in the proportion of the Russian space program, which means that these projects will get more financial support.

Objectively speaking, Mars is recognized as extremely difficult aerospace project, Mars on the way other countries construct more complex than previous detectors. According to Russian space expert disclosure, In addition, the project has absorbed a large number of broad participation of young scientists. This was considered to maintain Russia as a space power has special significance.

This even is a Unfortunately, Hal Rostov concerns the final reality.


South Africa to participate in next week’s protest

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Scavengers organizations in India, Brazil, Colombia and South Africa launched a campaign to safeguard workers and their families picking up the interest, against the burning of garbage. But the United Nations that rotting garbage would create methane, and methane is a greenhouse gas, the United Nations has been promoting waste incineration power generation projects. According to the Kyoto Protocol, similar to the burning of garbage power generation project in exchange for carbon credits can be, these credits can be used to offset the carbon emissions of coal power generation.

Every day, Lajikuma and 10-year-old son to spend five hours in a huge pile of rubbish rummage scrap metal, plastic and glass bottles, etc., and then transported to a nearby trolley stations sell waste .

However, not far from the incinerator is under construction indicates that he and other scavengers to keep the dump goodbye, Kumar said he waste money every day selling only $ 5 more, which his money to feed their families.

New Delhi plans to build a waste incineration power plant in exchange for carbon credits. These credits can be used to offset the carbon emissions of coal power generation. Local government in New Delhi claimed that the project can solve long-standing problem of power shortages and excessive trash. But for cities over 300,000 in garbage collection, classification and re-use of scavengers, the establishment of waste incineration power plant is equal to cut off their source of livelihood.

League Secretary General 沙什布桑潘 Di asked. Fear of dioxins and other toxic gases, this year, residents of New Delhi launched a new incinerator protest activities.

two scavengers scavengers will represent India at Durban, South Africa to participate in next week’s protest, asking the Government to formulate climate policy when taking into account the interests of the poor.

a scavengers organization in Brazil, Colombia, South Africa and India has launched a campaign to safeguard workers and their families picking up the interest, against the burning of garbage. But the United Nations that rotting garbage would create methane, and methane is a greenhouse gas


the last one-month decline in foreign exchange dates back to December 2007.

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

21 People’s Bank of China released the latest data show that in our foreign exchange balances continue to hit new high after some recent callback, appeared in October a net decrease of 200 billion a rare phenomenon.

11 21, central bank data showed foreign exchange to reduce the 24.892 billion yuan in October, for the first time in nearly four years. Although only 0.1% qoq but foreign exchange from several months of positive growth to negative growth, is still causing widespread concern. In August, a substantial increase in foreign exchange was 376.94 billion yuan, but the amount added in September fell to 247.263 billion yuan. China’s foreign exchange

This is the first decline in nearly four years, the last one-month decline in foreign exchange dates back to December 2007.

foreign exchange acquisition of foreign assets the central bank put the corresponding national currency. Analysts pointed out that changes in foreign exchange liquidity to some extent reflect changes in the current international financial situation in the context of profound changes in the international phenomenon of cross-border capital flows have slowed down.

interview that the European debt crisis, the international financial situation has undergone profound changes, cross-border capital flows become more complex and uncertain, a number of factors working together, lead to reduction in foreign exchange.

Bank macro-economic analyst Tang Jianwei that downturn in the stock market and real estate continue to raise the context of international cross-border capital investment in China has decreased enthusiasm, do not rule out some hot money back.

There are also bank foreign exchange dealers said the market for some time past there have been expectations of devaluation, the banking exchange behavior of reduced, resulting in reduction of foreign exchange data.

for reducing the impact of foreign exchange, economists believe that the decline in foreign exchange will reduce the supply of market liquidity, and ease the pressure on the central bank’s currency hedging.


Analysts believe that the decline in foreign exchange is to become the future trend remains to be seen, but large-scale outflow of hot money are not likely, the market will not suddenly tight liquidity situation.

According to the Xinhua News Agency


aged 50 to 60 age group the divorce rate fell by 9.7%

Monday, November 21st, 2011

The latest UK statistics show that divorce rate of 60 or older, a rising divorce rate is the only age group. Many elderly people in pursuit of a new life divorce, so this phenomenon was called

unique phenomenon

statistics show divorced in 2007, more than 60 years the number of 11,040 people in 2009, increased to 11,507, an increase of about 4.2%, of which more men than women.

although over the age of 60 increase in the number of divorced persons is limited, it is noteworthy that this is the only UK divorce rate increased age.

from the overall situation, the UK divorce rate is falling.

2007, the British total of 12.8 million couples divorced in 2009, dropped to about 114,000 pairs, a decline of 11%. One, aged 50 to 60 age group the divorce rate fell by 9.7%; four 50-year-old age divorce rate decreased by 9.4%; three-year-old to 40 years old decreased 15.5%; eighteen thirties down 11.4%.

At this point, they get plenty of personal time, many people feel there is no common language with the other half, so the decision to divorce, to look for happiness.

social organization in the elderly, the beginning of life, not like before the end of that life. not ‘old’ and they can do a lot and even most of the young man can do, such as the degree of a long vacation to the Himalayas to Borneo, hiking, to the vast wilderness adventure or try a young man never had the opportunity to try new sports.

divorce is not easy

However, the elderly, divorce is not easy, many children can not accept the divorce of their parents, some lonely life after divorce.

TV show host, reporter 埃丝特兰森 said she has been exposed to live a lonely life after a divorce many of the elderly. She said that sometimes, people to divorce, but eventually had to sign the divorce agreement, they are puzzled by a sudden turn of events, abnormal alone. This is really tragic.


including 21 prefecture level

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Nanfang Daily reporter Lei Yue Ji Xuan correspondent since 2004 , the Guangdong provincial inspection agencies in the inspections uncovered a large number of cadres and law and discipline leads to departmental-level cadres involved 18 people , 22 department-level cadres . Recently, the Office of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee visited some of the media published a relevant case , including a district of Zhuhai travel twice Tanmou propaganda and claims to find TV stations and so on.

2006 , Guangdong in the prefecture level and provincial units , universities, state-owned enterprises on the basis of such visits , the country’s first , conducted a tour of part of the county . Since the second half of 2009 , Provincial ten inspection teams focused on a succession of five batches of 50 counties in the tour .

According to reports, inspection before each shipment , Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection visits do have letters to the provincial chamber , supervision of cadres at the provincial Organization Department and other departments were visited to collect letters of the unit in recent years , and made available to inspection teams for reference. In a number of inspection teams to conduct inspections on the understanding of the problem and found this as a breakthrough .

tour ended, according to inspections understand the specific circumstances of provincial inspection group of the problem to the original petition to provide department feedback . Inspection found that the important clues, transferred directly from the inspection office discipline inspection organs at all levels , through centralized processing , inspections found clues to improve the investigation and punishment . For inspection by the inspection teams found that the general problem of feedback , the principal leaders of the party and government leaders , especially the outstanding issues , the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection , Ministry of Provincial Organization for feedback and help .

It is understood that , since 2004 , total provincial inspection agencies have carried out 22 inspections , totaling 216 units inspected ( time ), including 21 prefecture level , 64 counties (cities , districts) , 46 provincial units, including people’s organizations , 26 provincial colleges and universities, 20 provincial state-owned enterprises. Through inspections , inspect units were found to be problematic 1094 , make recommendations to the provincial government 149 , which made ​​adjustments to the provincial team of 31 recommendations to be put forward rectification opinions and suggestions inspection unit 975 , the transfer of authority to discipline law and discipline of leading cadres 57 clues , which involves 18 ground level cadres , 22 department-level cadres .


Check a Cha hospital

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Check a Cha hospital to make track for to escape to keep a high pressure situation for 8 years

Province checks related representative director in the Cha hospital to tell Yugoslavia city to report a reporter, learn at Chen Jian for sneaking away of 8 yearses time in, the province checks a Cha hospital height the value learn to suspect, Chen Jian, of crime of pursue and arrest a work.The province checks leadership in the Cha hospital to hear to make track for to escape for many times the work progress circumstance makes collective report, and aim at to make track for to escape the existent difficulty and the problem in the work, many times with face the department concerneds,到會服務such as Gao Xuan2 Wei and county government…etc. carries on communication to moderate and depends on local public security official’s organization in the meantime, basic level cure to protect organization, launch local villager’s crowd progressively checks to seek the direction that Chen Jian learns and hides a location.

8 in the last yearses, the check Cha organization always keeps to make track for the high pressure situation of escaping the work and arrest the decision that Chen Jian learns constant, the strength don’t reduce.The festival periods, such as Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year…etc. in every year, the check Cha organizations all arrange police strength to carry on touching the row stay and wait, according to controling of intelligence report clues, organizing police strength to learn to Chen Jian for many times may hide a location to carry on hunting for, and successively send a member to leave for grounds, 美食到會such as Hunan and Guangxi…etc. to grasp to catch Chen Jian to learn.

The crime suspect finally gives oneself ups to the police to surrender to justice on his/her own initiative

The province checks the Cha hospital successively sends a member to make thinking of patience delicacy to want to work to the relatives that suspect, Chen Jian, of crime learns for many times, mobilizes Chen Jian to learn to give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice on one’s own initiative and fights for a generous processing.On September 19, 2011, crime suspect, Chen Jian, learns to go to province to check expression in the Cha hospital to give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice will through its relatives and save check Cha hospital the leadership received to come to visit in person of Chen Jian learn relatives and urge a crime suspect, Chen Jian, learn to give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice soon.

On September 21, 2011, the Supreme People’s Court and tallest people checked Cha hospital, public security official’s department and judiciary to unite to release on September 21 《concerning urge the public notice that gives oneself ups to the police to surrender to justice in the escaped convict convict member 》.The public notice points out that release from this public notice of day since to check Cha hospital, court of the people and jail or place unit, city country toward the public security official’s organization and people before December 1, 2011 basic level organization the etc. parties concerned, organization give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice, if actually make a deposition oneself’s criminal acts, can by law from lightly or ease a punishment;Committing crime is lighter, can dismiss a punishment.

After two public notices of two Gaos release, the sea south check Cha organization in province actively develops to have the work to aim at sex and again urge Chen Jian to learn relatives to advise he/she gives oneself ups to the police to surrender to justice and fights for a generous processing.

Flee from home 8 years of long crime suspect, Chen Jian,Learning Chinese to learn the sea check Cha hospital in south province to give oneself up to the police to surrender to justice on November 8, 2011, under the awe of the law and the inspiration of the policy.Currently, that case just in the middle of investigating further.

dawn happy radicle

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

The dawn happy radicle son gets married 3 the beginning of years”match a body”10 tightly button up to be popular Tan
Dawn and joy radicle son gets married for 3 years, recently often spread a marriage to change, force 2 people give out sound clear clarify,宮頸癌yesterday he leaves for New York attendant”2 China movie stanzas of New York” make awards ceremony and receive outstanding entertainer’s prize in Asia, he leads long to enjoy the hand of radicle son to is popular Tan to greatly bask conjugal love and causes a medium disturbance, these are the husband and wife for the first time unite Mei attendant public activity, smash a marriage to change with the activity rumours.

According to the “Apple Daily” news in Taiwan, dawn and joy radicle son is in the United States in 2008 register matrimony, last month spread 2 people gather little leave more up the age differed 13 years old, feelings became thin, spread joy radicle son move leave loved nest, the marriage changed it said not Jing but walk, afterwards even once had a hearsay pointed chapter son the Yi got involved and forced 2 people hurriedly through agent company hair the joint call extinguished fire.

The marriage changes rumours recently temporary Xie,宮寒症 “2 China movie stanzas of New York” sponsored by American American China art association, held to make awards ceremony in the Lincoln center of New York, the United States yesterday, acquire the dawn of “outstanding entertainer’s prize in Asia”, made a special trip to fly to accept award to New York yesterday.

He leads long a joy radicle the son be popular Tan, 2 people all wear whole blackses to fasten full dress, 10 tightly button up to look affectionate and sweet and smash a marriage to change rumours, the dawn smiles to say:”Win a prize very honor, hope that Asian Chinese people’s movie can more do more good, get more national affirmation.”The happy radicle son accompanies a husband to attend a public activity for the very first time, she happily says:”I get to California early in the morning, because of setting out Peking works ex- have a the sky file can fly to New York, so in person arrive the spot support Leon’s accepting award.”

The Li enjoys to marry for 3 years old is bad-mouthed

Wager city in 2008 registration:Dawn and joy radicle son registers matrimony at the wager city

9|25 spread a marriage to change:Starts spreading 2 people to gather this year little leave much, enjoy radicle son belly have no action,yanpi tiao shi shenme bing spread she moves to leave love nest to live separately

10|03 pronouncement clearnesses:2 people give out sound clear refute sharply a marriage to change, change to report reservation to pursue right to the medium marriage

10|19 Pekings hold the hand:The net friend claps to two people Peking’s affectionate Wan hands goes shopping to shine on and prove that the conjugal love is as usual

10|26 is concocted by the Pu:Hong Kong medium report two people Peking’s affectionate Wan hands to shine on is concoct, the dawn accuses that medium calumny after

delivery transmission

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

The young man suffers from express delivery dependence the disease and city get married a wedding invitation express delivery transmission
Everyday of evening newspaper Xun”who is a × × ×, you of express delivery ……” in city is we sit in the office, will hear an express delivery member this familiarly call.Along with express delivery more and more convenient, a lot of young men also suffered from one after another”express delivery dependence disease”.The white gets after the on-line shopping of the office workers everyday to wait to hope to the express delivery, etc. not arrive the express delivery will have great of lose feeling, and house male house the females , for keeping the house, LED illuminates a chip seteven buy snack to also all seek an express delivery to help ……

Office worker>>

Together the city wedding invitations all use an express delivery

The Qi goes to work outside the some long spring of Wang Qi is also a member of “express delivery dependence disease”.Wang Qi says that she has been feeling when that she has no is horary seeking the express delivery help is 1 to save time a labor-saving affair very much, “I as long as you spend several more dollars, can complete the affair that I want to do, can be also economical to come out for own time, He Le is not?”

Wang Qi says that an oneself has an appointment in the evening, the mail arrives the home articles of unit to have no way to take to go home and take to date again inconvenient, if put unit again not rest assured.Hence she sought an express delivery and got to mother’s home thing mail, “from that after, I feel reasonable that making use of an express delivery is in fact very convenient.”Wang Qi’s a lot of friends also all depend on very much to the express delivery,head to choose ground together with in the middle of growing the university classmate of spring, getting married formal invitations to all get to her hand with the express delivery mail of.

Resist a house clan>>

Ten thousand matters all want an express delivery help

The small 玥 is a free writer, the work in everyday is to write some articles at home, to each big newspapers and magazines contributions in the website, write tired then will play a game, have a chat QQ ……as time passes, became the name matches the reality of resist a house clan.

No matter buy vegetables and buy snack, even is buy lady health thing, she will seek an express delivery help.”My friend is all basic to contact on the net, the express delivery member is an unique my house guest.I all basically will order to like thing on the net, for hurrying up, I will seek together the seller of city, basically will arrive like this for a day.”The small 玥 says.

Express delivery member>>

The kitty puppies all want to pass

Have already worked express delivery for four years member eldest brother say, not only the clothes, shoes and socks, food, and home articles…etc. is used an express delivery, also someone make a phone call to want an express delivery kitty puppy.German Frankfurt“We are to have the prescriptive, the kitty puppy lives so body animal all can not express delivery of, afraid at gather to pack the lieutenant general little animal suppresses dead, so we don’t accept an express delivery like this.”The eldest brother says.