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machine reserve

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Getting married the register can by hand the machine reserve
After releasing a net to up reserve after this city, the citizen will also pass the way that the cellular phone get to the Internet to carry on getting married register to reserve from now on.Citizen’s political situation meant recently that that service will formally break through an usage in the near future.The reporter discovers in the morning that the cellular phone reserves service currently already”last line”.

The reporter learns of this morning, citizen’s political situation has already united “the window of capital city” in the city hall official site,jiaolvzheng the common development concludes marriage to register on-line reserve system ambulation terminal the customer carry procedure and investigate by hand the machine carry on get married to register a net to up reserve.

Citizen’s political situation meant recently that various functions adjusted to try already basic complete, should serve to will formally break through an usage in the near future.But whole city the marriage register an organization not to accept message and telephone to reserve.

Originally, the cellular phone reserves this mode not is pass the cellular phone message completion reserves, but make use of the cellular phone gets to the Internet of function, the download corresponds of the customer carry software and register “the window of capital city” huan shang yanranjuniors line in the website to reserve.

Citizen’s political situation means that getting to the Internet to reserve through a cellular phone can reserve the whichever workday in whole yearses, and ex- expect to practice of pass a computer net to up reserve a homology.And reserve not to take any expenses.

Specially remind

The cellular phone reserves to download customer first to carry

This morning, reporter by hand the machine directly registers the ambulation gate detection in the website of the window of capital city by hand the machine carries on the function that gets married to register a net to up reserve already inauguration usage.

Pass in its home page to click “the customer carries a download”, after downloading to install a small software, can get into customer to carry a supermarket, choose that the matrimony reserves to register free service.The reporter discovers that the window customer of capital city carries currently and can support Symbian and WindowsMobile, Android and iPhone under the system of big part of essential cellular phone models.

The window related staff member of capital city tells a reporter, the cellular phone reserves to get married the service item that the register provides,manxing yanran is same with the service process provided for reserving network that break through already currently.Currently, there has been some customers enjoying to conclude a marriage to reserve register service through a cellular phone.

lower and lower

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The decade of”remain a female” in Korea increases 480,000 to get married a fertility rate lower and lower
3, according to Korea statistics hall of survey, female newly married age in Korea has already broken 30 years old, and”remain female” about 30 years old, compare a 10-year front many 48 myriad peoples.

The survey discovers that female about 30 years old in Korea in the middle, 30%s are all single, on the average every 3 females about 30 years old in the middle have 1, this kind of phenomenon is in the Chiang-Nan area of Korea Seoul City more obvious,Real estate turmoil the 30 years old above female and single rate is up to above 43% here.

The analysis thinks that get married now in Korean young man’s eyes, being no longer life have to of an item, but a kind of choice of life style.Korea statisticses another survey of hall to suggest as a result, the young generation person had very big variety to the happy standpoint, majority of single Korea females thought, influence happy four greatest factors the first is health, is secondly economic condition, the third is the development of business, finally is a matrimony, combined insightis also say in young and female heart in modern Korea, matrimony or not to the influence of the happy index number more and more Be getting smaller.

Korean female’s position in society is more and more high, the female pays attention to his/her own the development in society more, they think would rather create with own hands than consign happiness on the husband’s body more dependable.

Korean female’s marrying late even doesn’t marry and also let fertility rate greatly in order to lower, average[one] women grows the sons and daughters’ number at 1.2 people from cradle to the grave currently.This is a serious problem to Korea,building City therefore the government draws up a lot of policies and measure, devotes major efforts to encourage to grow and raises a fertility rate.

loves different Tai

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

The marriage that the diverse value collides loves different Tai

“The marriage changes destiny, the network changes marriage.”The network marriage originates the cohabitation Utopia that a female website in Taiwan releases game, at virtual diagram text experience personally marital life in the environment.still defend disease

“Be free from matrimony condition, space, race, culture, age, position, and property condition…etc. various restriction, divorce a condition is as simple as procedure, is 1 kind to draw up to make marriage.”Normal University Wu Lian Lian of Hangzhou tells a reporter, the spirit is empty with look for to stimulate mental state to urge a netizen to continuously join net marriage row or column, will not only break realistic marriage, cause a lot of teenagers sinking into, but also induct a crime.

QQ, UC, MSN, email, blog and tiny Bo, and chat room…etc. each kind of correspondence tool changed people’s life style, gorgeous shine on a door and open a door, network naked chat, tiny Bo flirtation etc. the network affairs all corroborates Internet and communication technique to the huge impact that the traditional marriage family brings.

Modern era law firm Wang Ke of Zhejiang first lawyer the affairs of occurrence carried on to categorize in recent years, mainly have six medium type.

One is the scandal in the reality Be enlarged by Internet, wound and spouse, if don’t seriously handle to the party concerned in time,basal metabolismwill result in bad influence, if Anhui old planned parenthood in the state City and vice- director’s Liu Xiao Hui’s extra-marital affairs of the population committee, Yunnan Kunming City development and reform committee charge administrative office deputy director become set up a soldier to gather many Yins disorderly, as a result drive at limits of the earth etc. the forum sticks hair up”gorgeous shine on”.

It two is make use of Internet, modern communication to make a porn activity, have illicit love, flirtation, wound and spouse, such as Guangzhou City white cloud area Hsinshih street office director Liu of Guangdong rather the food Be naked to chat, the province Li sun City health bureau chief of Jiangsu thanks ambition strong and sweetheart the tiny Bo flirtation appointment open building etc..

“Making use of Internet dispersal is bad of porn, have sexual love information, make use of Internet sexual love the remote control make porn bargain, even carry out a crime crime activity ……” Wang Ke first says that communication’s committing crime has already slowly evolved a cancer, the marriage family relates to of the stability not only depend on the husband and wife’s responsibility and self-discipline, but also need to strengthen the norm management of website, communication, particularly is strengthen to leadership staff of direct.

The different Tai that is worth of a diversification causing marriage family realm repeatedly?weight reduction 《Legal Daily 》the reporter discover in the interview the ages changes and sex idea of the liberation make people’s cognition to the marriage family stability gradually weak thin.

reading a Doctor

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Han Mei calls gold positive boon already last year got married bride’s side is reading a Doctor
October 31 said that Korea labors the party central military committee vice- member of committee long gold positive boon already and a salty mirror north way female’s matrimony about 20 years old for being from.However the Korean government means and there is no proof confirmation, this news.旅遊資源開發

Report way the words that cite a news personage say:”Korea labors party and troops staff in succession rumours, gold the positive boon and pure[one] female in the Jin region have already got married last year.”As the news’ personage says, and the gold positive boon get married of the woman is a pure north salty mirror way water south region in Jin City to is from and graduate from a gold to become comprehensive university for day, is reading a Doctor now.She is more 2 years younger than gold positive boon, its father is the teacher of pure University of Jin City, and its mother is in water south gynecology work in the region.風景遊賞網絡

The report way said that once spread last month the gold positive boon got married of hearsay.Hearsay said at that time, Korea labored party administration minister Zhang Cheng Ze in the gold day become comprehensive the university selected personal character and the academic records all very excellent woman, and introduced it to a gold positive boon, two people held to conclude marriage rites last year after two years of in love.風景區概況

However, still have no news confirmation so far whether the leading lady in the hearsay and the leading lady of recent hearsay is also the same person, and has no accurate proof to support these rumours last time.Korean[one] officials of government also says:”The relevant contents got married to the gold positive boon, the Korean aspect didn’t get any confirmation.”