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a set of the same design environment and platform to carry out the design

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Beidou satellites have been successfully launched and the construction of Beidou navigation system caused widespread concern in public opinion at home and abroad, China’s satellite navigation and positioning application management, director of Bao-Feng Yang, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Aerospace Minister ZHAO Xiao-chun reporters at a press revealed that this year China Aerospace has completed 19 space launches, space launches this year, the number of ranking among the world’s second largest, will also be technical innovation, the launch vehicle for the test batch groups, ZHAO Xiao-chun said that China’s space launch period is in the high-density,

100 satellites launched into space, 100 satellites in orbit and stable operation. Nearly four to five years, an average of about 20 times a year to implement the space launch activities. This year, China Aerospace has completed a 19 space launch, launched 21 spacecraft, including three Beidou navigation satellite, of course, include the Temple One and Shenzhou VIII. The number of space launches this year ranked among the world’s second China: Russia is 36 times, China 19, United States 18 times. Beidou satellite navigation system developed and launched in 2020 but also more than 30 navigation satellites, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation assumed the satellite and launch vehicle system developed and launched two major tasks. The mission developed and launched with the following characteristics: First, technical difficulties, the development of a very tight schedule requirements; Second, product consistency, reliability requirements are very high; three, require fast network, emission density is very high, probably an average annual launch 7-8 navigation satellites. For these characteristics, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation in technology and innovation management are carried out. The first group of batch test, More than 30 satellites ready to grant sub-group of 3-4 batch production, to carry out multi-satellite, multi-arrow parallel testing and trials. Second, product engineering, product design, process, state of curing, the product of common stereotypes, to carry out critical product reliability growth testing, we also build production lines to ensure product consistency and reliability. Third, process optimization, collaborative work, set intellectual research.

We produce, test, test and launch the process to optimize the use of information technology tools, a set of the same design environment and platform to carry out the design, simulation, verification, taking full advantage of the national universities, research institutions of scientific research efforts set of intellectual and expert resources to research. Through constant technological innovation and management innovation, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to high efficiency, high reliability and timely completion of the satellite launch vehicle development, launch the task.


for harbor and abet crimes

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration for Industry, the State Food and Drug Administration Bulletin No. 1682, No.

to further promote CL ; feed inventory collection job. Announcement on the matter are as follows:

First, any unit or individual is prohibited the production, sale and use of

Second, the inventory of this collection of cloth he Lin, phenylethanolamine A, bambuterol hydrochloride Qipateluo, chlorpromazine hydrochloride that forest, Maputo Castro, Sibutramine Castro, bromine Bute Luo, tartaric Fu Castro, formoterol fumarate Castro. Has registered as a person with drug production, sale and use of, not within the scope of the inventory of the collection. Farms (households), the acquisition of trafficking enterprises (cooperatives, brokers), and registered or obtained the registration of the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary drugs and related corporate sales outlets must take the initiative to save the assigned to local government departments.

Third, where the public security organs and agriculture (animal husbandry and veterinary) department of the immediately stop the sale, purchase and use, and take the initiative turned over the storage of feed products to the local government designated departments.

Fourth, the references in this announcement within one month from the date of the initiative turned over to the , reduce or exempt from punishment; refused to surrender and in the future inventory, remediation, case detection in seized, be severely punished according to law.

five units and streets, towns and villages should be careful to workers, residents, villagers publicize the announcement, encouraging citizens to report the production, sale and use of For meritorious, and rewarded; for harbor and abet crimes, shall be held liable; retaliation for whistle-blowers, they shall be severely punished.

Since the release of this announcement from the date of implementation.

and sign an agreement

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Guangxi Bureau of Housing and Urban Lingui former deputy director of Fu-bus traffic accident was driving drunk will be a father and two people injured sun, which the father was pushed into a vegetative state, Lingui financial County building housing the Bureau, deputy director of the traffic accident to help December 19, Lingui Financial Bureau official said the relevant departments, the borrower has not yet returned to the county treasury.

It is understood that at 22:00 on October 5th 2010 or so, Lingui live URA was former deputy director of Fu-drink-driving units of Honda cars driving in Lingui the waterway, the first hit with a After driving three-wheeled motorcycle to move on, suddenly rushed to the left lane to hit the road for the electric car. Lead to an electric car, father and son injured Yang, Yang due to a serious head injury, to the hospital unconscious. After the incident, Fu – have fled the scene, home to even drink a few bottles of mineral water, and then to the county traffic police for questioning. In for questioning two hours, six bathrooms on Lee. Fu-passing a blood test, blood alcohol concentration of 197.94mg/dl, Fu – but the police did not have to take measures. November 24, 2010, media reports about this, the Fu-day Lingui have police criminal detention, and then have to be removed from Lingui Fu – Deputy Secretary of Housing and Urban office. In the same year on December 7, Fu – have been arrested.

January 30, Fu – the families of the injured was a criminal in order to obtain an understanding reached with the families of victims of civil compensation agreement, both sides agreed to a one-off compensation Fu – $ 1.46 million injured family never held accountable. March 15, Lingui court, Fu – was guilty of the Crime, exempted from criminal punishment.

According to the insider, Lingui live URA report it to the county government, the proposed county appropriated 1.33 million yuan to help Fu-County Bureau of Housing and Urban get advance compensation payments, then the building housing the Council is responsible for recovery. Report has been a long time Lingui Peng on behalf of any element (the current Lingui committee secretary) and sign an agreement, Peng Yuan in the report was signed on behalf of County allocated 1.33 million yuan to finance the building housing the County Council, Fu – have civil liability for the county building housing the Bureau to help Fu-deduction previously was part of advance money, on June 30, Fu – get paid on behalf of the remaining 93 thousand dollars in damages. Meanwhile, Fu-two houses were mortgaged to the building housing the Bureau County, agreed to return the money after the auction finance.

The legal profession here that financial allocations for the county drunk driving accident, deputy director of

December 19, correspondent in Lingui visit the relevant government departments. Lingui finance bureau told reporters after verification of the Office of Tang Zhuren, Fu – get a penny of borrowing has not returned to the county finance bureau, according to county requirements, the building housing the Council has the responsibility to recover the money.

In the afternoon, this reporter went to interview Lingui building housing the Bureau, the Office of a middle-aged woman said, the Secretary and the secretary went to the meeting. Reporters called the county building housing the Bureau Director Li’s phone, Mr Lee said the propaganda department with the county before the interview.


stations and other outlets will also be taken to increase the window

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The annual Spring Festival Transportation curtain is about to open. 2012 Spring Festival, the full implementation of the railway sector will be the first Internet booking, phone booking, pay the fare and other new electronic ticketing methods. Recently, the Ministry of Railways issued a notice, automatic voice telephone booking of railway organization and management of a further specification.

Gaosuibuyou Thailand reported that the spring period, the telephone booking in advance pre-sale period than the window, but not for 3 days (including day) within the ticket.

The majority of visitors make the railway department of the telephone booking number 95105105, and only pay local city calls. Telephone booking system is open daily from 6 pm to 23 pm. The day before 12 passengers booked tickets will be held until the day 24, day 12 after the booking of tickets will be retained until the next day 12. Passenger can set the phone full price ticket, children tickets, student tickets, disabled veterans vote, but can not handle the altered tickets and refund services.

Telephone booking passengers, shall enter a valid ID number, order number ticket things, except when required to hold the original or a copy of identity documents. Student tickets are required for use when booking a valid ID and be accompanied by student ticket discount student ID card (all original) to install a student ticket discount card reader or a railway station ticket window ticket outlets for tickets business.

Telephone bookings valid documents including: People’s Republic of resident identity card, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, passport.

Tickets for the convenience of visitors, the larger the railway sector in the country set up a special station ticket window, stations and other outlets will also be taken to increase the window, set up a special window and other initiatives.

2012 Spring Festival will begin on January 8, tremendous changes the way ticket sales, ticket in three new ways to help, it is expected this year will be the greatest change in the spring of the year the railway. Currently, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the new way ticket, the railway sector in advance of testing equipment, and implement safeguards to ensure safe operation of equipment.

It is understood that, since spring 2012, January 8 to February 16 for a period of 40 days. This year’s ticket sales practices change significantly, is the greatest change over the years, railway spring of the year. This is mainly reflected in the booking area of ​​the network. Ministry of Railways official said Thursday, in addition to telephone booking, the Spring Festival this year again to expand the scope of network booking, K prefix At this point, passengers can book tickets through the Internet the way for the trips cover the prefix inter-city C, D motor car prefix, G prefix high-speed rail, Z prefix directly, T and K prefix prefix fast express all the train.


According to U.S. media reports

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Global Network reporter Julia Tan reported in continuous opposition to rally to protest the Russian State Duma election fraud there is occasion , the Russian billionaire Mikhail Lavrov Whirlpool Rojo on December 12 announced that it would challenge Putin in next year’s presidential campaign . However, the Russian opposition leaders that the election is successful Prokhorov little hope , saying the plan is subject to the Kremlin ‘s

According to U.S. media reports, worth $ 18 billion Russian billionaire Prokhorov 12 , announced he will establish a new political challenge to Putin , Russia to participate in next year ‘s presidential election in March . He held a news conference in Moscow , said :

But Russia’s opposition to come soon attack the plan. According to the U.S. Reported that Prokhorov candidates may use the public’s growing dissatisfaction with the Kremlin ‘s mood. Some observers point out that Prokhorov ‘s election gave the protesters a political catharsis way , not only allows them to let off steam , without Putin’s re- election would pose a substantial threat , Putin may be starting to some help.

British Russian political analyst Stanislav other Seoul Khodorkovsky the Russian media that Prokhorov had previously participated in political activities inspired by the Kremlin , he was the candidate


Greece to 300 million euros

Monday, December 12th, 2011

8, the European Bank Board announced the results of stress tests showed that the European banking industry to be added 114.7 billion euros (about $ 153 billion ) capital .

The results show that the German banking capital shortfall of 131 million euros ( $ 17.4 billion) , Italy 154 million euros ( $ 20.5 billion ), France 73 million euros ( $ 9.7 billion) , Spain 26.2 billion euros (about $ 34.98 billion ), Greece to 300 million euros ( $ 40.1 billion ) .

European Bank Authority, additional capital ‘s main purpose is to create an additional temporary capital buffer to deal with sovereign debt risk and other credit risks.

European Bank Authority in July this year, the stress test results showed that 90 tested , only eight European banks failed to pass , the funding gap of only 25 billion euros ( $ 3.3 billion) . But a report in October , the agency said , before the middle of next year in order to increase the core capital adequacy ratio to 9% , the European banking industry need to increase 106 billion euros ( $ 141.5 billion ) .


China has dispatched 10 Fleet escort

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Departure from the South China Sea , the Xisha , Nansha , Singapore Strait , Malacca Strait, through the Indian Ocean , sailed 4400 sea miles , will arrive in the

Gulf of Aden is located in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea waters between a dark blue , each year nearly 100 countries and regions have only been here about two million vessels . However , in recent years , due to war- torn Somalia , making the region’s rampant piracy , a serious threat to the waters of international shipping , maritime trade and maritime security , peace is no longer the beautiful Gulf of Aden .

In order to maintain this December 26, 2008 , the first Chinese naval escort fleet set sail from Sanya , Phi wave chopped waves , ocean escort embarked on a long journey.

As of November 20, 2011 , China has dispatched 10 Fleet escort , security escort foreign ships 4303 , was successfully rescued 42 pirate attacks in pursuit of foreign ships.

Three years , the Navy escort soldiers mission in the shoulder , again and again to face life and death , again and again tested in the deep sea ocean silently suffer for their loved ones thoughts and worries , with courage and determination to take the Chinese to the maintenance of world peace, the responsibility to adhere to the Chinese Navy blue channel for this piece of commitment to peace .

Chinese Navy escort mission in the implementation of the third anniversary , this issue special reports introduction , and readers to jointly review the spectrum of the Chinese navy in the vast ocean of magnificent painted track


for power about 160

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 (Xinhua) U.S. Warren Buffett ‘s MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company announced Thursday , with the first solar equipment company signed an agreement to acquire the latter valued at more than $ 2 billion Tuopo Zi solar power plants.

This solar power plant located in southern California , the project started in November this year , is expected to be completed by 2015 , production capacity is expected after up to 550 million watts , is one of the world’s two solar power generation capacity equivalent to half the nuclear reactors, for power about 160,000 California residents . Meanwhile, the plant can reduce emissions of 377,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually , equivalent to 73,000 vehicles carbon emissions.

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company chairman , said in a statement Geleigeai Boolean , involved in solar power industry is a strategic decision to strengthen renewable energy development and utilization .

Acquisition news release , the first solar stock prices.

Buffett believes that investment in public utilities The first nine months of this year , Buffett from the public utilities and energy companies to obtain $ 888 million revenue increase of 13% over last year .

MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company is a major U.S. wind power company , also holds a Chinese company BYD new energy companies.


physical therapy

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

520 days Yesterday morning, the Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal, This is the experience of 520 days after a closed trial, 29-year-old Chinese guy finally returned to the native land. China Manned Space Engineering Office, Mars 500 project team on behalf of the Chinese pilot and the parents of Wang Yue, Wang Yuekai welcome at the airport rotary.

who From China, Russia, France and Italy, six volunteers, with 250 days

The test is mainly simulation of human Mars exploration process can be tolerated by all, including future human Mars real, physiological and psychological need to protect and material security, with a great challenge.

Chinese volunteers from the China Astronaut Research and Training Center faculty astronauts Yue, he served as payload specialist during the trial.

November 4 this year, Flight Simulator Mars project the earth.

psychological recovery after returning

Mars in 520 days after the test spacewalk, Wang Yue in the completion of health checks, follow-up experiments, went to Germany for the test data collection.

Yesterday, the China Astronaut Center news, Yue will return to carry out his psychological recovery, to help him return home, return to normal working life, to adapt to changes in social roles after the test, provide the necessary counseling.

In addition, participating units arranged Yue held a variety of group activities, such as exchange reports, year-end summary, room, dinner, basketball, etc., to enhance the emotional communication with colleagues, as soon as possible into the collective.

At the same time, but also according to Wang Yue physical condition, use of Chinese medicine conditioning, massage, physical therapy, hydrotherapy and exercise therapy and other measures for its implementation of the medical recovery.


South Sudan decided to suspend export oil pipeline using its territory

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

China news agency, Beijing, December 5 (Zhang Weiran and Zhang Xiaoning) – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei 5 at a regular press conference that China has recently emerged between North and South Sudan tensions , especially on oil and other related issues expressed concern about the stalled negotiations , the Chinese Government ‘s Special Representative for Africa Ambassador Liu will be a recent visit to North and South Sudan , to do the work of peace and facilitate talks .

According to reports , the recent escalation of tensions between North and South Sudan , the two sides in the oil fields of conflicts have been intensified , Sudan, South Sudan decided to suspend export oil pipeline using its territory , threatening to shut the government of South Sudan to stop responding .

In this connection, Hong Lei said China has recently emerged between North and South Sudan tensions , especially on issues related to oil and other concerned stalled negotiations . Oil is the economic lifeline of north and south Sudan , to maintain normal production of oil the common interests of both countries . We hope both sides to calm restraint , on the basis of the mutual understanding , properly through consultations and negotiations to resolve the differences , the overall situation of maintaining peace in South Sudan .