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the original company of workers

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Since 2007 , the city has more than 100,000 former state-owned , collective enterprises, self-employed persons work in accordance with national , regional policies to catch up on the basic old-age insurance for urban workers , most of which officers have monthly basic pension , but there are still some who has not qualified for back procedures. City human resources and social security department warned : old-age insurance policies will be back in December 23, 2011 deadline , December 24 from agencies will no longer handle the business , please seize the time to meet the conditions for the staff .
As a rule, did not participate in funds for basic old-age insurance, the original company of workers (including the statutory retirement age than the national staff) , with the original unit, after the self-employed labor relations or other flexible way of employment , according to urban fee means the insured individual businesses to participate in funds for basic old-age insurance , which I hold ID card, household and corporate work in the original certificate , social insurance premium paid to the city center to apply for funds for basic old-age insurance, and starting from the month to work by individuals under Gui Zheng Fa [2006] 54 base pay and the provisions of the proportion of one-time payment of basic pension insurance back principal and interest . Among them, the local establishment of funds for basic old-age insurance system to work before , from the local establishment of funds for basic old-age insurance system back from the month , after which time and in full accordance with the regulations continue to pay the basic old-age insurance , the establishment of enterprise employees in the local prior to the original basic pension insurance system in the enterprise in accordance with state policies and regulations during the continuous length of service calculated , according to the current policy in our region for the deemed payment calculation period (from one agency to confirm the executive branch ) . The basic pension insurance back after staff , social insurance agencies will pay the insured person to build up personal accounts .


218 people participated in the election

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

News News Jingzhou Jingzhou Municipal CPC Organization Department spokesman’s hot on the Internet, .

Jiangling County Comrade Fan Jie, the father of township pharmacy staff, the mother of laid-off workers, the younger brother working in Shanghai. In July 2008, after graduation, through the province, long, party members; March 2010, Jiangling county focus on training women cadres of the long-term consideration, the county deputy township party and government cadres in the selection process, the appointment of Comrade Beach Town Fan Jie, deputy party secretary, mayor; 2011 In general, when the township in September, was elected party secretary Beach Town, NPC Chairman. In the county general inspection, Fan Jie comrades concentrated democratic recommendation, discussion of individual cases is good, the cadres and masses higher recognition, in line with the qualification conditions for exceptional promotion. Body building structure according to need, she was nominated candidates for the Standing Committee of Jiangling county, elected in October. Fan Jie comrades

previous promotion office, recognized by the masses is high. Jiangling county, township party and government bodies to participate in the public election of the members in the hiring of 12 cadres in the comprehensive performance ranking second. Promotion of democracy in the mayor’s recommendation, the recommendation of 54 participants, was 53 votes, ranked first. In the township party secretary, the NPC chairman democratic recommendation, the 46 participants recommended, get 41 votes, ranked first. Leadership in the county signed a general recommendation in the study, 44 participants recommended, get 36 votes, ranking the first; democratic evaluation unit 16 participants agreed to promote the use of 16 votes; poll 100 people took part in the overall evaluation of satisfaction of 73 votes, more satisfied with 19 votes, 8 votes do not understand. Jiangling County in the Fourth Party Congress, 218 people participated in the election, was 213 votes, was elected county member; subsequent fourth time the Committee candidate election, 40 people attended, was 33 votes, was elected County Committee. Considering the relatively short experience of Comrade township office, the county decided to continue to serve as her township party secretary, to focus on towns and further acceptance of life experiences.

from the study of the situation, Comrade comprehensive range of high quality clean development potential. Beach Town in the work, working with clear ideas, organization and coordination ability, due diligence, the courage to play, made some achievements. 2010 Beach Town was the county government as