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conducted in-depth study of China

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

According to Korea, close dialogue with China to establish relations of mutual trust.

Reported that Zheng turtle former South Korean Minister of Industry, conducted in-depth study of China, and published over the Ministry and the China-ROK relations and China-related books. For free routes in Asia pose a serious threat to South Korea full-scale war with China is not any good, it can not happen between the ROK and full-scale war, but can not be excluded in the West Sea (Yellow Sea) occurred in Korea the possibility of local conflicts, Han Jun is This must have the independent capability just in case.

For comparable with the U.S. dollar and the euro’s international reserve currency, then the currency of trade in the world occupy 20% more than important, but also to meet the free floating exchange rate, open capital markets, central bank independence and a prerequisite of China to meet these conditions at least 20 years, but won the direct trade and the RMB is expected to achieve in the short term this end, the two countries to establish a macroeconomic adjustment mechanism, to cooperate.

On get along, not to China to South Korea as a potential enemy. To live in harmony with China, but can not become like China, and China in order to survive must be different. In addition, Korea Ocean and the mainland to play the role of the media. close communication with China is also important to establish mutual trust in all fields with the Chinese people become friends, and build trust our understanding of China can not be confined to a vast territory, large population level, but also to understand some of the minor.


December 2011

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

According to the China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network reports: December 2011 , the Indian Army invested $ 1.5 billion in the international market tender short-range air defense missile system (SRSAM). India’s short-range air defense missile systems, the request is the ability to simultaneously deal with flight speed of 500 m / s above 15 km away from the multiple targets . System to ensure that at least 20 years of life , the life of the missile in 8 years. $ 1.5 billion of short-range air defense missile systems , including a total of 36 launchers and 1,000 missiles will be deployed in two infantry regiments . India in the next five to seven years for the Army’s 8th Infantry regiment to deploy short-range air defense missile system. Each infantry regiment deployed short-range air defense missile system costs about $ 800 million.

India’s tender covers the United States, Russia and European countries , its missile research and development business , including the United States Raytheon, the Israeli Rafael company , MBDA ( France) and Thales (France ) , Germany’s Diehl Defence , Russia map instrument design Bureau and Russia pulled export companies , export companies of Ukraine and South Korea ‘s LIG NEX1 company.

India’s Defence Research and Development Laboratory early in 2007 with the MBDA company signed a joint development of new generation no hurry to wait for the project , short-range air defense missile systems are needed .

India’s air defense weapons, sparing no effort on investment , in 2009 , India $ 2.5 billion from the Israeli Rafael company purchased two infantry regiments , forces. In 2011, the Indian Army has spent $ 3 billion for the infantry regiment ordered a range of 30 kilometers , At the same time the Army also discuss purchasing


The report also questioned said

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

British However, a leaked report from the U.S. Department of Defense , which is designed aircraft obvious defects , can not even lead to aircraft landing on an aircraft carrier .

The report quoted a leaked report , F-35C fighters in August 2011 landed eight times the simulation failed, mainly due to aircraft tail hook and the bottom of the main round of the distance is too short , only about 2.13 meters .

When high-speed aircraft carrier landing , the main wheels run over the cable on the deck of the block , due to too short , too late to return to the original height of cables , resulting in aircraft tail hook not been able to hook the cable to make aircraft stopped at any time due to aircraft momentum is too large and out of the carrier landing , drop the ocean.

The report also questioned said , F-35C failed to provide adequate air support , and questioned the fighters can not launch the UK Asraam air missiles . In addition, many aircraft still in testing , is likely to be more problems .

Report described the F-35C requires

British Ministry of Defense spokesman declined to comment , but confirmed last month, British Defense Secretary Philip Hammond has met with U.S. Secretary of Defense Panetta to discuss the issue , and that Britain will continue to purchase F-35C fighters .

UK Shadow Defense Secretary Jim Murphy said that Britain, as the island should be able to operate on the carrier aircraft , the authorities should explain clearly the impact of these problems on defense .

It is reported , F-35 series aircraft including the A -type conventional takeoff and landing , vertical landing type B and type C carrier , are alleged to have many defects , of which C-type of structure is most serious.


Brent crude hit an intraday high of nearly $ 114

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

U.S. President Barack Obama signed the Iranian New Year’s Eve severe financial sanctions legislation. Analysis that formed the EU move against Iran’s nuclear program the West camp.

U.S. Treasury official said the White House to support the proposal to the European embargo on Iranian oil , and believe it can not disrupt the global oil market situation , cut off Iran’s oil revenues .

The EU embargo would force Iran to look for other oil buyers. EU countries buy about 45 million barrels per day of Iranian oil , is Iran’s second largest crude oil export target . Iran exports about 2.6 million barrels of oil per day .

Reported that the impact of rising oil prices affected by this factor , Brent crude hit an intraday high of nearly $ 114 , up from Tuesday’s close of nearly $ 2 . Most traders expect Iran can still find a buyer in the crude oil market , but must provide a substantial discount .


Global Network International Military Center January 6

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Global Network International Military Center January 6, 2012 News : Philippines newest and most modern navy ships arrive in Palawan , South China Sea, nine out of line and enter the inner waters of my so-called According to the earlier .

Philippine Coast Guard in August last year to buy the Aquino said at the launching ceremony , Aquino also expressed the hope that the United States to buy a

Water in the day while the ship made ​​the Philippines ‘ Tiger Banu ‘ number, when the amphibious ship is mainly used for transporting troops , tanks , vehicles , artillery equipment and other logistics. In addition, the Philippine Navy also tested its first modified BO-105 helicopter and the other modified while several warships .

Aquino said the Philippine military will not only focus on the response to internal threats , but also respond to external challenges . He said the Philippines should be through the purchase of new weapons and equipment to modernize its military , to improve the military ‘s ability to respond .


state government play in the new year

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

4 South Korean Defense Ministry said South Korea and the United States on the principles of the signing of a joint anti-aggressive plan to reach a consensus, the project aims to deal with potential North Korean attack. South Korean Defense Ministry also revealed that the two sides will sign the relevant plan this month.

4 South Korean Defense Ministry said in a 2012 South Korean defense plan for the book, said South Korea will soon sign a deal with North Korea and the United States for joint anti-provoking potential attack plan, according to the plan, Korea will also hold the corresponding joint military speech, to show the strong ROK-US defense posture. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the two sides in Korea in October last year at the Korea-US meeting on a regular defense-related programs to reach a consensus, the plan will be signed later this month.

South Korean Defense Ministry officials also said that the current will be held every year between Korea and the U.S., including the spring plan to sign a joint anti-provocative, the more will be held between the ROK-US joint military exercises. South Korean Defense Ministry said that this is a response to the threat from North Korea one of the measures.

According to Yonhap news agency said earlier, plans to support troops. In addition to use, including the nuclear umbrella, conventional weapons, including missile defense program and other means of attack, to

Currently, the basic deadlocked inter-Korean relations. Korean Workers Party Central Committee Political Bureau Meeting December 30, 2011 announced that, according to the late leader Kim Jong Il when the teachings of October 8, elected vice chairman of the WPK Central Military Commission Kim Jong-un as the supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army . On the same day, the DPRK National Defense Commission said in a statement, after the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, Lee Myung-bak government regardless of the same ethnic friendship in order to Lee Myung-bak government is no longer deal with. Peaceful reunification of Korea Committee December 31, 2011 issued a statement saying, as long as there is Lee, the North-South relations there is no hope.

South Korea’s position is relatively mild. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on 2 January this year, state government play in the new year, said South Korea at this stage Lee also said, prepared by the Six-Party Talks to eliminate North Korea’s security concerns, and provide North Korea with economic recovery the necessary assistance.


but he denied that the company would be so biased .

Friday, January 13th, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 2 , according to Hong Kong, This is the government signed with Fujitsu worth ¥ 179 million three-year plan the main event. Reported that , once successfully developed , the Japanese need to modify network weapons-related legislation, may lawfully apply . Last summer in nine countries and consulates in Japan by a computer virus was reported in November a local government system has also been attacked .

According to another report , the Japan Atomic Energy Safety Commission (NSC) nearly 1 / 3 of the members and examiners from 2006 to last March , we had to accept nuclear energy industry donations , amounting to 85 million yen, so if there is both outside attention favoritism , and even affect the government’s handling of the neutrality of the Fukushima nuclear accident .

Reported that accepting donors , including two permanent members and 22 inspectors , of which 11 sources of donations is subject to Commission review of the nuclear reactor manufacturers, power companies or nuclear fuel company. NSC chairman of classes before taking office last year Haruki head , has also been discovered between 2006-2009 received donated ¥ 4,000,000 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries , but he denied that the company would be so biased .


Mr Nader

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Iran recently warned that if the sanctions were the oil industry , the blockade of the Strait of Hormuz . Members of Iran has once again issued a stern warning , saying you want all foreign warships through the Strait of Hormuz , it must first be deployed in the region of the Iranian Navy permission.

According to Fars news agency reported on January 3 , Iran , Mr Nader (Nader Qazipour) recently said that the strategic waters is also part of Iranian territory . If there is no coordination of the Iranian navy and license , anything you want through the Strait of Hormuz foreign military vessels or warships will be by the Iranian armed forces to stop .

Nadir also stressed that the plan will be submitted next week, the Iranian parliament for approval.

Reported that the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee on April 2 Jalali secretary also issued a similar warning , saying that Iran will use all possible means power and protect the country against foreign threats , Iran will use the Strait of Hormuz as a defensive tool , when threatened to be blocked.

3 Iran’s military warned that if U.S. carriers again in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz , Iran will take action . However, the U.S. Defense Department spokesman , said Little 3 response , the United States will continue to send aircraft carrier battle group to the Persian Gulf to protect freedom of navigation there .

From the beginning on December 24 last year , the Iranian navy in the waters of southern Iraq held a 10-day large-scale military exercises . U.S. Department of Defense announced the dispatch of December 28, Iran’s 29 announced , Yi 28 military reconnaissance aircraft in its military exercises in the region to a U.S. aircraft carrier shooting pictures and video . ★


to reduce Taiwan’s troops in 2010

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

According to media reports, the new amendments to Taiwan’s so as to Taiwan in 2014 laid the foundation for full implementation of the mercenary.

We know that in the world currently has three military service: First, conscription, and there is compulsory to Israel as the representative form of law that the government provides for the use of a certain age must serve citizens within a certain period of military service; second mercenary, is characterized by voluntary, as the representative of the United States, individuals determined by a contract period of active duty; Third, the recruitment of mixed-mode system of military service will combine the two.

Examine the historical development of Taiwan’s military service system, the Taiwan military conscription from 1949 to establish the basic military service system, in the experience of After a change in the attitude of military service, but not on a broad consensus on the reform of military service system.

Since the 1990s, ushered in a period of change Taiwan, leading to national defense system as a breakthrough, Taiwan’s military activities in all aspects of reform. In the military system, the development of Taiwan proposed to meet the needs of the situation, take a gradual approach, first to achieve

However, due to the interests of the KMT and the DPP boycott, resulting in Taiwan’s military reform has been stagnant. Until Ma Ying-jeou took office, mercenary reform was again put on the agenda.

August 2008, when he sets, September 2011, the current Taiwan post; implementation plan, perfect the supporting policies; promote the revision of the laws and regulations. In this context, the new

Taiwan’s transition from the conscription to the mercenary system, mainly in order to implement the In recent years, Taiwan’s military needs to adapt to future joint operations, he proposed ten troops renovation plan, sophisticated case (military organizations and military forces to adjust planning case), the lean case, the essence of the case and so the force renovation program designed to build a

In a series of project implementation, to reduce Taiwan’s troops in 2010, more than 20 million people, manpower needs to be controlled, for the implementation of the mercenary system has created favorable conditions.

Taiwan believes that as information technology, widely used in the war, combatants only after long-term, professional training, a higher overall quality and professionalism in order to generate effective combat, meet the development requirements of the war. Established professional mercenary army, with a longer service life, service personnel to complete training, basic combat formation, after a long period of active duty to avoid compulsory Yiqi short, just a form of combat on the predicament facing retirement. And ensure that the military’s combat power and continue to enhance the dynamic stability of Taiwan’s implementation of the mercenary system is the proper meaning of the title. Meanwhile, in the face to reduce the mobilization potential of the mercenary question, Taiwan made: Although conscription-age young people to ensure a steady stream to join active duty for training, and retired to become important in the militia force, to facilitate military mobilization, which is land-based countries (eg Israel) is significant. However, the Taiwan region surrounded by the sea defense rely mainly on the sea, air and other professional military services, mobilizing reserve land contribution is limited to its defense forces.

Although military service is military reform, but with the political and economic conditions are closely linked. Conscription for the sake of fairness, all the provisions of draft-age young people to be enlisted, ignore the individual circumstances, forcibly conscripted young soldier morale, but also result in social waste of human resources. Although mercenary military personnel to bring a single increase in maintenance costs, but reduce the amount of troops; the same time, due to convene required only of soldiers, and can provide the most comprehensive training and equipment. Thus, to ensure the combat effectiveness is not affected in the case of saving the human resources in social production, for the benefit of economic development, the objective to increase military spending to make up the loss.

But the mercenary system has some adverse effects, mainly the loss may force the role to promote social integration. Because of political, economic and other reasons, wish to join the army of varying social strata. Mercenary implementation, may lead to some sections of the population in the military build-up (such as poverty level), thus resulting in the military sectors of specialization, the impact of social structure, reduce force morale. However, Taiwan’s population structure, The success of the reforms, we’ll see.


With the shift of U.S. military strategy in Asia Pacific

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

With the shift of U.S. military strategy in Asia Pacific, located in the center of Guam in the western Pacific Asia-Pacific situation became critical to U.S. control of the piece. Different from the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan contraction forces, the White House is being re-focus on the reconstruction and military forces in Guam remodeling up.

For the U.S., the number of bases in Guam, the repository is not only strategic forces, will be responsible for the exercise of the U.S. strategic command in the Asia Pacific region and multi-mission military intervention. Therefore, the future of Guam may gradually from behind the scenes, in the Asia Pacific region to play the role of the geo-strategic pivot.

Complicated the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly critical location in Guam, the U.S. had control of Guam into a strategic center of the Asia-Pacific region

Guam in the western Pacific south of the Mariana Islands, the Mariana Islands is the largest and most densely populated islands. The island area of ​​500 square kilometers, population 150,000 people. 100 square kilometers was placed under the island under the jurisdiction of the U.S. military base, about 20% of the island area.

Since World War II, Guam has been the focus of U.S. troops set heavy Bingzhun region is the originating station U.S. troops several times. However, since the Cold War, the face of continuing unrest situation in East and Central Asia, and China and other emerging countries, the challenge of sea power, the United States had to strengthen its military presence in the Asia Pacific region to strengthen the U.S. Asia-Pacific military leadership. To this end, the U.S. Department of Defense invested hundreds of millions of dollars to strengthen the island bases and command and control system, wishing to fight the control of Guam, the new strategic situation in Asia

The U.S. military is so

First, from the geopolitical point of view, Guam from China and Japan are more than 2000 kilometers, and from the U.S. Hawaiian Islands nearly 6,000 km from Australia is more than 2000 kilometers, if the U.S. military base in the West Pacific Ocean connected into a network, Guam happens as the center. Therefore, in the Western Pacific, Guam into a strategic center for the U.S. military to deal with unexpected events, not only to avoid the inconvenience of long-range attack, military intervention to improve the efficiency of the Asia-Pacific hot spots, but also effectively save military spending. For example, the U.S. B-52 strategic bombers took off from Guam may, after more than three hours to fly to most parts of the coast of the Asian continent, which makes the United States to promptly dispose of the Taiwan Strait, the Korean Peninsula and the South China Sea may occur in the military conflict.

Meanwhile, Guam north to control the Tsushima Strait, west to gates of the Malacca Strait, a potential rival for the U.S. stranglehold of energy delivery channel to provide a strong support.

Secondly, from a historical perspective, the U.S. government has recognized Guam is a U.S. intervention in the Asia-Pacific affairs, control of the geographic center of the Western Pacific region. In 1944, the U.S. military casualties than a thousand people paid the price to Guam from the Japanese wins hands down. Subsequently, Guam became a U.S. military offensive launched on the Japanese mainland and the Korean, Vietnam, the war in Iraq as a springboard. Meanwhile, counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan and for the southeast coast of China to monitor, Guam played a major role. War proved, Guam central location in the Asia-Pacific has become the United States dominate the world military order and the cornerstone of military alliance.

Third, from the combat capability point of view, Asian countries outside the combat zone coverage has been able to cover the United States in Japan and Korea and other countries established military bases, U.S. military bases have been subject to so-called Choose Guam as a U.S. military base in the western Pacific headquarters, both to ensure that U.S. national missile from hostile naval and air forces of deterrence and the scope of U.S. military superiority can play a long-range strike capability, in line with the United States has always stood for the basic operations of unequal principles.

U.S. forces are re-shuffling of the global strategic plan, need to adjust the power structure to Guam in the Western Pacific region to strengthen the U.S. military influence

Since 1992, the U.S. military withdrawal from the Philippines, the U.S. has begun to adjust the strength of the Western Pacific regional strategy. Recently, the U.S. military stationed in Japan and South Korea is gradually transferred to Guam, the U.S. military plans in 2014 to nearly ten thousand Marines moved to Guam from Okinawa. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Defense has invested over $ 300 million to strengthen the island’s building to accommodate the additional U.S. troops.


First, as in recent years, China, Japan and other countries growing naval power, the U.S. military overseas bases in a very embarrassing situation, the East Asian countries in the Navy increased the scope of military activities at sea, reduced U.S. military intervention in the sea space. Especially the weakening of the

Secondly, in the various wars, the U.S. military action overseas bases again limited by the parties, and training troops makes long-term noise and accident by the local government and public opposition. Unlike the United States military bases in Japan and South Korea, Guam is the United States in their own

Third, according to U.S. experts predict that the future will ease the Korean Peninsula and the eventual reunification, South Korea and Japan will increasingly powerful due to their own military forces and from the U.S. military’s to the U.S. regional intervention created a series of obstacles, if the United States in order to maintain leadership in Asian affairs and the right of intervention to strengthen Guam’s strategic support is crucial.

Finally, the U.S. strategy for the Western Pacific hub in Guam is also built to serve the current strategic objectives. The Obama administration is currently pursuing a pragmatic and flexible military strategy, the South China Sea, similar to the Korean Peninsula, against the United States withdraw Shi You can leave, and also to the massive buildup of Guam to security ally the United States, considered three birds with one stone.

Guam military bases gathered sufficient material reserves, the U.S. military to establish bases in Guam as the center of the Western Pacific regional strategic hub

In the United States launched the recent war, the U.S. military put great emphasis on military power worldwide delivery, for which the U.S. military in the world’s pre-established land and sea pre-equipment and materials storage network. As one of Guam’s sea power projection hub, you can make lightly armed U.S. forces starting from the home, but also for the Western Pacific, Guam became U.S. strategic position in the foundation.

From the infrastructure point of view, at present, the U.S. military bases in Guam, including Apra Naval Base, Naval Air Station Agana, Andersen Air Force Base, which has Apra Naval Base in the first nuclear-powered attack submarine squadron 15, and have the ability to stop a large aircraft carrier battle groups. And Anderson Air Force Base, U.S. Air Force stationed in the 13th Air Force, can accommodate up to 150 aircraft B-52 strategic bombers. U.S. bombers took off from Guam in the Pacific within 12 hours to reach any goal.

In addition, Andersen Air Force Base also has 216 million liters storage of aviation fuel, the U.S. Air Force’s second-largest oil storage station. Another naval air station can be completed routine maintenance and repair tasks. Therefore, from the hardware point of view enough to complete large-scale force stationed in Guam and running.

From the operational platform, the current, major equipment Guam have strategic bombers, attack submarines, F-22 stealth fighter, maintain the operational capability of important strategic significance.

Especially since 2000, the United States deployed 64 AGM-86C cruise missile, the submarine-launched missile can, maximum range of nearly 2,500 kilometers, can be directly covering most of East and Southeast Asia hot spots, making the U.S. military can not put into to achieve combat effectiveness.

Given the focus of U.S. military strategy may further tilt to the Asia-Pacific is expected in the future the U.S. will continue to increase the number of troops stationed in Guam and weaponry updated to enhance the U.S. ability to intervene in sensitive areas, Guam, Western Pacific region will become the geopolitical strategic points, for the U.S. global military hegemony services.