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Monday, January 9th, 2012

Should be invited President Hu Jintao, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak will be January 9 to 11 state visit to China.

Q: Please brief us on ROK President Lee Myung-bak’s visit to China in talks on meeting arrangements, and the current China-ROK relations issues?

A: President Lee Myung-bak during his visit, President Hu will hold talks with President Lee, Chairman Wu Bangguo, Premier Wen Jiabao will meet with President Lee. The two sides will co-ROK relations and international and regional issues of concern to exchange views.

China and the ROK are important neighbors to maintain a steady and healthy development of China-ROK relations between the two countries and two peoples’ fundamental interests, but also conducive to promoting regional peace, stability and development. The current China-ROK relations have developed well this year is the anniversary of established diplomatic ties 20 years of friendly exchanges between China and South Korea, bilateral relations are facing important opportunities for development. The Chinese side attaches great importance to the visit of President Lee Myung-bak, South Korea is willing to work together, through this visit, to further enhance mutual political trust, deepen exchanges and cooperation in various fields and promote further China-ROK strategic cooperative partnership forward.

Q: The U.S. will implement the new Iran sanctions, China is seeking oil trade with Iran to prevent the Chinese companies involved in the sanctions?

A: China has always maintained that sanctions were not easing tensions, the Iranian nuclear issue to resolve fundamental way, dialogue and negotiation is the only correct way. China is opposed to a country to its domestic law above international law, on the other countries of unilateral sanctions. Like many other countries, China and Iran maintained a normal, open and transparent trade and energy exchanges, these transactions do not violate United Nations Security Council resolutions should not be affected.

Q: It is reported that two Indian business people has been illegally detained in Yiwu, the Indian Consulate General in Shanghai consular officials in Yiwu, a court order to provide consular assistance to Indian business is subject to ill-treatment, please confirm. What is your response?

A: China has always attached importance to protecting legitimate business in China’s foreign trade interests of staff. You mentioned two Indians and has now been placed in hotels, freedom of movement, they took local police and other security measures. Related case is under investigation.

On your face consular officials in India, I would like to point out that China has always strictly follow the Consulate-General Consular officers are prohibited from eating in Yiwu, and medication during the siege, and reports from the truth.

I would like to stress that China is a country ruled by law, China attaches importance to friendly relations with India, the Chinese authorities in China and India has always been to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. With the case just because of disputes over economic cases, the Chinese judiciary is according to law. China hopes that India’s objective, fair treatment of this incident, and actively educate and guide India to China to trade personnel to comply with Chinese laws and regulations, honest and trustworthy, legitimate business. Yiwu, China’s largest commodity distribution center, welcome to the world of business personnel to engage in business activities.

Q: It is reported that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Colin Campbell recently visited China, please brief us on that.

A: U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Colin Campbell, 3 to 4 January visit to China, Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Zhijun, Cui met with Campbell on bilateral relations and issues of common concern and exchanged views.

Q: Iran threatened that if the U.S. aircraft carrier hovering in the Strait of Hormuz, the use of naval forces to fight back. What is your comment?

A: We hope to maintain peace and stability in the Gulf region.

Q: In light of recent Japanese right-wingers Diaoyu Islands, Japan made in the direction of how to negotiate?

A: The Chinese government on this incident to the Japanese side has made solemn representations and protest. I would like to reiterate that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory since ancient times, China has indisputable sovereignty. The Chinese government’s determination to defend the Diaoyu Islands territorial sovereignty is firm.


Municipal Public Security Bureau

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Since December 23, 2010 the city implemented a small number of passenger control policy, the general public and the authorities in Beijing, enterprises, institutions and other organizations to understand and support the city control the number of small passenger cars to proceed smoothly, and achieved the expected the effect. However, in the implementation process, there are still some problems that need further revision and improvement. To this end, City Transportation Commission, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Municipal Justice Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Commission of Commerce, City, State Administration of Taxation, Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and other units on the January 1, 2012 onwards.

First, the existing procedural norms Yaohao rigorous, efficient and convenient operation

2011 year 12 on-site open Yaohao work practice shows that the synchronous parallel audit, efficient and accurate; Yaohao site open, transparent, on-site representative of the applicant out of six out of six by computer shake seeds, and then randomly generated by computer index distribution results; Yaohao results via the Internet, district (county) office window, 12580 Phone inquiries and other channels, convenient and reliable; download the book in print sign indicators to facilitate the second day you can apply for vehicle-related procedures.

2011, indicators of the applicant Yaohao work has been the strong support of the notary in the notary under the control of small passenger cars index management office a random sample of 216 were representative of the applicant, has invited 168 representatives to the scene to observe, participate in Yaohao work. When each has a Municipal Supervision Bureau Yaohao monitoring and notary officers to the scene to supervise the work in accordance with the Yaohao open, fair and just principles. To December 26, 2011 successfully completed the 2011 annual index of individuals and units of small passenger configuration, the annual total wave number free of charge indicator 245,610 small passenger configuration (including overdue re-configured to use indicators).

Second, the

(A) to solve the wave number of new enterprises to apply for registration eligibility

With the improvement of investment environment in Beijing, every year many high-tech enterprises settled in Beijing. To support the development of newly registered enterprises in Beijing, the newly registered companies and other enterprises have the same eligibility criteria, the , organization code certificate and tax registration certificate, registration year in the total storage in the city to pay value added tax, sales tax, total $ 50,000 (inclusive) above, can apply for small passenger configuration targets.

The clear terms of newly registered enterprises and other enterprises to apply the same indicators of conditions: the same tax standard, the number of tax credits the same coding, coding up the same number each year.

(B) the validity of individual coding were provided Yaohao

Defined the individual application code is valid for 3 months.

Optimize and improve the application system. Convenient operation, simple, online searching for the applicant Yaohao results, not in the ballot, just click 3 months later, after participating three times Yaohao not in the ballot, as long as once again click

(C) the revised and improved by the court, ruled that the mediation with the little bus index management

In order to prevent some people, such as fraudulent use of a small passenger car the court index, the other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) into the city, the vehicle owner is required to submit passenger cars in Beijing has been made of indicators documents.

(D) a clear indicator update for the six-month application period

application shall be deemed a waiver of application update indicators.

Sale, the retirement date refers to the complete vehicle management department for the transfer of the vehicle, the date of cancellation of registration.

(E) to further clarify the amount of the annual target of configuration management

In order to avoid the original postponed until the next quota configuration indicator Indicator multi-year quota shall not be configured.


protracted demarcation approach

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Recently, South Korea announced comprehensive measures to eradicate illegal fishing, marine police team will be allowed to address the so-called cross-border use of firearms, illegal fishing of the Chinese fishermen. Wrong kind of thinking and practice, to allow South Korean maritime police in the future if sea fishermen brandish my gun, only to complicate a simple issue, China-ROK relations is bound to be seriously affected. China and South Korea caused by improper. I ask South Korea to the Chinese fishing boats crossed the waters under the jurisdiction of the illegal fishing, why no such casualties? I believe that China and South Korea to solve long-standing fisheries dispute and conflict at sea, should be from three aspects, and marine law enforcement authorities as soon as possible China-ROK joint patrols.

Fundamentally, the Korean exclusive economic zone boundary between the two countries should be divided as soon as possible. At present, although China and South Korea have signed a Meanwhile, China and South Korea can also contact the hotline set up the mechanism. Between Japan and South Korea had many times in this way to solve Korean fishing boats cross the border illegally to disputes, generally informed by the Japanese side in the aftermath of Han Guohai Police, South Korea enforcement vessel first at the scene, through communication and negotiation , talks to solve the problem quickly. Marine law enforcement agencies of South Korea, the establishment of hotline contacts is not difficult.

But, for now, protracted demarcation approach, contact the hotline are remedial measures, in order to effectively address the current situation in fisheries disputes, China and South Korea maritime law enforcement departments should actively take a preventive approach, namely the establishment of a comprehensive joint patrol law enforcement systems. This approach is not new, there are already many successful precedents. China and the U.S. since 1994 to carry out in the North Pacific fishery law enforcement cooperation to control the North Pacific high seas illegal fishing practices, which the Chinese side of the North Pacific high seas for nearly 300 jobs in China squid fishing boat on-site management, the effect is very obvious. Since 2006, China and Vietnam Marine Police fishery in northern Gulf of common joint cruise, investigate and punish illegal fishing, to maintain the normal order of Beibu Gulf fishery. Recently, four-nation Mekong River cruise for us to jointly set a good example.

I believe that China and South Korea conduct joint maritime patrol law enforcement, in terms of form, or the actual effect is to solve the Korean marine fisheries disputes and conflicts present an effective way. China and the ROK authorities also sent marine vessels, aircraft, joint patrolling law enforcement, the normal operation of the monitoring of fishing vessels, if found to have suspected of illegal fishing and illegal operations, on-site investigation and evidence collection and disposal according to law. When boarding, then according to the principle of flag State jurisdiction by the national marine law enforcement personnel. Chinese fishing boats do not need to boarding and inspection by the Han Guohai police force, illegal fishing vessels that do not have Korean Chinese officials boarding and inspection, so you can maximize the advantages of flag State jurisdiction, both to avoid and prevent misunderstandings, and effective law enforcement and prevention of violence at sea brutal enforcement of the tendency. Meanwhile, following the principle of flag State jurisdiction, national marine authorities are also monitoring the effect of its fishing vessels will be significantly improved, violent resistance to law, the phenomenon of fighting each other will greatly reduce, or even reduced to zero.

All in all, China and Korea so far maintained good relations, not for a fish, a crab hurt the gas, runs the risk. Solution either, brandish subdue by force can only be made tragedy, absolutely undesirable. Fishermen fishing for a living, after all, no matter how they are not pirates, no need to use force to enforce the law. As long as China and South Korea draw the maritime boundary as soon as possible, the establishment of hotline contact joint sea patrols, especially law enforcement, disputes can effectively prevent the incident and the expansion, is not difficult to solve the problem why the detour it


detained each suspected gang- related investigation. Police said the operation is still continuing

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

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