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led to his death.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Global Network reporter Chang reported , according to South Korea , death .

According to reports, local time at 1:30 on January 31 , Mokpo Coast Guard ‘s Luohong Can ( Music , 53 years old) marine IPCC in South Jeolla Province, 100 km south-west of Sinan inspection Chinese fishing vessels at sea , sudden heart attack , fell to the patrol ship deck . Other police officers discovered, quickly transferred to the medical room , and its cardiopulmonary resuscitation measures. After the Coast Guard sent helicopters to Luohong Can a hospital in Mokpo , but eventually healed died.

Han Guohai Police said a related person , Luohong Can the IPCC usually very healthy , may be due to Chinese fishing boats in the process of audit fatigue , led to his death.