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Marriage album picture frame maintenance

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Marriage can not get married according to missing, it can under the new inscription happiest moment of today’s marriage albums and frames are designed to be very attractive, so that you can not look at in a warm memories of every moment. But maintenance of a good marriage according to the album photo frame is not easy, if you do not know how to maintain and enlarge the photo album, then look closely at my suggestion it.

First, the preservation and maintenance of the album

1. Album from home, to avoid the sun or in moist environment, can also put some albums, such as desiccant or tobacco.

2. Album should be placed in the top drawer dry flat and not easily placed in the bottom drawer, to avoid damp, squeeze.

3 cardboard or plastic material items improperly preserved, it is easy to deformation, if you deform the album, the first album should be placed well, with some heavy objects (such as thick books) pressure in the album above, over time will return to a, and then double-check whether the store where the album too tide or sunlight, not flat, and if, it is necessary to properly pay attention to maintenance of way

4. Look at the album’s time to let light get light to avoid the album surface wear, such as water wet, please immediately dry with a cloth and, if available soft dirt twisted wet towel dry cloth.

5. If the album was water wet, please immediately dry with a cloth and, if available soft dirt twisted wet towel dry cloth.

Second, oil painting frame maintenance

1. Light Canal light put, careful not to bumps.

2. Canvas frame surface dust or dirt, just sign in with a soft wet towel to wipe dry screw. Because a wooden frame to help, can not be used  wet wipe.

3. Canvas frame by location can not be linked to direct exposure to the sun or damp.

4. Canvas box in addition to hanging on the wall, but also can be placed on the shelves paintings, will be more unique look.

5. Crystal should use their own homes parcels of surplus cotton cloth to prevent scratches

Third, linked to the attention of the security picture frame

1. Glass frame, placing must pay attention to safety. In particular the wedding day more than one person in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

2. In the hanging check oil paintings, crystal and other large frames, we must pay attention to security, the two big pendants flying, it is best to hit the wall with the expansion screw, and then get linked. Heavy objects such as large crystal pendant is best not to display in their own bedroom bed, that is, their own pillow top can be placed in or around the wall opposite the wall. Bed can be placed or light oil paintings, or mascots. After hanging, the best location in the photo at the bottom of the wall nail two nails dragging photos, photos in order to avoid too heavy fall.

8 Tips before the wedding to maintain your figure

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Before the wedding is to maintain TIPS:

1. A rational allocation of three meals a day. Early Chinese appetite can intake point, eating dinner, or to replace the fruit to prevent the excessive accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

2. There are easy to eat as much as possible satiety, low calorie foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, wax gourd, cucumber, cabbage, beans, watermelon, apples and other vegetables and fruits lowest calorie content.

3. Three meals a day as we choose low-fat food, the attention of protein supplement, for example, can eat low-fat fish and drink plenty of skim milk.

4. Multi-eating fiber-rich vegetables, such as leek, broccoli, beans and so on, to help daily Paidu

5. More than a cup of tea can be excluded from the body’s fat. Oolong tea, lemon tea, Pu’er tea, chrysanthemum tea, hawthorn tea are the effectiveness of Fat Reducer

6. Less cooking oil, butter, high heat seasonings, more onion, ginger, garlic sauce, such as natural alternatives.

7. 4 hours before going to bed not eating as much as possible, otherwise the Food and easily converted into fat accumulation.

8. Alcohol is also belong to the scope of high-calorie, the heat after the fat, so as little as possible or do not drink alcohol but drank a glass of wine per day.

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15 ideas to allow your wedding different

Monday, December 29th, 2008
The wedding set decoration, wedding dinner, wedding cake and wedding photography to save money and how best to achieve excellent depicted? “Bride” and allow you to share a wedding unique and exciting kit for other ideas.

Wedding decoration

1. All one-size-fits replace Decoration of the wedding, so that the entire wedding, at least three different points of the decoration. For example, according to the characteristics of the table guests feel different arrangements of the table flowers, put on different colors of food containers, or placed at the scene of Amoy fine candlestick. You can even change the size of the table, doing everything that you like at home to open the same sense of creativity Party!

2.’d Like to make the whole wedding scene a fresh, romantic scene in the most efficient and effective way to add some elements of Shaman. In addition, Chinese-style wedding can use the chandelier-shaped lanterns or small decorative, Western-style wedding could be put in a floating transparent glass container of fresh flowers for decoration.

3. With the lighting of the wedding guests of the changing mood will be constantly adjusted. Ask you to the wedding planner or lights in the division for the first time guests arrived at the venue when the lights will be adjusted to the warmth and joy of bright colors. Banquet, the light will be dimmed, the amber light of the best meals. After the ceremony and carnival, blue-violet light is could not have been better.

4. Do not forget the wedding dress at the scene of the small space. Tableware take a small cupboard, put-frame of each scene and a small corner of the need to use the lovely flowers and perfect for decorative candlestick. The most common is in a corner, without the decorative wall, with the Boli Gang Yi Zuzu full of roses to create a romantic atmosphere.

5. The band invited to the wedding guests, during the wedding guests will certainly look into the band, so do not forget to do a good job in the band around the decorations. You can like KTV in the same group behind a few pieces of glass embedded in decorative, and then supplemented with charming lights. Can also be used to Ziteng Hua purely decorative band around, in short all are decorated in order to achieve the romantic atmosphere.

6. By candlelight in the wedding scene to create a warm, romantic, intimate atmosphere. However, do not need to have a table for each candlestick arrangement, about one-third of the region will be able to reach arrangements for the candlelight shining effect of moving the scene.

7. Cocktails at the time by inviting the band to play a carnival, in fact, this kind of music scene is not really necessary. When your guests are chatting or taking food, the sound from the on-site wedding a corner of the band came very easily lead to disorder at the scene. Would be better to your favorite tunes through on-site audio equipment at this time to play quietly.

8. Wedding, guests will be the customary wedding cake to attract, so the need to demonstrate cake perfect for your guests. Place cake in the back side of cake with the same size mirror, or in a mirror hanging at the top of the cake. This will double the visual impact of the double wedding cake and sweet well-being and to bring guests to enjoy a 360-degree vision.

Wedding Catering

9. If the wedding buffet in the form of use, better design of a square bar, so as to ensure that guests at the bar around to be able to get food. Wedding scene to avoid long lines need to get food to keep feeding the entire wedding and the rapid mobility.

10.’s Setting a standard table would attract less attention from guests. Remember placed on the table in a number of lovely small table flowers, fine-seat card, or using carefully selected to fill the cup of beer, vodka and drink.

11. The traditional wedding feast, on the first side appetizer, main course and then, and then re-staple food, the last dessert, fruit, all the guests are waiting for a table on Qi Road dishes slowly, so that may wedding What do you think is just an extension of time in the rough and the lack of vitality. In that case, there will be a final service to every dessert on the table and give up the fruits of the program, turn in the on-site wedding a few set fruit confections with the table, so that your guests take them back and forth got little food, naturally on the wedding site Active again.

12. Wedding guests at the last minute to leave the memory of the most profound and most durable. Therefore, before the end of the wedding, you can be creative in particular some of the food presented to the guests, such as the written word thanks to a small dessert, bread with a sense of art, and so on.

13. Meticulously prepared food should not be made available to the guests, as their new natural and should share the creative cuisine. Can be ordered specifically for your party planner to prepare a wedding banquet Collection of creative cuisine, all specially made cake, beverages, fruits and so on into the delicate hand-held basket, you leave the honeymoon period savored slowly.

14. Wedding self-help, the vast majority of people in a toast each other when they are allowed to smoke 12, and then down. The next time will propose a toast to re-take a glass of wine, which means that most of the champagne will be wasted. In fact, guests simply toast each other to enjoy the process, and will not be too concerned about whether the Cup for the first-class champagne, the new-for-There is no harm in a number of relatively soft drinks economy, but also be able to achieve a good site Atmosphere.

15. Wedding, the provision of abalone and seafood dishes are very expensive. They will be replaced with fresh fish, chicken, ribs will save you a lot, but it does not make you fall in the standard of the feast. Of course, if you think that the importance of abalone seafood, or can choose a small amount of vegetables and other dishes of the match, compared to this simple seafood abalone would be more cost-effective.

Wedding DIY: happy adventure

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Everyone is married to a lifetime of the event, but during the preparations for the wedding has a lot of red tape to allow the new things people could attend. Some of zero for the land’s wedding to find help, there may be some people, “dismembered” on the network to a “wedding DIY”.

I do not know when, “Wedding personal services” have mushroomed on the network, from the early stage of preparing, planning a wedding, to host live, as long as they are and wedding-related projects can be found. Although only a photographic camera, Xitang, make-up, the master of ceremonies or marriage small car rental service, posted on a forum focused on a detailed quote, contact information, including the present work, evaluation of the customers are clear, detailed service, many projects, Prices vary, these projects virtually formed a wedding store, customers can choose from a term of office, a combination of TEAM, for the common customer service. These wedding services in the section on demand in the lively up slowly. Of course, they are only free platform release, it does not own for information security and the legitimacy of legal liability.

The new DIY Wedding: The wedding DIY, both advantages and disadvantages, choose carefully.

Advantage One: the selection of arbitrary, arbitrary. .

Wedding companies to make money, often do not need to sell new services. For instance, some people do not want wedding companies designated by the master of ceremonies, some of the wedding companies have a lot of restrictions so that new trouble annoying. In contrast, online personal wedding service at random on a much needed service which will be selected, will not be forced to sell.

Advantage Two: the relatively cheap price

According to the wedding in-house staff revealed that some of the company’s wedding photographer, makeup artist or have married non-car companies have also requested the wedding came from outside the company to earn an intermediary fee, which is part of the cost to be passed on to customers Body. Personal wedding dance to open the wedding service companies, looking for direct customers, the price of natural decline. This, coupled with the price of services can negotiate cheaper prices.

Advantage Three: personalized service

Today’s wedding of a serious mode, so that the personalized attention not satisfied with the new. Personal wedding service providers are not bound by the company, new ideas and styles, naturally popular. Together with their preparations for the wedding, DIY fun for new and profound memory, compared with the previous marriage, to select their own preparations for the planning of a wedding more memorable.

Disadvantage: low coefficient of insurance, no security

After all, personal services, usually in the form of lip service, there is no written agreement to protect the interests of customers. Therefore, the problem will be derived, in particular, on-site wedding day, the emergency situation caused by the loss of customers because of a written commitment not to receive compensation, which is considering a number of new people again and again took the wedding to choose one of the reasons for the company. In a random survey of 10 couples, 6 ask. In the face of problems, personal wedding service providers to answer some vague: “Since the service provided, we will do our best. Of course, if there are problems, the only thing we can do is try to make up.”

Personal wedding service providers: part-time people from all walks of life, the reasons for part-time varies.

Reason One: to realize the value of their interests

Joy is the accounting firm of auditors, a very high salary. When she graduated from university to go public relations firm, for small to large size of the school activities are the host, is also involved in planning a number of public relations activities. But in between the bread and interest, she chose the former.

Master of ceremonies started to provide services purely fortuitous, it was only to help friends busy to do the master of ceremonies of marriage, the marriage did not expect to be very successful. A friend suggested that she master of ceremonies at the site to provide services, interest income and double. Joy to the real-name authentication Web site, became a member of the wedding service, although the auspices of fees as high as 1,000 yuan / times, but has reservations booked through the spring of next year.

Reason Two: the use of idle resources, income-generating

Wedding photographer was a stone’s staff a year ago to switch jobs. He is now heard in the popular on-line services provided by private wedding, think of all of a sudden at home idle for a long time professional cameras.

Have 5 years experience in professional wedding photography, he posted his work online, once there is a lot of his advice to the new price. The same professional service than his wedding to reduce at least one-third of the company, particularly newcomers to be welcomed. He also found a former colleague, the wedding is responsible for the production of MTV and VCD. Because travel agents and more friends, it also served as a honeymoon of professional consultants, really convenient for those new people. In particular, encountered the peak of marriage, such as the National Day, stone almost daily appointments. A few months he did not earn enough on the travel, the long eye-opener to Europe.

Reason Three: spend their leisure time

Chen mother has just retired at home, not free to adapt to life at home, usually in addition to domestic duties will only be able to retire at the same time, and a few friends to chat or play computer games alone. This kind of living so that her daughter Chen-ching and the Netherlands *** some worry.

Dutch-money chance to see on-line services section of the wedding, she suddenly: Will it be their mother and her friends organize themselves into a “packaging plant Xitang”? Advisory section of the person in charge, she finally realized the idea. Dutch-ching their own like some of the unique design of the small things, together with their mother Chen gifted in the hand, not to make money, as long as they can make other people like and can kill their mother Chen spare time, why not For.

10 winter wedding creative ideas

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Pineal and snow in winter is the most common theme of the wedding, but you can not be bound by the season, to create a beautiful wedding to come. 10 ideas for your winter wedding exceptional creativity.

1. Wedding color

Although the red and green are the colors of winter, but the impact on the color combination seems to have more means that Christmas Day.

Popular hot spots: silver-white crystal for your winter wedding to add some color magic; you can try to use white velvet decorate your carpet ceremony of the aisle; crystal screens to do with Beijing Qiang, hang elegant white moth orchids. If you are sworn to carry out the outdoors, the arrival of friends and family will very harmonious atmosphere.

Holly theme of the wedding is a good winter choice, but it may not be the favorite guests.

2. Flowers

Red roses, calla lily, lily flower and very lonely winter wedding is the most popular wedding flowers, but when you are in the flower markets to select, you will find more beautiful flowers.

Popular hot spots: can be considered more of the greenhouse cultivation of flowers to do with the wedding flowers, such as white hydrangea and anthurium. White brooch with a simple white ribbon decoration to do, make handsome groom more generous; hands will be spent in other crystal bouquet of ribbon, the otherwise brilliant bring.

3. Invitations

As the winter wedding is usually held indoors (this is the ideal season for a cocktail reception and dinner), so often the need for a more formal invitation.

Popular hot spots: the best semi-formal wedding with a dark blue, purple or chocolate greeting cards to express their respect for the guests, in person at the same time hand-written invitation cards will show more sincerity masters. You want to make a more formal wedding in winter a good way, you can be frosted glass translucent paper over the invitation card, and then into the silver envelope can be sent.

4. Centers wedding decoration

Light the candles can make your wedding scene both warm and romantic.

Popular hot spots: If you want to create a sense of the stage, the outdoor reception can be placed on the table Chaman flowers and branches of the winter ice vase with bright wallpaper achieve dazzling results. Center for the wedding table decorations can be used to set candles, choose white linen and frosted glass or porcelain and the overall atmosphere is with.

5. Collar-card

Small sled and holly design printed on your card will escort flu season is more obvious, and very cute, but not too bright.

Popular hot spots: In order to facilitate the guests to find their own place, receive digital card can be designed a number of dazzling. With silver ink to write the names of guests and visitors in accordance with the preferences of their favorite crystal display items. Center for wedding table decorations can choose large crystal candlestick, placed on the most popular tree-card lead.

6. Music

In a more formal dinner, classical concert pianist of the most secure option, you can create an elegant atmosphere, but some of the design of a surprisingly good accompaniment.

Popular hot spots: You can use the Janacek Quartet to consider music as the background music of your wedding. To be like pop music and jazz choir, and so on a number of festive music festivals or in the evening. If you want some more formal wedding, you can invite to Vivaldi’s Cello “Winter” be included in the concert program.

7. Cocktail

Cocktail warm winter season needs some comfort drink. Who can not choose hot chocolate and warm cider, it is your own wedding – why not let every opportunity (including beverages) are some of the more pleasant surprises this?

Popular hot spots: white hot chocolate, espresso and welcomed the Danjiu to your guests, Japanese sweet rice wine and vodka and some candy will be very popular with guests welcome.

8. Wedding cake

Wedding cake rose placed at the top of the more beautiful look, with red or green ribbon made cream, cakes, but is willing to use a more creative envelope out of icing sugar Winter sweet feeling.

Popular hot spots: Fat is the most popular season of classical-style white cake, sprinkle with edible silver powder in the cake, to create a full season of the flu.

9. Wedding small snacks

The wedding food will always make the guests are not satisfied, if the food I can not, you can change one way to be more satisfied with the guests.

Popular hot spots: small packages of chocolate, cranberries or roasted chestnuts, in particular the idea of some of the guests will no doubt leave a deep impression, after the dinner with some chocolate sauce fried noodles circle will be very popular.

10. Honeymoon

Many couples choose to winter in the warmth of a number of tourist destinations as part of their honeymoon, the marriage may take the whole winter to escape the cold and snow.