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10 winter wedding creative ideas

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Pineal and snow in winter is the most common theme of the wedding, but you can not be bound by the season, to create a beautiful wedding to come. 10 ideas for your winter wedding exceptional creativity.

1. Wedding color

Although the red and green are the colors of winter, but the impact on the color combination seems to have more means that Christmas Day.

Popular hot spots: silver-white crystal for your winter wedding to add some color magic; you can try to use white velvet decorate your carpet ceremony of the aisle; crystal screens to do with Beijing Qiang, hang elegant white moth orchids. If you are sworn to carry out the outdoors, the arrival of friends and family will very harmonious atmosphere.

Holly theme of the wedding is a good winter choice, but it may not be the favorite guests.

2. Flowers

Red roses, calla lily, lily flower and very lonely winter wedding is the most popular wedding flowers, but when you are in the flower markets to select, you will find more beautiful flowers.

Popular hot spots: can be considered more of the greenhouse cultivation of flowers to do with the wedding flowers, such as white hydrangea and anthurium. White brooch with a simple white ribbon decoration to do, make handsome groom more generous; hands will be spent in other crystal bouquet of ribbon, the otherwise brilliant bring.

3. Invitations

As the winter wedding is usually held indoors (this is the ideal season for a cocktail reception and dinner), so often the need for a more formal invitation.

Popular hot spots: the best semi-formal wedding with a dark blue, purple or chocolate greeting cards to express their respect for the guests, in person at the same time hand-written invitation cards will show more sincerity masters. You want to make a more formal wedding in winter a good way, you can be frosted glass translucent paper over the invitation card, and then into the silver envelope can be sent.

4. Centers wedding decoration

Light the candles can make your wedding scene both warm and romantic.

Popular hot spots: If you want to create a sense of the stage, the outdoor reception can be placed on the table Chaman flowers and branches of the winter ice vase with bright wallpaper achieve dazzling results. Center for the wedding table decorations can be used to set candles, choose white linen and frosted glass or porcelain and the overall atmosphere is with.

5. Collar-card

Small sled and holly design printed on your card will escort flu season is more obvious, and very cute, but not too bright.

Popular hot spots: In order to facilitate the guests to find their own place, receive digital card can be designed a number of dazzling. With silver ink to write the names of guests and visitors in accordance with the preferences of their favorite crystal display items. Center for wedding table decorations can choose large crystal candlestick, placed on the most popular tree-card lead.

6. Music

In a more formal dinner, classical concert pianist of the most secure option, you can create an elegant atmosphere, but some of the design of a surprisingly good accompaniment.

Popular hot spots: You can use the Janacek Quartet to consider music as the background music of your wedding. To be like pop music and jazz choir, and so on a number of festive music festivals or in the evening. If you want some more formal wedding, you can invite to Vivaldi’s Cello “Winter” be included in the concert program.

7. Cocktail

Cocktail warm winter season needs some comfort drink. Who can not choose hot chocolate and warm cider, it is your own wedding – why not let every opportunity (including beverages) are some of the more pleasant surprises this?

Popular hot spots: white hot chocolate, espresso and welcomed the Danjiu to your guests, Japanese sweet rice wine and vodka and some candy will be very popular with guests welcome.

8. Wedding cake

Wedding cake rose placed at the top of the more beautiful look, with red or green ribbon made cream, cakes, but is willing to use a more creative envelope out of icing sugar Winter sweet feeling.

Popular hot spots: Fat is the most popular season of classical-style white cake, sprinkle with edible silver powder in the cake, to create a full season of the flu.

9. Wedding small snacks

The wedding food will always make the guests are not satisfied, if the food I can not, you can change one way to be more satisfied with the guests.

Popular hot spots: small packages of chocolate, cranberries or roasted chestnuts, in particular the idea of some of the guests will no doubt leave a deep impression, after the dinner with some chocolate sauce fried noodles circle will be very popular.

10. Honeymoon

Many couples choose to winter in the warmth of a number of tourist destinations as part of their honeymoon, the marriage may take the whole winter to escape the cold and snow.